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Welcome to Skipah’s Realm, my childhood nickname, divorced father of the most beautiful girl in the world.  I started blogging in July 2014 upon learning the news of my impending divorce that I never saw coming.  At first my method of coping was through blogging and now it has turned into a passion.  Lots of self-reflection, dealing with custody issues, ex-wife issues, and just life issues in general, but the main rule my daughter and I have is ‘HAVE FUN” so I try to keep  up the fun on my blog.  I’m laid back and don’t take myself too seriously, die hard Cincinnati Reds fan, and the biggest Katy Perry homer you will ever meet.  Stick around awhile and you can learn the tales of my daughter’s KGB spy/pet hamster Hammy and how coming out of  a divorce doesn’t always have to suck.

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  1. Thanks, the one T is only in place because of my tax evading father back in the 70s!

  2. As a fellow Matthews, albeit with 2 t’s, I look forward to learning more about you and your journey alongside your daughter.

  3. Happy to discover and follow your blog

  4. You are quite welcome and thank you for the kind words!

  5. Thank you Skipah for following Nine Lives! Yes you have a beautiful princess in your realm 🙂

  6. Oh me! I just had the best time using my Samsung stylus to scroll down this super fantastic many numbered comments section.

    Wow…and I knows why you get ’em. Great writing. Real. Fresh. Vulnerable. Snarky. Human.

    New Fan Here!

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  9. I will don’t worry. I’ll be like that annoying neighbor that always wants to talk to you no matter what kind of mood your in.

  10. Fun blog indeed. Thanks for checking out my blog and subscribing to it. I’m happy to reciprocate. Visit often!

  11. Thanks for the glowing review, can you send that to my ex wife and people magazine? Seriously thank you look forward to reading more of yours.

  12. Hey Skipah! Last night when my insomnia kicked in I had a chance to look around here on your blog. I must say I love it! The way you write, the way you have it set up, I love the way you give us a little reference of common phrases or words you use, and I love the dad you are! Keep rockin out because the world can use more people like you in it! 🙂

  13. My pleasure, neat site!

  14. Thank you for liking several of my posts and following OUR RETIRED LIFE.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. I’m all about some pop culture! TV, movies, music you are at the right place!

  16. “They call him Skipah, Skipah, Skipah, faster tha…” Oops. Wrong one. NOT the dolphin. This looks like an interesting read. Thanks for visiting me! I’ll be following the stories of your and your daughter “…and the merry mix-ups that occur…”

    Can you tell I grew up on television? Blessed Easter weekend to you and your cutie First Mate!

  17. Thanks Lisa, I’m always glad to meet new people myself!

  18. Hey Skipah, Lovely to meet you. I like laughter and you made me chuckle a few times. Thanks for the follow. I’m doing the same thing to you now!

  19. I decided when this all started (summer of 2012) not to share what was happening, my thoughts nor feelings about what was going on that ultimately led to the divorce with either of my children (25 & 23). They only know “the story” from their mom. But they are no doubt seeing what I was dealing with since they are now their mother’s keeper. Take the high road. It is not the easiest route but it is the best. Integrity wins every time. Karma will take care of the rest.

  20. Your story gives me hope! My daughter has figured out the complete b.s. and is sad I can’t do anything about it………yet!

  21. That makes two. I did not expect my ex-wife to actually file for divorce. In hindsight, it was the most difficult experience, followed closely being a caregiver to a breast cancer survivor, but has turned out to be the best thing to happen to lower my stress. My two children were just finishing up college so there were no child custody issues. But that did not stop the ex-wife from driving, or at least attempting, to drive a wedge between me and my kids. I just let if be and figure they will eventually see what has happened and come around again. Thanks for stopping by the Red Dog Garage!

  22. Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Hey there! Thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you. Have a great day!

  24. I was digging your site and plan on diving into more later when I have the time, thanks for the follow back hopefully I can keep you interested!

  25. Thank you for following my blog. Browsing through some of your posts, I could find healing, hope, and humor. Count me in as one of your newest blog followers. More power.

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  27. She and I have become a pretty cohesive unit in the face of some crappy adversity :).

  28. Heya Skip, thanks for the web trip!
    NOTHING is stronger than the daddy-daughter bond
    I’m 26 and my dad still goes above and beyond!
    I wouldn’t have it any other way;
    Actually, I made him get snapchat the other day!

