Miss Madison…..Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good!

Why didn’t anybody tell me the GOP debate was going to be so damn entertaining last night?  Here I was minding my own business watching former Cincinnati Red Johnny Cueto spin some World Series magic, doing something that hadn’t been done since the mid 90s and the next thing I know the internet is blowing up!  Chris Christie dropping Jersey jokes, Jeb Bush appearing to have a pulse, The Don being The Don, and dark horse Carly Fiorina going toe to toe with the moderators.  From what I read today sounded like a complete lack of journalistic integrity (really though that left twenty years ago), my only question is why didn’t someone tell me to turn the baseball laugher that I was watching off and switch over to the GOP debate?

Remember me telling you about the epic naval battle yesterday?  To the victors go the spoils.  The Canadian Geese Navy reigned supreme today on Lake Skipah daring any comers to try and venture on their newly acquired turf.  Marty Mallard and friends were no were to be found as Admiral Pierre Gooseford had strategically positioned his vessels to fend off any comers.  Personally I hope the Mallards regroup and come back in droves since they are much friendlier, but I don’t think Gooseford and his comrades are going to leave until we have enough ducks to play a riveting game of Duck, Duck, Goose or when the shallow pond/lake freezes over this winter.  Why the Canadian Geese Navy thinks it is ok to crap all over the parking lot is a topic for another day!  In an unrelated note I have a call into Human Resources tomorrow to get a clarification on what exactly is a weapon on the premises!

No offense Canadians, strongest naval presence you all have ever had!

Tomorrow Miss Madison and I have our big Halloween costume party bash to attend to.  This will kind of be her “grand” debut on Mr. Skipah’s arm.  Yes she has attended a school function with me and met some of my closest friends.  However, the school function was short and not really a “mingling” kind of event.  Kudos to her though she doesn’t seem the least bit nervous even though we are attending as a couple of adamandeve.com models.  Shut up Hammy, I’m only kidding…..maybe.  The amount of response I’ve received on Facebook on who we are going has is reaching epic level proportions.  I can’t wait to show all the other parents of Sloane’s classmates who this mystical Miss Madison is that has made Mr. Skipah so happy the past few months.  Yes I’m trying to earn more Brownie points, anything to keep me away from a washer and dryer is a #winning moment for me!  I kid because I care, but tomorrow evening should be a great time for Miss Madison, me, and all the other parents that have children who attend school with Sloane.  I’m guessing area Walgreens should stock up on Tylenol, Advil, and Alleve if past history is any indication.  No worries for Mr. Skipah he unfortunately has to work Saturday morning.

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Skipah says “Thank You” for patronizing my loyal sponsors!  Ok, now that I’ve got the obligatory sponsor request out of the way (trust me they don’t read this shit, just kidding Ford Motor Company & Nike) back to my blog post!

Other dilemmas in the near future, Miss Madison’s birthday!  What in the hell do I get someone who has seen most of the country and spent all summer travelling out west?  I’ve got exactly one week to come up with something!  She already knows I’m a huge James Bond fan so taking her to the premier next Friday isn’t exactly going to get me in the boyfriend hall of fame.  Suggestions would be welcomed from Skipah’s Army.  Miss Madison has hinted about a five carat tennis bracelet she saw online at Walmart.com.  However any jewelry I would ever get her would have to be from Jareds just so I could hear her say “He went to Jareds” to her friends and family.  Those last two sentences were complete B.S. the only thing Walmart sells that is “five carats” is loose carrots I would imagine.  Seriously though I’m at a lost, my weekend at the French Riviera fell through as did my quest to take her to an all-expenses paid trip to Campton, Kentucky.  Although I hear that the Natural Bridge State Park is worth the price of admission.  Don’t worry I’ll think of something….I hope.

About it for tonight, Hammy is needing to use the Wi-Fi to get his Thursday night football action in.  I’ve now got to peruse the internet for the perfect birthday gift, thinking a bronze apple since she is a teacher.  Plus after what Photography.com did for me this week I’ve got a zillion pictures to sift through!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  7. We had a blast blog post later :). She’s a hoot!

  8. MIss Madison sounds fun. I am so curious about what you two dressed as. Hope you had a great time!

  9. We had quite a bit earlier this week, seriously the geese at work treat the settling pond like it’s their own Pacific realm and run it like the Spanish Armada!

  10. It was a blast! I’m hoping to get something out Saturday night if not Sunday telling all about it!

  11. Looking forward to hearing the stories of ‘Adam and Eve’s’ debut. Have fun!

  12. Gary,

    great smile, I am happy for ya! You and Miss Madison have fun! I was thinking about ya, as it pours rain here in North Texas. I keep waiting for some fowl to show up any minute as newly created ponds show up everywhere. 🙂

  13. What could possibly go wrong at an adult only costume party…….Ummmm nevermind!

  14. I’ve got a couple things brewing, but thanks for the byob tip :).

  15. Thank god on Walmart that would be a deal breaker!

  16. She does, doesn’t quite understand it but once it’s revealed you will see why.

  17. That Debate was fairly entertaining. I hope your party goes well!

  18. Since she is a great artist, maybe look into something along those lines. Or do one of those byob paint events. Hope you still get to see Bond though!

  19. For the record, I don’t like diamonds, tennis bracelets, or Walmart!

  20. Have a fantastic time with the lovely Miss Madison on your arm, although she may look like the Bride of Frankenstein and you her Frankenstein. Ha ha! Does Sloane know your costume choices? 🙂

Tell Skipah all about it!