A Walk to Remember

Happy Sunday from Skipah to whoever else is reading this, been a BIG day on the tiny island known as Skipahland.  I managed not to break nothing, as of this moment not one bit of bad luck this evening, and thanks to my super-duper crew mates my vehicle  problem has a temporary fix!  To the family that is helping me out I am almost to the point of tears at your graciousness.  Ever need a baby sitter, short order cook, gutter cleaner, pool boy, clean boogers out from under the table, whatever do not hesitate to call!  With that problem getting a temporary band aid I got to focus on the main task at hand #SloaneStaysHome.  I’m hoping to have T-shirts and bumper stickers out by the end of the week and thanks to social media a huge protest is organizing for June 25th.  OK I made the last little bit up but I did get to be worry free of my financial woes a little bit less today and focus more on my custody woes.  Because I’m going to win this come hell or high water!

The blonde bomber returns to her rightful resting place tomorrow!  Not sure what is on tap for the week but I’m sure we will figure it out as we go.  We might go steal a pig  for all I know it’s come up before!  The weekend is when things will really get good as we have our “Kisses for Karsyn” 5k walk to benefit MPS III/Sanfilippo Syndrome awareness and then a honky tonk kind of night at grandma’s.

Unbeknownst to Sloane at the moment is that today thanks to another one of my awesome friends I picked up the Syrian hamster today.  Sloane is going to freak out and I’m betting any one on here 20.00 bucks that she is going to ask if it can sleep in bed with her.  The Syrian must have been living the high life in Damascus because he’s BIG.  Not sure what Hammy is going to think of him, all I can say he better keep up with his training and cut down on the vodka.  Hammy weighs in ounces, yet to be named Syrian goes by pounds.  That’s a unit of weight to any foreign readers not British currency we don’t do the Metric System in the states unless you are performing illegal drug transactions and then grams and kilos come into play, also long term prison sentences.

In keeping up with my weekend of playing southern Indiana’s most popular photo blogger and hopefully earning at least some form of “thanks” from every area tourism board I set out to the Big Four pedestrian bridge today to get my walk in.  Yes I willingly walked to Kentucky, call me a hypocrite if you must but I have talked kindly about Louisville in the past.  Here is my journey to Kentucky and back in photos.  The Clark-Floyd Convention and Tourism Bureau can thank me later for the free plug and promotional photos for the weekend.

  We are already off to a good start!


Here we go, next stop Kentucky!


That is what a major interstate bridge construction project looks like, I-65 (Ohio River Bridges Project) it’s also why for the last two years my job is at times impossible!

True story the man was playing Stairway to Heaven, and no it wasn’t good. I did throw him the spare change I had in my pocket though.


If you continue up river you would see the second bridge being built and end up in Pittsburgh, you know what else is in Pittsburgh?  The Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory , also you would see a few riverboat casinos, Cincinnati and unfortunately West Virginia.

That’s is the second biggest clock in the world (or used to be) the Colgate clock in New York is the biggest, but this is the shut down Colgate plant in Clarksville, Indiana.

So that is the bridge in photos, another blogger friend doesn’t know it yet but she is about to give me a tutorial on how to use picmonkey.com and I will become an amateur photo ninja myself.  Helps if Time Warner Cable didn’t suck worse than 2008 Detroit Lions.  About it for tonight, have to figure out a new set up for TWO hamsters now, write another chapter in “The Hammy Files”, and it’s going to be a long day at work tomorrow.  The bright side is I get my princess back for the week!




Send Skipah Sailing!


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  4. We like to educate as well as entertain at Skipah’s Realm Mrs. Athena.

  5. This is SO cool! Love the walk and pictures with it!

    (And great factoid on the clocks!)

  6. It’s pretty neat, Cincinnati has one also wouldn’t mind hitting it one day also.

  7. It looks like a great place to walk 🙂 Congrats on getting ‘the Syrian’!!

  8. Thank you, that’s Mr. Ohio River

  9. This mini guinea pig/syrian hamster should be a piece of cake. If Hammy pipes up to much it’ll trample him!

  10. No pictures of the Syrian I didn’t want it to possibly get “leaked” before Sloane saw it.

  11. Double trouble hamsters, good luck! Seems like luck is on your side with the help if so many kind people, hope if only gets better man.

    I’m here to help however I can too, and ready for the social media support on the 25th. Nice walk and pictures, enjoy your princess when she comes back home tomorrow!

  12. WAHOOOOOO!!!! Syrian Hammy #2 has landed, the Russian had better start drinking or pumping iron!!!! So glad that someone was on hand to help you and the car out, way to go friend 🙂

    As for PicMonkey, I will be happy to discuss this, maybe we can call each other….


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