A Ride Along with Dan Dakich

Life is good!

Let’s hear it for Dionne across the pond in jolly old England.  London to be precise, Dionne recently became Twitter follower number 4,000 for yours truly.  For her efforts, I’m sending the corporate jet to Heathrow for a weekend at the French Riviera and tickets to the 2016 Summer Olympics Beach Volleyball tournament in Rio later this summer.  Dionne, have a drink on me and take plenty of pictures of the Brazilian women’s team for me.  Four thousand followers, sheesh; I am truly humbled.  Dionne, I’m just going to need you to put fuel up the corporate jet for me; I’ve got hosting fees coming up soon!

Mental note update that New Albany, IN locale, and Twitter police I’m slowly cleaning up the following/follower ratio.  #DumbBlogger

Remember that secret black ops ninja mission I was pulling off last week?  It worked!  By the end of this week the Madison Auto War is more than likely coming to a truce.  There hasn’t been a war this short that didn’t involve Israel in the history of mankind.  In an effort to boost the GDP of Sweden, Miss Madison fell fast and hard for a slightly used Volvo and charmed the salesman so much he threw in a bushel of lingonberries for her trouble.  Long time readers may know I used to own a Volvo, but fear not compadres, just like Miss Madison, this one is prettier and younger than the old one I used to drive.

Driving home from the office today and listening to the Dan Dakich radio show (yes North Carolina homers, that Dan Dakich) wax poetic about the OUTRIGHT Big Ten Champions…the Indiana Hoosiers. (Kick rocks Hawkeye nation.)  I took a little inventory in my head of all the great things going on right now in the Skipahsphere.  Not to go all Rust Cohle and throw quotes out that would make 99% of the world scratch their collective heads, let’s just say there is some serious positivity going on around me right now!

Life is one giant fruit bowl, and right now it’s pretty sweet!

Remember last year when Sloane and I participated in the Make-A-Wish Foundation 5k walk that was nothing more than a 20 yard trot?  Well, that little girl’s mother has been fighting the state of Indiana since 2012 to get her declared disabled.  Treatment and medication isn’t cheap, and evidently the state has denied her claims since the day she applied for it.  Sloane and I got to meet little Karsyn last year, and I see the antics of Karsyn daily on my Facebook feed. It always makes me smile to see her doing things that defy the odds.  Karsyn’s mom recently got her case reopened and won her argument that she is indeed disabled.  Look up MPSIII/Sanfilippo syndrome or even better click on that link and tell me how she was ever denied in the first place!

This little Facebook prayer was actually answered, and I for one couldn’t be happier!

Hopefully its my weekend with Sloane this year for the annual 5k walk.

Sloane, in the face of adversity and living situations she never wanted in the first place, is thriving at school and doing great things.  Always looking forward to our next encounters and even had a great idea that we get Miss Madison Jr. a new bike for Easter so she can “keep” up with her when we are riding bikes.  In Miss Madison Jr.’s defense she’s about year behind Sloane on bike riding ninja skills, but her even thinking of others that way warmed my heart.  The little girl is eight going on 25 mentally, and has had to go through more crap the past two years than a champion horse stall mucker!

Shortly after receiving her award she turned around and proclaimed her love for everything Hoosier!  I call it her “drop the mic” moment in life!

Riding a high from her victory in the Madison Car Wars, Miss Madison also received the good news this week she has been accepted for a teaching seminar this summer at the Truman Library in Missouri.  No offense Mr. & Mrs. Japanese reader it’s something like Article 521 in the Constitution that reads if you are President in this country, you get a library in your home state.  Kentuckian a quick history lesson, President Truman ordered the only atomic bomb deployment in world history.

As for me, wow is all I can say!  I’m in a place emotionally I thought was never attainable again.  Going through the online dating mind games to end up with Miss Madison was something I thought was a pipe dream a year ago.  Dating someone that puts up with all my positives and negatives (that she’s knows about, I haven’t told her about my secret addiction to fruit scented soap) is beyond awesome.  Watching her intelligence and savvy on a day to day basis is something I can’t put into words, the fact she puts up with me makes me question her intelligence!

Even better is my little project on the Internet known as my blog.  What started out as therapy many moons ago is now actually earning me enough coins for me to upgrade from canned tuna fish to the occasional tuna steak.  It’s not exactly enough for me to start buying up vacant houses and becoming America’s top slumlord, but I’ve already got my hosting fees covered for next year.  On top of that, I’m about to have an article published.  Something I never imagined would happen in my wildest dreams!  If you are reading this and think “Ho Hum” he’s getting published, I’ve had 233 articles of my own published, I say to you “Wow, now kiss my ass and let me have my 15 minutes of internet glory!”