  29. Thank you for the return visit :), I grew up with a single mom so I completely understand were you are coming from!

  30. Thank you for visiting me and for the follow Skipah~ My daughter is a card carrying grown up now but I was a single mom for several years and it is only well after the fact and looking back that I realize what a challenge it was to make ends meet, but we enjoyed, and took, each day as it came and made out just fine . Always stay positive and in the Here and Now! Cheers~

  31. Thanks, Gary! That’s encouraging to hear.

  32. Thanks for the follow back I was digging your sense of humor when I was browsing your site

  33. Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading your posts.

  34. Thank you for the kind words :).

  35. Hi, I stopped by to thank you for your visit and for following my blog. You do have a beautiful daughter. So glad you found a way to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. Your blog certainly seems to be popular. Good for you and I wish you all the best.

  36. Your welcome Michael, and thank you for the kind words!

  37. Thanks for following my blog. May the Lord continue to bless you and your daughter. 🙂

  38. Yes that is my daughter, thanks for dropping in yourself :).

  39. i see that you dropped in for a read!

    i would like to kindly thank you…

    i also like the static front page, are those family images?


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  41. Not a problem if you don’t, consider it my appreciation of your blog and writing

  42. Thanks, I’ll check into it but I don’t want to make any promises.

  43. HI

    I have nominated you for the one lovely blog award. Its voluntary but if you would like to participate, you can find all the details here

  44. Thanks for following my 80Insights.com site.

  45. Yes Hammy was once a highly decorated KGB officer who know lives on vodka :).

  46. Funnily enough, I’ve been reading your posts since I discovered your blog, but I’d never visited this page before. I’m glad I did, though, since I learned some significant new information. I hadn’t been aware before now about Hammy’s KGB career. Profoundly shocking! 🙂

  47. It is quite the addicting habit at times.

  48. Gary, I”m glad you’re having fun with your blog. Thanks for following my 80Insights blog.

  49. Thanks for the follow, once the holiday weekend is over and I get back to a normal routine look forward to catching up on yours more also.

  50. Hi! Most appreciative that you found my blog. I’m thrilled to have come over for a look at yours and found such a cesspool of interesting posts! I’m signing on to follow you in the new year!

  51. I would be interested, I’ll be in contact soon :).

  52. Hey,
    Since you started your blog to deal with the stresses of divorce, would you be interested for a brief interview on my page that features bloggers who Write To Heal?
    If so, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

    PS- you liked the post about it.

  53. Thanks for visiting talkaboutpopmusic.net - hope you enjoy the tunes! Steve…

  54. We try to rewrite the rules of fun every time we are together!

  55. Thanks for the follow. You and your daughter have the right outlook to try to have fun. 🙂

  56. Thanks for the follow. Having fun is something we should all remind ourselves to do.

  57. I do my best, I don’t always make the wisest decisions, but I try!

  58. Thank you for following my blog today. As I can see from your website, you have a “can-do” attitude, forging ahead in spite of difficulties. Bravo!

  59. Hello, You found the blog where I write about Photography. Hopefully you browsed beyond my last post and know that the only subject I write about is Photography.
    Now that we are in contact I will take the time to wander your site and find out about you.

  60. For sure Tanya, I’ll send you an email.

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  63. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts

  64. Thank you for following back!

  65. Thanks so much for the follow on my travel blog. It’s led me back to your blog. Great that you are writing about the roller coaster you’ve been on. I will read with interest to see how things go for you.

  66. I have nominated you for the Sunshine award because I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your posts and deep appreciation that you have been my regular reader. You are in no obligation to accept or repost the award, however if you do, I would love you to let me know so I can return to read your answers!

  67. Enjoyed reading a couple of your blogs. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the follow and Happy Friday!

  68. Gary,

    What a beautiful dog on Gravatar! Glad to be back blogging. Busy months, to say the least. Haven’t had much time for anything else. A lot happening right now!

  69. Thanks for the sharing this interesting article. I will also take the opportunity to inform you that you’ve been nominated for Liebster Award. Thank you.

