An Update From The Skipahsphere

I had no idea these stickers even existed in Indiana!  Must be one of like four in the whole state!

Hey everybody remember me?  I’m alive and well taking a mini blogcation (awaiting confirmation from Webster’s on if this is a word), going to be crickets and product reviews on this site for a little while.  I will occasionally post, but nothing like my loyal followers are accustomed to.  I apologize in advance to all 13 of you, but factors out of my control have kneecapped me for the time being.  Although I still have the writing itch in me it’s going to have to be in some other format.  This leads me to my next blogging career choice…..Skipah the Guest Blogger!  That’s right for the rock bottom price of $0.00 USD you can have Skipah take over your blog for one evening.  Your traffic will immediately go up because trust me my mom will read it!  If my snarky sense of humor and viewpoints on Kentucky elections sound interesting to you feel free to contact me via Zuckerberg’s little creation (Facebook), hit me up on that Twitter thingy, or you can go old school and email me at [email protected].

So what has yours truly been up to?  Wining and dining Miss Madison all weekend that’s what!  She is quickly diversifying Mr. Skipah to a world he never thought in a million years he would willingly accept, namely the arts.  For all the silly Kentuckian jokes I’ve made on here (and trust me they are usually warranted), I’ve lived my whole life right across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY and never even tried to take the city in for all its hidden treasures.  Meeting Miss Madison is exactly what the Skipah needed!  My closed minded walls are quickly being torn down and rebuilt from the ground up, although a little extra plywood might be needed to reinforce my hard head!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I was Miss Madison’s eye candy (I’m so full of myself) at a middle school basketball game Thursday night.  I had a blast though, even though her school got run out of the gym (Indiana University send a coach to watch #41) she got to score points with the principal and I gorged myself on popcorn and pizza!

It took plenty of convincing but I had to inform the students I’m not Shawn Mendes!

What did our weekend consist of you may ask?  The Hunger Games that is what.  No I’ve never read one page of Suzanne Collins trilogy, but I’m all in on Friday’s release!  Miss Madison is stoked about it like I was for the James Bond movie release last weekend so I got a crash course this weekend.  The first two movies are great, the last one Mockingjay umm not so much, but it at least sets up the finale in grand fashion.  It’s sort of like The Running Man with better acting and a better script.  If you have never seen The Running Man it’s a complete dumpster fire of bad acting and straight out of the 80s cheesiness.  Which means I’ll watch it every single time it is on!  I’ll have to check the archives, but it quite possibly could be the only movie ever that would feature TWO future elected governors.  Sadly no Richard Dawson (he’s dead) in The Hunger Games, but Donald Sutherland can play an asshole with the best of them!

In between all of our Hunger Games excitement we found time to have a celebratory dinner at the local Japanese Steakhouse Friday night and I did my best to impress her with some Cajun chicken sandwiches and garlic-parmesan homemade fries Saturday night.

Store bought cajun seasoning is considered blasphemy in my kitchen!

Miss Madison approved!

Sunday I got a full taste of Louisville courtesy of Miss Madison.  In our quest to find some place new to walk we bypassed the walking bridge , and instead opted for the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge.  The bridge is older than dirt and not exactly pedestrian friendly, but it does have a sidewalk for walkers and bikers if you don’t mind traffic zipping past you at 40 mph.  Once we arrived in Louisville on foot Miss Madison took me to the 21C Museum and Hotel.  If you are ever in the Louisville, KY area and enjoy modern art you need to visit this place pronto!  The lobby is free to explore and you will be well rewarded!  After our four mile stroll we were both feeling malnourished and had a fine dining experience at the Bluegrass Brewing Company.

For you geography nuts, this is the widest point of the Ohio River!

I was planning my own Thomas Crown Affair to get this back to my place!

Not your “typical” hotel shuttle service!

Damn no wonder my legs hurt!

So much for all that exercise!

Lunch date!

In other news Mr. Skipah has been asked to join the The Southern Indiana Education and Awareness Committee.  What is this you may ask?  A local group is spearheading Colon Cancer research and awareness and reached out to me to help spread the word.  I don’t know if they thought I looked like a professional 5k walker when Miss Madison and I participated in their fundraiser earlier this year, but I was truly humbled to be asked to join.  First meeting is sometime next month and I’m proudly looking forward to it!

Can’t express into words how exciting this is!

That was the second most exciting thing to happen to me the last few days.  The biggest was being featured on a PR Newswire press release.  You can read all about here!  While not exactly the Associated Press, I’m still giddy about it.  Makes everything I’ve endured worth it to some degree in this little thing called “blogging.”  I’m currently screening publicists and vetting agents for my yet to be announced media tour this winter, I’ve been advised to let this Charlie Sheen thing blow over before we start booking appearances on the morning talk show circuit.  Just kidding, no future sit downs in the works with Matt Lauer, but still one of my proudest blogging moments for sure!

