A Jar of Socks

The Skipah’s Realm public relations team recently found yours truly an offer to good to pass up.  My ability to lose socks is well documented over the past year.  So the good hard working men and women at littlemissmatched.com thought they had found me a solution to this earlier this year with their scented socks in sets of three.  That didn’t work out nearly as well as I was hoping and my missing socks conundrum is still ongoing.  This time they offered me their Ankle Sock Jar Gift Set to review and it even comes with its own receptacle to keep them separate from your sock drawer general population!

A jar of socks, why didn’t I think of that!

In case you haven’t heard of littlemissmatched.com it was founded by three people who thought “what the hell” lets sell socks that don’t match.  To the best of my knowledge none of them have ever seen a snowflake again other than when they take their yearly lavish Aspen ski vacation every winter.  Needless to say the hit gold with this cutting edge idea.  After perfecting the genius that is non matching socks they expanded their craft and offer clothing, bedding, and a variety of other things to make your little girl the happiest in the world.

Sloane still loves her scented socks from earlier this year, and they have held up like they were made out of cast iron through the umpteen cycles of washing they have gone through.  Sloane isn’t around this week and the Skipah’s Realm p.r. team is on my butt to get this out while there is still plenty of Christmas shopping to be done.  I had an open casting call for a girls socks reviewer, but all that applied didn’t meet the hiring practices of Skipah’s Realm LLC, so I turned to another long lost friend of mine!

Skipah’s Realm sent a courier to pick Socky up from his African safari retreat.

Who better to review some socks than a sock monkey!  Sloane’s pet sock monkey aptly named “Socky” said he would stand in as long as he got some banana’s afterward.  The company jet his currently flying to Hawaii to get Socky some fresh bananas as Socky did his job with flying colors.

Bananas and soft cotton socks make Socky a happy camper!

Socky’s first impression, “Wow these are soft, do I have to give them to Sloane?”….um yes dude you are getting bananas as compensation!  Keep it up and I’ll be performing monkey voodoo! The Ankle Sock Jar Gift Set is a dozen socks of various patterns and colors so vibrant Socky was asking for a pair of sunglasses.  As mentioned before they even come in their own container that can double as a cookie jar in a pinch.


No shortage of combinations for your daughter to experiment with!

Are you a recovering hippie living in the flower power days accepting life now as a parent of a little girl, littlemissmatched.com has the answer for you and your daughter!

Socky thought this one was trendsetting enough, coming soon the new fad of only wearing one sock!

If you want your little girl to be the coolest in school I suggest you get the Ankle Sock Jar Gift Set for her ASAP or at least send Santa an email/text to include it on her wish list.  This is assuming she has been a good little girl and didn’t write hieroglyphics all over her bedroom wall of course.  Socky and I would be remiss for not thanking the braintrust at littlemissmatched.com for thinking of Skipah’s Realm again for the opportunity to review such fine quality products.  I would seriously recommend this company to any parent that is lucky enough to have a daughter!

You can find littlemissmatched.com all over the internet but I’ll make it easy for you:





Stop on over give them a look, tell them you found their site via Skipah’s Realm, and I can promise they will outfit your daughter like a rock star!

Littlemissmatched.com compensated me with the gift set, all opinions and commentary are from me.




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  1. They are Joey! They advertise “ages 10-110”, sizes 3-10. They even have socks for men!
    I’ve bought several things on the missmatched site for Sloane and my other granddaughter and have so far been happy with all of my purchases. Good quality stuff and the girls LOVE everything! If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend that you check it out; several little things for stocking stuffers as well!

  2. Joey it really is quality stuff! Not sure about adult sizes, but we are all kids at heart!

  3. My girls would be all over that. I gotta see if they’re available in adult sizes tho.

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