  70. Nice to meet you and thanks for the encouraging words!

  71. Life’s challenges can actually bring new meaning to life depending on how we respond to it. I am glad that you are enjoying the other blessing of life(your daughter) and generally having fun.May she grow to become a beautiful woman. Better things lay ahead.Nice meeting you and thanks for visiting my page.

  72. Your welcome :), and looking forward to reading more of yours also.

  73. Hi Gary,

    Thanks so much for following my blog The Half-Eaten Mind.
    Look forward to reading more from you 🙂


  74. It took awhile to get there, but you are certainly correct!

  75. A positive attitude is the best start.

  76. Thanks for following me. I hope you enjoy your visits.

  77. Thanks for the follow back, and looking forward to reading yours some more.

  78. Hey there and thanks for the follow over on my blog. Look forward to reading your tales…

  79. hi gary - thanks for reading and following. i look forward to doing the same ) beth

  80. Thank you for stopping by also, yes blogging world for the most part has been nothing but positive.

  81. Thanks for the blog visit and follow. Blogging has turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s a great community out here. It sounds like you’ve already learned that lesson, though. Wishing you and the Little Miss all the best.

  82. Why thank you :), I look forward to finding some more recipes on yours!

  83. Hi Gary! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! You have a lovely blog, and your comment on Lynn’s post sure cracked me up :p Looking forward to read more of your posts:)

  84. The photography on your site was phenomenal is what attracted me to it, and I like reading about other cultures.

  85. Thanks for following me. I’d love to know what attracted you. I must take a look around your site now. Keep well. James

  86. It was rough at first but getting better!

  87. Thanks for the follow!
    My oldest has been a single Dad with custody for many years since his wife left. Glad you are writing about your experiences 🙂

  88. Hi Gary. Sorry I’m a bit late getting back to you. I’ve been away on holiday so am now doing some catching up. Having just read your bio, I can see you’re a great dad and a very positive and cheerful person. Going through divorce can’t be good, especially when it involves custody issues, but you have coped so well and your lovely daughter’s smiling face says it all. Thank you so much for following my blog! I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts - especially about that KGB spy hamster!

  89. Thank you very much :), her little hamster Hammy gets into all kinds of mischief!

  90. That is such a positive bio! Yes, I want to know more KGB spy stories 😉 Hitting the ‘follow’ button!

    Glad you came across my blog. And your daughter is beautiful!

  91. YESSS!!!! Virgos Rule!! Woot Woot

  92. Virgos rule all others drool! Thank you for the birdthday wishes!

  93. Glad I’m number one in something other than bad jokes! Look forward to reading more of your stuff and don’t hesitate if you have any questions. We’ve all been newbies at this at one time or another!

  94. 🎊🎊🎊Happy Birthday🎊🎊🎊 yayyyyyy. May your birthday be filled with love, joy, peace, and an overflow of priceless moments. Happy birthday.

  95. Thanks Gary, you are my 1st follower. I am new to blogging so I hope I can develop an interesting site on a subject that is close to my heart. I love your site, I look forward to reading your posts. .
    Regards Chris

  96. Thank you sir! Thanks for visiting hopefully I can keep you entertained.

  97. Thanks for dropping by my blog and deciding to follow me. I too look forward to follow you.

  98. Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for following. I am honored and look forward to seeing more on your site as well. Beautiful daughter you have there!

  99. You are welcome, thanks for stopping by. I’m hoping she remembers only the good times from the past year of her life!

  100. Thanks so much for following my blog. I love this celebration of fatherhood and life with your daughter. What great memories she will have later!

  101. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, yeah no easy way to sugercoat divorce it sucks!

  102. What a wonderful way to deal with the ups and downs of divorce and help others in the process. Having been in your shoes, many years ago, my best advice to you is - this too shall pass. And when it does you and your daughter will be stronger for having gone through it.
    Thanks so much for stopping by the Cow PAsture. I’m glad you liked it well enough to jump the fence, welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

  103. It took a bigger part of the year, but definitely having fun now!

  104. Have fun! My motto for 2014 was “Have fun… do better!” I think it’s an ingrained trait now! Get’s me through life… 😈

  105. I try to help any one I come across that is going through also, kind of a pay it forward mentality.

  106. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for the follow. 🙂 I once was a Reds fan, back in the days of Johnny Bench. 🙂 Your daughter is a cutie-keep having fun! 🙂 Blogging was a wonderful outlet for me, too, during the time of my separation, which I also didn’t see coming. Now I find it to be a way to connect and minister to others with it, as the Lord sees fit to use me. 🙂 Glad you’re here!

