A Bloody Good Weekend Mates!

Would recommend to anyone!

What a great weekend, I hope yours went as well as mine! Miss Madison and her troopers headed to vacation destination New Albany, Indiana for a weekend of fun in the sun sprinkled in with a little rain.  To say I was antsy with the extra kiddos in my apartment was an understatement, but for the most part everything went well.  After a weekend with three kids Hammy, is bickering about not getting his gambling action in on the college and pro football, but I think it was the vodka withdrawals since I banned any form of the spirits for him this weekend in an effort to keep his language curbed around The Turtle Man and Miss Madison junior.  After two days with three children ripping and tearing at him Hammy is currently laying on his back with a bottle of Advil and a heating pad swearing he will get revenge on whatever truck ran over him!  He hasn’t felt this bad since his days as an active officer in the KGB and things went sideways in Afghanistan for him back in the 80s.

Our National Lampoon’s Kentuckiana vacation started out with a trip back to the The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, to see the BFG (Big Friendly Giant).  In an unrelated note I have a cure for anybody that is an insomniac or has a sleeping disorder.  Go see this show, I’m giving you a Skipah guarantee that you will be checking your eyelids for holes in less than fifteen minutes!  I’ve become sort of a fan of the arts since I separated many moons ago, but this was definitely not Dirty Dancing that Miss Madison and I attended a couple of weeks prior!  Thankfully every kid in the house was hanging on every word because Miss Madison and I were taking turn using each other as a pillow in order to stay awake!  Bottom line…..kiddos loved it (and really that is all that mattered) parents used it as an opportunity to grab those precious “parenting naps” that we all look forward to at times!  The kind of nap where you are in a state of somber silence but still cognizant of your surroundings in case you child decides to do something crazy.  Thankfully none of ours did!

Insomniac approved!

Our trick or treat zoo adventure and visiting the pumpkin glow got postponed/cancelled due to the rain Saturday so that left us with an evening of pumpkin carving!  I made all the troops some from scratch chicken noodle soup, and prepared some of my award winning chili.  Two time champion at a business that shall not be named, but I have the trophy’s to prove it!  Miss Madison and I are set on lunch for the next few days, and her daughter ate two big bowls of the chicken noodle soup so I may have made a friend for life.  Sloane wanted a haunted castle (check), The Turtle Man wanted a firetruck (check, with an assist from Miss Madison), and Miss Madison Jr. wanted a skeleton that’s not pictured (oops, her pumpkin didn’t turn out quite as well because I zigged instead of zagged while in the process of carving it), in my defense it was my third pumpkin in a row with a cramped hand and no pattern to work off of.


Miss Madison free handed the firetruck pattern.

Once the kiddos went to bed, I made it a point to indoctrinate Miss Madison in everything Skipah, so that meant only one thing!    Time to watch some SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION since she had never seen it!  She made it through about half of it (me a quarter of it) before the long day took a toll on both of us!  She has enjoyed what she had seen so far and I sent the DVD home with her to finish it up.  Nobody ruin the ending for her please!

Two things happened that day the sisters never laid a hand on Andy, and Boggs never walked again!

Fast forward to Sunday and it was the 18th Century Market and Revolutionary War reenactment at Locust Grove in Louisville, KY.  Neato Mosquito is all I can say.  Miss Madison goes to this event yearly (history major), personally I thought it was pretty damn cool.  Granted I had no idea they took Visa/MasterCard back in the 1700s when selling their goods.  Most of the shops were vintage and authentic and the people that owned them knew their stuff!  I was looking to barter (like they did back in the day) but either the U.S. Dollar or swiping your plastic was the only thing they understood.  So much for “authentic”, all kidding aside though it was well worth the $8.00 admission.  The Amazing Budabi Brothers could charge double and get away with it.  This amazing brother tandem was entertaining, and played the crowd like a couple of seasoned entertainers.  Funny jokes, corny jokes (intentional), and some seriously amazing juggling acts were just what the kids ordered!  Plus they dropped a Mississippi joke that I’m sure they probably doubles as a Kentucky joke when they aren’t performing in that state!


The balancing platforms are not fastened at all and the columns double as tip jars after the show!

My girl scout ninja got herself yet another unique badge/patch courtesy of dad!


