And the winner is……..DAD

As many of you may remember a couple of weeks ago I launched a personal war with the ex for the benefit of our daughter, The Girl Scout Cookie War came to a end as this was the last night for the pre-orders and let’s just say Dad won.  Not since Reagan vs. Mondale in 1984 has there been a bigger ass kicking.  As of 8:00 pm EDT the totals were Dad 247-Mom 140.  To say I’m mildly excited would be an understatement!  If I had a camera on her face when I kept calling her and giving her new updated totals of my cookie sales I would probably piss my pants.  I could hear the sigh in her voice as she kept having to update my cookie count, tough shit woman.  I made this personal for me for purely selfish reasons and to benefit Sloane.  My ultimate TAKE THAT moment with her, you wanted better father, more sociable father, happier father well guess what you got it!    For someone that has done all she could to hold me down (and still trying) today was liberating as anything I’ve been through since we split.  It is an awesome feeling, my family really came through and Sloane is going to have to thank the Clarksville High School Alumni Association in the future also.  I wanted to kick her ass and I did, and Sloane’s troop did awesome also from what I’ve gathered.  So winner winner chicken dinner all around!

I get the blonde bomber tomorrow for the weekend and I plan on having some fun with her.  She starts basketball Saturday (placement tryouts), but other than that our weekend is wide open.  It’s supposed to actually warm up and be nice the next two days so we may just go to the park and I’ll let her run wild.  Sunday though I think I’m going to put her in an Andrew Luck jersey, she and I (and hammy) are going to make a cheesecake and root the Colts on.  After talking to her tonight and informing her of her impending cookie dominance she sounded like she was bouncing off the walls.  I think she earns a pillow shaped liked a Samoa cookie now, but I don’t care if it is shaped like a turd!  She gets that pillow or whatever it is because of her dad, I’m a Girl Scout Dad and couldn’t be more proud of it.  Did a little research today; Sally Ride (first woman in space) Sandra Day O’Connor (first female Supreme Court Justice), Taylor Swift (super-duper star), Robin Roberts (GMA anchor and cancer survivor) were all Girl Scouts.  Many others also, but they all had to peddle cookies when they were Sloane’s age.

Lately I’ve been looking forward to the summer when I get Sloane 50/50 and all the fun we are going to have.  I’m hoping this summer I’m in a spot financially to be a little more flexible, she wants to take an airplane trip somewhere.  Personally I used to be scared to death to fly and anybody that knows me can tell you the pins and needles I used to be on when the ex-flew.  Now I’m looking forward to sitting on a plane with Sloane, we can fly to St. Louis see the Arch and get right back on a plane and fly home.  Sounds like an easy Saturday to me this summer.  We will fly somewhere quick and easy just so I can say I did it!  She is gung ho to fly, and if the frigging plane crashes I’m with the only person I would want to be with anyway.  I have faced death and I overcame it, a fear of flying is nothing if it puts a smile on Sloane’s face.

Going to wrap this up for the evening, my budding Girl Scout Cookie sales career is taking off some more as Mr. Wonderful’s ex #3 and ex #4 just bought some cookies from Sloane.  New totals are 251-140, I’ll give the ex-Mrs. Mathews Minnesota, but I won the other 49 states!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. The ex Mrs. Wonderfuls, icing on the cake! OMG I can’t tell you how much that makes me smile!!!

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