A little girl came through the front gate holdin’ a fishing pole

One of my favorite pictures of all time

Since it’s Saturday night and I’m childless and single what better way to spend your evening than writing a blog post.  Katy Perry still hasn’t reached out to me, the dating world is crickets, and I’ve got a ton of laundry to do.  Let’s call it one big laundry party to make me sound way more interesting than I am.  I didn’t invite anyone to it, but feel free to stop on by.  It’s well proven I’m a pro at losing socks, and I hate folding laundry almost as much as the next phone call from my auto mechanic.  The plan tonight was to host my little laundry party and try to watch some Dr. Who to see what the fuss was all about.  Then I forgot about the magic powers of Time Warner Cable and even trying to stream a video would rank up there “World’s most historical feats” unless I want to use the internet from 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and with this being a Saturday I can’t guarantee it’s going to be running at full capacity then.  Any ISP (that’s Internet Service Provider Kentuckian) company that wants to make their shareholders some money bring your latest and greatest to this part of the world.  I’m willing to pay double and donate all my hair (what’s left of it) to science for something more reliable.  Before I get the congregation to yell UVERSE it’s not offered in my area and AT & T’s “high speed internet” is about as fast as two snails racing after eating a couple Xanax’s.

I mentioned the biblical rain we got last night, it was worse than that!  Once I was able to get through my Facebook feed of rainbow pictures and Confederate flags the pictures posted of the flash flooding were phenomenal.  We haven’t had that kind of flash flooding in almost 20 years around here.  When I got to work this morning the rain gauge showed FOUR inches of rain!  The pond I like to take Sloane fishing to was lapping over the berm.  Insane amount of rain yesterday evening, of course today it was 70 degrees (It’s been in the 90s all week and humid) and sunny.  Indiana/Ohio Valley weather is about as unpredictable as Jay Bruce!  The waterfowl at work were loving it though.

Geese swingers party #stilllivinginthe70s 

Holy smokes Batman, that’s a lot of rain, Pfff, Bam, Pow!

The hamster spies have behaved for the most part today, and really that’s about it in my little world.  I did run into “unofficial” little school sister today at the store.  Wow is about all I can say to that.  The lies told about me last year at school by the ex were astounding.  Of course I squelched all those believes about four to six weeks later when I was the one that was showing up at school activities, but hearing it from someone else was rather appalling.  I’d probably have a defamation of character lawsuit if I could garner up enough witnesses.  To quote Sloane it was “cray cray” the crap said about me.  Water under the bridge these days (for the most part), all I can say is actions really do speak louder than words.

I even found out my ex in laws have been secretly supporting me all this time.  I had a good feeling they were but I’m not allowed to talk to them unless it is something regarding Sloane, but for Christ’s Sake it is there only grandchild and I’m sure they would love to keep seeing her as much as possible also.  For the record, the ex in-laws usually picked up Sloane from school.  Plus I have ZERO axes to grind with them, and hell I was the son my ex father in law never had.  Hopefully once all the dust has settled and the ex has moved out of town (married, living with her parents, sees husband on weekends, completely normal version of marriage my daughter gets to see said no one ever), I get awarded custody and can stop over on the weekends and shoot the shit while Sloane is wearing both of them out with silly questions.

About it for tonight, anxiously awaiting to hear from my daughter tomorrow when she gets home from Brownie camp, and it’s time to “Take those old records off the shelf” and get this laundry party started!  Come on over loyal reader, I can put the B into boring for you!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. I swear 90s dial up is better than the what I have to put up with!

  2. I feel your pain daily on internet woes!

  3. She is all mine again tomorrow!

  4. PS love that pic of Sloane!! <3

  5. No Doctor Who?! How can you live in such a world?! Oh, the humanity!

  6. I had AT&T U-verse in Houston, where I used to live. I really miss it. Not available here in Albuquerque. 🙁

  7. Yeah, that is a crap load of rain! Always nice to have ex in-laws on your side!

    Bet you can’t wait for Sloane to return, have fun man!

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