My Madison Weekend


Home of the biggest government waste of money in southern Indiana history!

You thought I was making up all this stuff about idiocy and Kentuckians?  Well meet Mrs. Kim Davis the current champion of idiot Kentuckians.  I think her reign as the title belt holder in the Kentucky lunacy department is safe for a while as long as the Republican gubernatorial candidate keeps his mouth shut.  Oh wait Hammy just showed me this piece of information.  Full disclosure:  I’m Republican because it’s a birth right in Indiana, but watching Kentucky politics as much as I have to, (I’m serviced by Louisville, KY media) is almost as entertaining as counting the number of Illinois governors that have ended up in prison.  No to go all political as we keep things neutral as possible on Skipah’s sector of the internet.

Except father’s right, man hater mom, I will simply “undress” you and literally spank your ass in any debate on this topic.  It will be more lopsided than the Lincoln-Douglass debates.  As I’ve stated from day one if your ex is a douche and a dumbass I fully support you.  If your ex has proven to be an upstanding father and has kept up his commitments, lose the bitterness, you only look like a petty bitch.  With all that being said and gay marriage completely legal now I’m buying a bag of popcorn and attending court the day the first ever contested custody case for two gay people goes down.  Enough about that topic for tonight but pick a post from about July 2014 through July 2015 and you can get all of Skipah’s thoughts on father’s rights and custody!

I did have my “custodial” (again can we get this changed, I’m not Sloane’s middle school janitor) evening with the blonde bomber last night.  Not a whole lot going on for the two of us as we attended the monthly “community” evening at her school.  Any one that was there had quite the jaw dropping moment as Sloane was throwing zingers out right and left like she had just channeled her inner George Carlin.  She’s currently kicking butt in school again, has seemed to adjust to her wacky schedule pretty good, and constantly reminds me when I talk to her when am I going to get her back in Indiana!  I’m working on it sweetie, you just keep kicking ass and taking names at school and you will be here in no time!

Probably going to be a tad silent on here for a few days.  I’m one of the fortunate that gets to enjoy all three days of Labor Day weekend!  I won’t have Sloane as the state of Indiana deems odd number years not for the parents that can write their name in the snow, Kentuckian just think about it and you will probably get that, still thinking about it….Never mind!  No worries for me though the Skipah traveling road show will be live in another junction of the state.  I’m off to see Miss Madison and her peeps.  Evidently I cut the mustard with her family last week at the wedding, now I get to go before the shark infested “friends” waters this weekend!  Dinner with her friend’s tomorrow night and Saturday I meet the BFF!  No worries I got this loyal readers, she aced her first swim in the shark infested waters with some good friends of mine two weeks ago and her final exam with my best friend will be in the near future.  Actually she already aced that and got showered with a little extra credit, my BFF is Sloane of course!

Miss Madison is “kind of a big deal” to Sloane, to quote her!

Throw in a trip to a local festival this weekend in my neck of the woods that she asked if I would take her to, and of course I said yes as I will be a kid in a candy store next month in Wisconsin around all the lighthouses!  She is also potentially working on the Trivial Pursuit challenge I mentioned a few nights ago so I might be hitting up Wikipedia or the local library to bone up on a few things.  Throw in a fantasy football draft and it should be a great weekend.

Bite me selfie Nazi!

About it for tonight, college football is kicking off tonight and evidently Hammy has started his own hamster bookie ring as he has been on the IPad all day handling action and laying it off to his Russian mob contacts.  If I’m off the interwebs for a few days don’t worry about me I’m living the good life.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.  Don’t be THAT person that gets hammered and thinks taking the boat out at night while you are camping on the lake is a good idea!

Send Skipah Sailing!



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  4. What’s fall in South Beach temps in the 70s!

  5. Slowness got daddy’s comedic chops, eh? 🙂

    Love the pic of the two blondies 🙂 very cute!

    Soooo happy things are going so well for you and Miss M. And college football is back! Yes to fall!!

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  7. Sloane is adjusting far better than I expected her to, I can’t wait until this b.s. is over for her as well as for my own personal well being. My weekend was beyond awesome and thankfully I didn’t get to witness like you did.

  8. Holy cow, you are rocking your new life, and I am loving reading all about it mate!!!!! Welcome to happiness 🙂

    Hahaha, glad to hear Sloane is loving her routine, and glad to hear she is with her friends…..

    Oh my yesterday we stopped at an awesome mom & pop restaurant to savor the Bloody Mary’s and the other family we were with and our Bebe witnessed the last paragraph of your post. Someone left his paid for lunch not the parking lot ground, and showed the kids what NOT to do on Labor day weekend!!!!!

    Otherwise we had a blast too 🙂

    Hope you had a fantastic one as well mate…


  9. Ummm… way it was directed at you :).

  10. I can’t help but to feel your last “selfie nazi” comment was directed towards me. 🙂

    Good luck and have fun this weekend with Miss Madison’s friends and family. Maybe just let her dad win at Trivial Pursuit? Nah, never mind, give it everything you’ve got!

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