About it for now, Hammy needs to update his hothamsters.com dating profile and I’m off to investigate this new source of blog traffic known around the web as Stumble Upon.  It’s the hottest thing since leaked photos of Dumbo’s lovechild in blogger world.  I’m part of an elite internet secret society and we are having a clandestine meeting in the underground bunker of the corporate office tonight.




Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Hahahaha! Good luck with that.

  2. Beach? Checking airfare now!

  3. Yes- North Orange County (like the start of Orange County- near Brea) - and we live at the beginning of South Orange County (near beaches)

  4. Isn’t Nixon’s in Yorba Linda, CA?

  5. We have the Nixon Library not too far from us. (In Orange County) and Ronald Regan.

  6. Thank you Stasie! I can’t put into words how it felt seeing my name on the internet!

  7. Hey Gary,

    CONGRATS on your published articles! Accolades definitely keep the spirit lifted and us motivated to keep doing what we do!
    Keep up the good work!

    Be blessed!


  8. I’ll be at Heathrow at 7:00 pm to personally deliver it!

  9. I really want fruit salad now …

  10. Dakich is the man, his radio show is solid gold, he’s a smart ass so maybe that why he and I get along so well :). She’s learning day by day what she’s gotten into LOL.

  11. Dakich gets on my nerves. On another note, that fruit salad looks delish! And I’m so glad you have found happiness with Miss Madison. You deserve it, although, I hope she knows what she’s gotten herself into with the likes of you! 😉

  12. Sounds like Kentucky! I’ll pass this valuable information along!

  13. With Stumble Upon, you just have to make sure you include all your aplicable topics. Things like divorce, kids, internet, blogging, web site, etc.
    Miss Madison needs to be VERY afraid journeying to the state of Missouri (or Misery) as I used to call it. Drivers there do NOT obey traffic laws lime the rest of the country. A red light means you only stop if you feel like it! Watch out for tractors on the interstates. They forget to close up their implement’s booms taking up way TOO much roadway. Takes maybe five minutes to get your equipment ready for highway travel. I know, used to move equipment in southern IL before I could legally drive!

  14. I only use Twitter for RT’s for the most part, I have a personal one I use to actually read stuff I find interesting. I wish I could dine on tuna steak oh that’s right I’ll be at the Chesapeake Bay in two weeks. I’ll send you the pictures! Have a great weekend Joey!

  15. Isn’t that the damn truth! I literally have seen about 2000 different theories on how to make it work and it seems to for a day and that is about it.

  16. Sounds pretty good…and the fruit looks delicious. I stumbled…in honor of your new time suck. I mean traffic booster.

  17. Wow, tuna steak? You’re my idol 😉

    I like Volvos, too. Miss Madison is such a practical lady 🙂

    Keep the fruit in the salad and don’t bathe in it, Gary! 😛

    Your Twitter ratio looks good in terms of follows and followers. Your Likes are low, about half of your RT, which turns a lot of people off. And your TL is mostly links, which is even worse. Still, almost 5k in followers — no one can deny you’re likable! 😀 This is no doubt why you’re able to dine on tuna steak!

  18. Hang in there Tikeetha, I was literally a week away from throwing in the towel before I met Miss Madison.

  19. Congrats to Miss Madison and your on-line dating luck gives us all hope. I like that.

  20. It really does sound like it. Smart, attractive and kind is definitely a winning combination.

  21. I have no idea what you are talking about with Miss Madison and the new car :), I used to own a 2003 Volvo and this one is newer.
    Life is good right now that is for sure!

  22. Thanks Lori! I’m in a good place right now other than not seeing my daughter nearly as much as I would like!

  23. Thanks Anne, no idea why there is no like button. Once I find the time I need to clean this site up, I’m getting too many people informing me of little problematic issues like this.

  24. LOL, who would read it my mom and you? No book deals in the works as of now………….maybe.

  25. Now if I could hit the damn Powerball jackpot! All kidding aside I’m a lucky man these days :).

  26. So much good news in one post!

    First, this cracked me up! “…just like Miss Madison, this one is prettier and younger than the old one I used to drive.” ROFL!

    Second, congrats to her on her new car!

    Third, Sloane rocks! Of course she’s a superstar in her new school!

    4th - Congrats on al the awesomeness that has come with blogging and writing. You deserve it.

    Finally, I’m thrilled that your friend won her battle for her daughter! ❤️

    Have a great weekend!!

  27. It does sound like you hit the jackpot with Miss Madison. (I’m not holding that Truman Library thing against her.) 🙂

  28. Congrats to Miss Madison! And for you, is the next step writing a book?

  29. “Like” Sometimes I see a like button on this site, and sometimes I don’t. You can guess which it is today.

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