  107. Welcome aboard! Thanks for stopping by hope I can keep it somewhat interesting for you!

  108. I found your blog over at HarsH ReaLiTy! I’m looking forward to connecting.

  109. Your quite welcome look forward to reading more!

  110. Much cheaper! Thanks for the encouragement, I’m doing the best I can!

  111. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, for the likes and follow. God´s blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  112. Thanks for the follow on my site. I hope all is well with your life. I was a single father for fourteen years it is work, but it is truly rewarding. Stay focus and keep your head up and all will work out for all intended. I will follow your journey and hopefully you will continue to write, as it is cheaper than therapy.

  113. I try to steer her the best I can :), thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  114. Love your outlook ! I would say your daughter is very lucky to have you, to teach her that when life throws you curveballs you don’t throw in the towel! You keep going! Blessings to you and your cute daughter! Glad you found blogging as an outlet, I know blogging has really helped me through some rough times to.

  115. You aren’t the first person to tell me that! However I have no idea about how to write a book LOL. Thanks for stopping by :).

  116. Hamster spy? Now that’s the makings of a good kids book. I’m glad you found my blog, thanks for following. Hope you’ll stop by often, doors always open at Jean’s Writing.

  117. Yeah 2014 sucked, but 2015 has been pretty positive so far! Minus a few bumps in the road.

  118. Hi Gary, Thank you so much for stopping by and liking one of my posts and following my blog. Sorry to hear about the breakup of your marriage but even so I have to say I like the positive tone on your “About” and can’t wait to see your posts. ~Steph

  119. That certainly gives me hope for the future, thanks for following back!

  120. Hi, Gary,

    Thanks for following my blog! Like you, my husband was once a divorced father determined to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with his daughter. His devotion to her is one of the reasons I fell in love with him, and now we’re happily married and have full custody of our amazing little girl.

  121. Thanks Brad, it’s been a journey that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  122. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your upbeat blog and great perspective on moving on after challenges. To moving on… , Brad

  123. You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by my site :).

  124. Thanks so much for following my blog. 🙂

  125. I appreciate the nomination but I will have to respectfully decline. I just don’t have the time right now to give it the due dilligence it deserves. Thank you though!

  126. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes


    I have nominated you for the sunshine blogger award, acceptance is purely optional but if you are interested then please follow the link


  127. Hey no problem! Thanks for stopping by yourself.

  128. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes


    I just wanted to say thank you for finding my blog and liking a post and following me. 😀

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  130. Awesome! When I get the time (is there such thing in blogger life) I’ll try and dive into your books some I like the perspective!

  131. Hi. Thanks for following; I love the concept of your blog and I’ll give it a whirl. Hope Hammy is good; when I was growing up, one of the few children’s TV programmes available over here (we are talking 1960 ish) was Tales of the Riverbank, the star of which show was Hammy Hamster. Happy memories.

  132. Enjoying this time for as long as possible, I’ll keep enjoying the “cooties” phase of boys for now. Thanks for stopping by

  133. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. I am also a divorced father with a daughter, although much farther along the spectrum than you. My daughter, Kate, is not a junior in college. Clearly you are enjoying your daughter right now. That is great because once Middle School hits, the world may change drastically for you. You may see ‘boys’ and ‘parties’ and what her friends think suddenly become terribly important to her. Best of luck!

  134. No problem thanks for stopping by!

  135. Hi! Thanks for LIKE-ing my post. Got to read one of your posts suggested by the email notification regarding the LIKE-clicking. Think I’ll check out more of your posts. 🙂

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  138. It’s my pleausre, and looking forward to responding!

  139. Thank you for following The Blog Propellant! I hope you enjoy responding to the prompts.

  140. You’ve got a very cool blog! Thanks for stopping by Cry and Howl.

  141. I’m very honored, thank you however I don’t participate in awards, no offense I just can’t committ the time it takes to do it properly!

  142. I appreciate you following my blog and I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. If you would like to accept, you can find the information about this on my post ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’.

