Skiing, Katy Perry, and other ramblings!


Well the day if finally here, and still no contact from Katy Perry.  None, nada, not even a threatening letter accusing me of stalking.  Looking like I’m spending the day skiing in the rain and 40 degree weather.  Not exactly ideal, but Sloane is chomping at the bit, she seemed a little disappointed that I told her we don’t get to spend the day in Arizona tomorrow but seemed to take it in stride.  All hope is not lost though, I’ve got this blog post and a potential 300 million dollar Powerball ticket pinned to the fridge.  If I hit that, I’m sure I can find SOMEONE to loan shark me (I don’t care what the vig is, I’m worth 300 million now!) to go to Glendale, Arizona.  I can teach Sloane about cactuses, football, and that it always doesn’t have to be freezing cold during winter.  Hit the books sweetie, go to college get a booming job and move your ass south or to the southwest.  I’m worth 300 million now I’ll even pay your way for the best schools possible.

Of course we will set up the winnings in a shell company that I will create (The Cinnamon Experience, LLC selling the finest in cinnamon culinary goods!), then befriend a homeless person to be the CEO (and set him/her up with his own home as long as they pass the drug test), because I’m not giving your mom one dollar of it!  Of course your mom will “take me to court”, but it won’t matter with that kind of money I get to hire attorney’s that are featured speakers at law schools, worked for O.J. Simpson (if they are still alive), and offer their two cents nationally on any high-profile case.  Either way, Sloane and I are going to have some serious fun tomorrow!

Today was pretty damn fun also, I think by my estimation we played 241 games of Nerf H-O-R-S-E.  She was sick of looking at all the bare walls in this house (I didn’t have to the heart to tell her that money has been a little tight because of bad luck and her mom loves to bankroll attorney’s vacations), so she did what she does best IMPROVISE.  She started making our own wall decorations.  I would rather have my daughter’s art than some overpriced 15th century impressionist abstract crap any way.  Needless to say I’ve got “wall” art now in every room of the house.  I’ll take the “made by Sloane” stuff every day of the week!

She is in her favorite color purple, and I’m in a Reds t-shirt with Joey Votto’s name on it.  Yes she knows Joey Votto wears number 19, (If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m not too shabby at the fathering stuff),  her wanting to work on the wall art in this house was a bit of a relief because one more game of horse I might have intentionally lost!  In between games of horse and posing for “Sloane” art I did manage to get my Lupus fundraising page going.  It’s not live yet but hopefully it will be next week.  My friend is having a terrible weekend with Lupus, and as soon as she is better we are going to get it live and start kicking some Lupus ass!

Now it’s time for Skipah to reassess things, I haven’t really had a “check up from the neck up” post in a while.  My new motto is “pay it forward”, with Sloane and I it will always be “HAVE FUN”, but going forward I’m going to have to battle with the ex some more.  She will not commit on what she wants to do with Sloane next year for school.  My daughter wants to continue at her current school (as do I).  Since she has alienated herself from every one at our daughter’s school, I’m sure she hangs her head low and would love to be clear and free of there as soon as she can.  They all know she is a chronic liar now and it’s no thanks to me, actions speak MUCH louder than words!  My court date is going to be nothing more than a systematic play to make me look “unfit”.  She needs me to look unfit so her lying ass can run off to rural Kentucky.

You know what though, I’m not even remotely frightened about going to court on 2/10/15 unrepresented.  What in the hell did I do wrong?  Called her a bitch on to many times when I couldn’t get an answer on an issue related to our daughter?  Remind her I’m a computer ninja now when I didn’t get an answer on a Sloane issue?  If she wants to call this “threatening” good for her.  Ray Charles can see your end game, take your skank ass to rural Kentucky and leave our daughter here.  You don’t get to have your cake and eat it to, change your name to Linda Larche attorney at law, or something similar and run off.  Our daughter already knows what a frigging idiot you became, I get to “punt” with her every time I have her when it comes to you.  Thus endeth the rant but I have learned things this weekend that, I do know my ex wife’s end game.

She has ONE BIG ASS PROBLEM THOUGH, she gave me WAY too much custody after school started and good effing luck getting it back.  So she will more than likely get to choose (her only child at this point) or her 48-year-old Mr. Wonderful.  Choose him please so you will quit screwing with our daughter’s head.  I’ll give you minimum visitation, I won’t even ask for child support because I’ve learned what a frigging crock of shit it is.  Child support is totally based on salary, health insurance, and custody.  I don’t bitch about my 43.00 a week, but if I was say rich I would have to pay a shitload more for no more reasons than I’m rich.

Wrapping it up for the night, have to drive an hour to go skiing tomorrow and have to be there by 8:00 a.m!  Just call me Alberto Tomba tomorrow!


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