The congressional army ate better than I do!  Clapshot and Skirlie are delicious no matter how disgusting that image looks!

The U.S. Dollar and Visa/MasterCard are all that is accepted!  I tried to barter with a 20 lbs of Diet Dr. Pepper aluminum cans and a buffalo nickel but they would have none of it!

Tempting by the end of the day!

Sheep in Kentucky, I’ll let you insert your own personal joke here!


Battle of Cowpens, amazingly the Brits still lost or otherwise I would be ending every sentence using the word mate and saying the word bloody to describe everthing!

Miss Madison and I were able to dodge any cannonballs during the re-enactment!

After Locust Grove it was off to the Louisville Zoo for trick or treat night.  Since Miss Madison doesn’t have the luxury of writing her name in the snow when she urinates (without making a mess) and lives in Indiana she doesn’t get to take her kids trick or treating this year so this was her only shot to experience it.  Granted the Louisville Zoo isn’t quite like knocking on doors, but she got to see her kiddos in full costume regale.  I have a penis and get to take Sloane trick or treating next weekend, but Sunday evening was just an added bonus!  By the way in Indiana, odd years it’s dad’s year for Halloween trick or treat fun from six to nine p.m.  All the kids played well in the sandbox, and the Louisville Zoo does a great job.  I would post a bazillion pictures of it, but unfortunately my phone was on life support after the Locust Grove experience and my car charger sucks!

This is somehow a “peacock” outfit, she only gets to wear it because she’s eight, when bras and boys come into the picture forget about it!

Polar Bear had enough gawking at for the day and was taking a siesta!

About it for tonight, I just finished helping Sloane out with all her backed up home work from missing two and a half days with strep throat.  She is becoming a math savant and trust me loyal reader she gets that from her father!  I’m rather sad and can’t do anything about it but spend more money (that I don’t have) learning that she doesn’t like her stepdad.  She wishes he would wear a shirt at dinner (WTF) and be more interactive with her as a family when she isn’t with me.  I never made these choices for her, but I’m doing all I can to protect her and show her how much fun life can be when she is with her dad!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. LOL, amazing isn’t it :).

  2. Incredible fire truck…and it is lit by fire. The layers of irony…

  3. Thank you :), that was a fun weekend a few weeks ago!

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend! That’s one impressive pumpkin firetruck! I never could do even the normal looking scraggly smiles so I’m really impressed !

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  7. Fun! Thanks for the run down.

  8. I love my little girl scout, anything to help make her vest more colorful :).

  9. Shawshank is awesome, sounds like your hubby has great tastes in movies. It was a fun event and cheap, the juggling act alone was worth the price of admission.

  10. Shashank is one of my hubby’s favorite movies. He had me watch it for the first time with him and I enjoyed it very much.

    Looks like a fun event, the photos are great. Would love to attend something like this someday.

  11. Wow, cool Girl Scout patch. Thanks for helping, Dad. 🙂

  12. I know, seeing my first war reenactment makes me want to see one of those humongous Civil War reenactments with hundreds of people involved. It was pretty cool to watch.

  13. The Battle of Cowpens…who knew such a “low-stakes” sounding name turned out to be a major turning point and a big “W” for U.S.!

  14. Thanks for the biological trivia for the day!

  15. The female who wants to write her name in the snow, just needs a squirt gun filled with food coloring colored water in the color of her choice! Technically, it is possible for a female who has developed muscles to write her name in the snow, but that was when I was much younger (like 3 years old)! Can’t do it now, so am stuck using a squirt gun!

  16. As pumped as I was to watch Shawshank it was just too late when we started it, awesome weekend for sure. Make sure to take Avery to see the BFG when she gets older you will get a much needed nap!

  17. I’m not allowed to write everything that is what SkipahSoundsOff website is for!

  18. That’s an awesome weekend! I’d say you have me beat, but mine wasn’t bad. Guess you’ll have to have another go at watching Shawshank all the through though.

    Way to be a great dad too, Sloane is obviously very lucky to have you!

  19. Trust me, Kentucky beats Mississippi. As for her step father, such as he is, he’s behaving as you were told he would. He will be more attentive when she’s old enough to be wife #7

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