  143. Hellooooooo 😀

    I was just wandering if you could make the text color “whiter”? Like…brighter? 🙂 I just have bad eye-sight and I think other’s with bad eye-sight would appreciate the color contrasts with the dark background too 😀 LOL. OK, bye, Thank you so much for following me <3

  144. I have nominated you for an award in great appreciation of your site … Much <3!

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  147. Gary, I nominate you for 5 Photos/5 Stories Challenge. It can be anything fictional or nonfictional; short story, paragraph or a poem. Just nominate one blog per story. Please do not feel obligated to accept but I hope you do. Would love to see pictures of your beautiful daughter. Anne

  148. Thanks for stopping by also, and thank you for the compliment. I try to keep it at least interesting (I hope), thanks again!

  149. Thanks for stopping by my place, Gary. You and your daughter are adorable together 😀 Give her an extra hug and I look forward to reading more from you.

  150. Why thank you for very much!

  151. Pretty impressive blog. 🙂

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  153. Thanks Mark, something to look forward to!

  154. Hey Gary, I just signed up to get notifications of your posts, man. I like the concept. Keep making your sweet daughter happy. And thanks for showing up at my place. Good news: My daughter was 9 when I got divorced. She’s now a beautiful, intelligent, happy 25-year-old woman. So straight ahead you go, my friend. Life will be good.

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  160. I appreciate it but right now I’m not participating in them. I really do appreciate it though.

  161. Hey Gary! I don’t know if you participate in these things or not, but I enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for The Real Neat Blog award. Cheers! http://www.baffledbaboon.com/the-real-neat-blog-award/

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  163. Hello there! 🙂 I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Please go to this post for more info. ^_^

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  165. No underage drinking with me! Yeah I got my daughter a hamster for Christmas and she came up with the super original name of Hammy. Thanks for reading, it’s just a day to day journal of what is going on in my life. Good luck on the “teen” years teenage boys “know it all” if I seem to remember. LOL

  166. I had to do a double read there a moment on your latest post…. Hammy is what I call my son lol , I was holy crap he’s talking about Hammy getting drunk lol

    I am a single dad, raising a 13 yr old boy , I’ve called him Hammy since he was 4 , prior to that he was stink weed because he always sh*t himself lol

    I enjoy your sense of humor , very refreshing

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  168. I’m learning the frustration of wordpress every day I’ll see if I can change up the comments because I would prefer it to be hassle free. Thanks for reading and stopping by

  169. Thank you for stopping by, OM truly is the robin hood of bloggers

  170. I love the nickname! I wish you much luck and this is an excellent idea, I’m sure you’ve found the blogging therapeutic 🙂
    I found you on OM’s blog post.

  171. Readability is a bit lacking in that only part of one entry is viewable at any given time and one has to manually put in their info even when logged into WordPress to leave a comment, but after taking a look your last two entries I find that what you’re writing is very much worth reading. I don’t think I’ll be doing much commenting because the current method is a bit of a hassle, but I’ll definitely be reading.

    Keep your chin up and always remember that you have the right to be a positive influence in your child’s life.

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  174. I’m actually reaching out for your advice.
    I’ve been following your blog a bit and I’ve really enjoyed your work.
    I’m taking a production course for the first time ever and we made this video for parents to build an Indoor for that I’d love to get your feedback on?


    I know you’re really busy so I won’t take offense if you’re too busy. Either way I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


  175. Thank you very much :), Britishmum is a hoot! Thanks for reading hope you enjoy

  176. I found your blog thanks to one of your followers (BritishMumUsa). I love to see single dads in the trenches. Many blessings to you! Your little girl is so lucky to have you! 🙂

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  178. Set up an account with them, and then add your blog

  179. How come I can’t follow your blog???? Ps how do I get approved on the TOP DADDY / TOP MOMMY SITE?

  180. Your daughter is beautiful! So happy you have such a wonderful relationship with her!

  181. Dear Editor,
    I have a story idea for you. My boyfriend has not seen his son in 5 months because the child’s mother refuses. We do not have the money for a lawyer and are trying to raise funds through donation. It is wrong that women are constantly able to do this to good fathers. Please help us make this go viral. I have made a blog post about it here: http://www.mommalovesmoney.com/help-us-get-damien-back/. We are from Lehigh Acres, Florida and hope to get people involved in our area. Please help.
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