All Dressed Up and nowhere to go

No blog last night, Hammy and I were researching old Indiana family law cases and playing quarter bounce with vodka. Rosy is still resting after another onslaught of spit balls from the Russian dwarf ninja yesterday. Try as we might Hammy and I couldn’t find any loop holes in Indiana law that we could expose today. Probably because I’ve never been to law school and well he’s a hamster. We had a blast on social media though and let me tell you the last 48 hours has been a stressful as anything.

Today was court and to say I wasn’t nervous about it would be a lie, confident sure, but there is an unknown with walking into a courtroom with no idea how the future plays out. My lawyer and I talked this morning and had a legal defense plan that O.J. Simpson would have been proud of. We were going to win. She was going to walk in that courtroom like my own personal Gloria Allred and kick ass and take names later. I even donned a tie for today’s festivities and now have added to my unofficial events for wearing a tie: Weddings, funerals, wakes, and now court. Special events as needed but I’m not planning on attending a Broadway production or an Oscar awards ceremony anytime soon, but I did wear one when Sloane and I had our daddy-daughter dance. I even picked out the same one today for good luck.

I wish I had some final closure after court win, lose, or draw. I wish I could say my lawyer was counter pointing every blog that was every brought up. I wish I could say the judge gave the ex the “What for” and named me blogger of the year. Nope none of this happened as about 90 minutes before kickoff he cancelled it. Too much on his docket today, I guess the criminal society of Scott County, Indiana had one to many arrests the past couple of weeks and they needed to be tended to first. Silly old family law drama will just have to wait another day……or wait another month. July 27th is the new date for court. Another month of anxious moments and walking the blogging line, but there is a serious silver lining with the new court date. I can’t divulge all my secrets, but no court is a win for me. Let’s just say imaginary fist bumps and air “high fives” were going steady today.

After learning of the cancellation I spent thirty minutes contacting everyone that told me they would be there to support me today, and to say I am humbled by the support of my community would be the understatement of the year. All week I’ve had fellow bloggers reach out to me in support. Everyone in my “divorce support” network from last year contacted me, hell I think I missed a call from the pope! My Clarksville, Indiana brethren though made me damn near weepy. Either through Facebook, email, or texting me my little hometown army was behind me 100% and they let me know it. My old neighbor and Sloane’s unofficial third grandma even called to check on me today.

I can’t even begin to repay the gratitude I received today from every body, but the one family that I will FOREVER be grateful to is my daughter’s school family. These mom and dads are the best in the world! Prayers, kind words, and advice is something I will never forget. They all stepped up today for me and I think I was going to have most of the second grade at court today to support me. Really I was ready to burst into tears, makes this year long journey worth it. It gives me a big puffy heart to know I’ve been doing it right or at least trying to!
About it for tonight it has been a trying and emotional week, I thought the crescendo would be today but I guess I get to wait another month and that is fine with me. Learning that I’ve got a whole community behind me both near and afar is as humbling as anything though. Skipah is so thankful to all of you for your support. I’m going to need it again on July 27th!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Hubba hubba! Looking good, Skipah Man!

    Congrats! I hope you’re even happier on July 27!

    Xoxo, Cheers,


  3. Thanks again for all the support Mike! I’ll call it a win for me (didn’t have to drive 30 minutes=Saved gas money)

  4. Well, you know what they say: No moves is good news.

    I kept checking your page hoping to catch an update yesterday. Glad it’s a positive outcome. Hoping for a more permanent outcome in July.

  5. Thanks! Plenty of hamster stories to go around here LOL!

  6. Aw Hammy! I LOVE hamsters!!!! I’m glad to hear you’re okay with new court date - I’ll be thinking of you on July 27th. You’ve got this!

  7. I would much rather road trip to Florida!

  8. It’s all good, I’ll be on pins and needles I’m sure when the time comes but for now I’ll enjoy the fact the other side is fuming!

  9. Cancellation was as good as a win, I’m not the one trying to move away!

  10. I can’t thank you enough for all the words of encouragement!

  11. July 27th…..”ROAD TRIP!”

  12. I will be there in spirit on 7/27!!!!!

  13. Looking spiffy man! Glad the delay works out better for you, but sucks to wait longer. No matter what, we’ll all be here for support!

  14. Well, the smile is great, and the tie is great, and if you say the cancellation is great, I gotta believe you. July 27, Okay! 🙂

  15. Will be with you on July 27th, just as I was today, you got this…. This will come out for a happy ending for you and Sloane…..

    Now with regards to the Hammy and Rosey……. Go hamsters GO!!!!!!


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