About it for now, Hammy is taking the Texans plus the points tonight and begging me to turn the Monday Night Football game.  I’m working a couple of other projects blog related that hopefully bear some fruit, and frantically shopping on Amazon for my very own Hunger Games outfit!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Hello S. Thank you for the “like”
    I invite you to Jin us. Do so by e-mailing someone on the list.
    If you need a start, you can e-mail me at
    [email protected] or better yet, Janice at
    🤓 c

  3. You better believe I’m pulling up a chair when I see Arnold’s god awful accent and Dick Dawson playing to the crowd. It is to cheesy not too watch every time it is on.

  4. I haven’t seen any of the Hunger Games but having seen the trailers I have a hard time believing it’s better written or acted than The Running Man! I too will watch that movie anytime it’s on.

  5. I kind of dug them, the third one was a little boring but set up the finale to be pretty good. At least I hope it is!

  6. Sooooo… What’d you think of hunger games? Are you now a fan or just Miss M’s supporter?

  7. It is, and the food really sucks at this place!

  8. Is a blogcation when they put you in a padded room because I’ve been there…

  9. I was surprisingly entertained by the movies, Miss Madison is becoming more popular than me! She’s hijacked my blog!

  10. Miss Madison is a star! I am going to watch the Hunger games too. I love the books. Not many truly intelligent writers around. Have a happy weekend, enjoy!

  11. Miss Madison rocks! That one-two punch of good news was pretty awesome! Don’t forget to send me a postcard from down under!

  12. It is truly a pleasure to see you enjoying life in the lovely arms of Miss Madison. Congratulations on your well deserved feature on PR Newswire. And the Southern Indiana Education and Awareness Committee is lucky to have you on their team! Cheers!

  13. With your tribe I would suggest a dollar menu somewhere! The PR thing completely blew me away!

  14. The Running Man has to be top five cheese ball hall of fame movie of all time. The 80s rocked! It wasn’t Craig’s best work as Bond, but I thought still better than your typical Roger Moore pu pu platter.

  15. Well now I have to go eat something thanks to all those pictures of food. Thanks.
    Nice work on that PR Newswire release feature!
    I’m all about the blogcations every so often. Good to keep you from getting burnt out.

  16. Viewing memories of “The Running Man” were things I was not properly prepared to face this day! You summed it up perfectly. I remember when it first came out…a lot of hope and hype. Cheesy with a capital “C.” “Spectre” I was definitely disappointed in. If Daniel Craig is indeed weary of the role I’m all for a reboot with a brand-new Bond. Texans and the points…uh, yep. Marvin Lewis finally “resurfaced” and took the Bengals down with him.

  17. Thank thank you! The PR release shocked the crap out of me! So far so good with Miss Madison :).

  18. Wow Gary! You are kicking some serious butt! lol that sandwich and fries looks amazing…drooling over here lol and you and Miss Madison are too cute for words! lol So happy you have found each other 🙂 Congrats as well on being featured! 😀 Way to go! I would be giddy too! Glad to hear Hammy is doing well and awesome job getting your exercise on! Sounds like you have your hands full in the best possible way!

  19. She has been beyond wonderful! We do get a ton done on the weekends that’s for sure!

  20. Pal you’ve been one of my most loyal readers so just do the math and you will figure out why I’ve gone into hiding :(. Hell we can figure out some kind of dual post. The benefits of JIF comes to mind! Everything with Miss Madison has been perfect to date!

  21. My goodness, you pack a lot into your weekends. I’m lost in admiration. The list of my achievements is much less impressive (a. struggled out of bed, b. eventually found the bathroom, etc.). All I can say is your way sounds much better. Miss Madison is clearly an excellent influence on you too. 🙂

  22. Never read the books either, but my wife and I are all about the movies and eager to have a date night for the new release!

    I’ve been missing your posts, but if you ever feel the need, maybe you could do a guest post on my blog. Seriously, let me know if you have a certain topic and I think it would be kinda cool.

    Keep on enjoying time with Miss Madison and Sloane, looks like so far so good there!

  23. It was a mandated blogcation LOL, but yes I’ve spent most of the free time with Miss Madison. Just wish I got to see my daughter some.

  24. I read Helter Skelter my junior year of high school and I don’t think I slept for two days!

  25. You both look like you had a wonderful time and blogcations are very much needed once in a while to enjoy the real life people around us:)

  26. Not a fan of the Hunger Games’ book series. Read them all, but hated the fact that kids are killed in the competitions. Used to be an avid fan of Stephen King, but don’t recommend reading “The Stand” while away alone at a Engineering week in Rolla, MO over you junior year in high school. Had caught a stomach bug that mimicked the illness described in the book! Actually was worried about dying before I returned home to sleepy IL!

  27. He is currently a freshman at Standoff University.

    The Bernie Sticker proudly used by a very strong person with conviction we gather.

  28. I will have to look him up!

  29. Have you heard about Jack Andraka?
    He is an amazing kid looking for ways to combat colon cancer.
    It’s an mazing world of science…let’s go exploring!

Tell Skipah all about it!