Balloon Bonanza

The Derby Festival knows who reigns supreme in these parts!

Yes, yes, yes!  I’ve finally gone and done it! What Mr. Skipah?  Figure out how to eradicate mosquitoes? Finally perfect your Powerball picking device?  Nope, I got Taye Diggs following me on Twitter now.  It’s going to be nothing but pimping his children’s book Mixed Me and learning how Stella really did get her groove back on.  Shut up Hammy, I don’t care what you may have read about Mr. Diggs and his Twitter reindeer games, I’m a celebrity now!  Kobe beef and only the freshest sushi for me from here on out!

Taye Diggs and I go way back, hell we even have the same agent!

O.K. my fifteen minutes of fame has come and passed, if it ever even existed.  Going to have a discussion later with the Roman gods about getting this 30 days in April thing changed.  Why because I don’t want it to end!  Something has been happening around here of late in the Skipahsphere, and frankly it is quite flattering.  My little tiny sector of the internet evidently has been creeping in the cyber real estate market and made some shrewd business dealing, because my little tiny sector isn’t so tiny anymore.  I’ve moved up from a lot with a camper on it to a full blown single-wide trailer with matching pink flamingos in the back yard.  More eyes came to see a peek of me in my Buffalo Briefs this month than any time in my blogging career.  I wish I could give you a good reason why; I’m going to just shrug and say thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart!  Newbie blogger, just keep doing what you are doing, and one day you will look at your Google Analytics statistics and go “What in the hell just happened!”

A big Skipah shout out to the Louisville, KY reader that added 416 page hits to the total this month!

Miss Madison and I sans kids (not by choice) decided we would spend our Friday evening with the approximately five other billion people and attend the yearly balloon glow as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival celebration leading up to this sort of big horse race next Saturday.  It was Miss Madison’s first time around the helium behemoths, so who better to give her a tour of the place than her own little aviation expert—me!  I did skydive twice, so I’m qualified!  With weather that would have Canadians flipping us the bird and shouting us down “eh” style, here is recap of the balloon glow Skipah style!

Before heading off to the ‘Tucky woods we first had a quaint little dinner at a local Mexican joint, when I informed Miss Madison we would be in Kentucky for an extended period of time the waiter brought her one of these (see below) before we even had looked at our menus!  He called it Kentucky bug repellant, but my extra spidey sense told me it was lime flavored kool-aid.

Bottoms up!

Balloon glow neat as always, everything else typical Kentucky cluster (insert noun)!  The event last exactly one hour and with parking and your Pegasus Pin you are out $15.00 bucks.  No big deal, it becomes a big deal when they don’t let anybody into the place until probably 9:15 and have a combined eight (best we could tell) portable potties on the grounds.  Needless to say, I was about another ten seconds from providing my own special blend of liquid fertilizer on an unsuspecting tree.  So after 30 minutes of literally waiting to get into both the event and a bathroom that left us with another 30 to take it an as much as possible!

Anybody there with young kids was in deep doo-doo….LITERALLY!

This yet another endorsement for the SG7 photo ninja skills!

I declined any interviews with local media.

Miss Madison and I had to cue up Nelly a couple of times!

Already looking forward to next year!

About it for tonight, me and my new buddy Taye are hitting the Vegas strip tonight and then catching a show.  Miss Madison’s still working out the kinks for her new column that will be debuting soon, I may or may not be working on a super secret project with another blogger (it’s tempt$ng), and it’s time to work on getting another 20,000 hits for May!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Got to keep my maple syrup guzzling buddies in the loop :).

  2. Thanks for the mention!!! <3

  3. LOL, I’m still Gary Mathews southern Indiana dipshit. By the way would you like me to fly out to California Tuesday on my corporate jet for lunch? Let me know as soon as possible because the the Canadian PM is trying to schedule a meet and greet with me.

  4. You are just becoming so popular! WE went to a balloon festival a few years ago near Sacramento and for some reason they couldn’t launch the balloons. A bust!

  5. Would you be referring to this? (See what I did there, LOL) Great time there Miss Madison was in awe of it. That’s two years in a row I’ve got to impress a lady :). In another sad state of affairs I just realized I won’t get Sloane for Derby this year either because mom day is that weekend. #sucks

  6. I remember reading about the fun you had last year. Sounds like you had another great time, if only Sloane could’ve been with her fun dad instead of “that other place” probably doing nothing. Glad it was fun, besides the potty line, that’s NEVER fun!

  7. READ THE WHOLE POST before you go on about whining LOL.

  8. Balloon show was actually in Louisville, KY it part of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

  9. I was about to whine about being left out of a super secret project. Guess I shouldn’t complain. And your level of secrecy is legendary. Also- nice balloons and glad that tree stayed thirsty.

  10. Can’t you find out who your Kentucky stalker is? I didn’t know they had balloon shows in Indiana! Very cool!

  11. Apparently Taye likes to spread the Twitter to love to everybody, and balloon glows are mucho cool! Now if I can find somebody crazy enough to take me up in one!

  12. I’ve got Avril Lavigne following me on Google Plus :). You and I are practically royalty!

  13. Taye Diggs follows me too. I also have Dana Carvey.

  14. Cool. I’ve always had a fascination with balloon festivals. Blogged about my own Hot Air Affair. Looked like you had a fun time. Oh, and Taye Diggs…quite impressive.

  15. Too much time on my hands to promote it sadly, give me Sloane a little more and she would be more than enough to keep me off my little internet project!

  16. Not bragging, just flattered. Miss Madison and I are on the next flight south to have our own personal date night in the Keys. You want to be our tour guide?

  17. Balloon drop sounds cool! Fun date night! 🙂

    You better stop bragging about your thousands of hits or us oldies are gonna start feeling unimportant as we blend in with the masses! LOL! 😉 Seriously, awesome job with your exposure!

  18. The Balloon Glow event sounds like a ton of fun. I’m glad you and Miss Madison had such a great time. I guess Kentucky has something going for it after all.

    It’s great that your stats are ballooning too, Gary. (Pauses to admire the pun from all angles.) Sadly, the pastime of the moment in my blog seems to be deep sea diving (in the Marianas Trench), but never mind. At least, the angler fish are interesting.

  19. You ever get a chance to go to it come on down :). Your camera will be more hopped up than a teenage boy with his first Playboy!

  20. Mmm, margarita! I almost ordered one tonight, but I knew my spicy shrimp tacos wouldn’t allow me to have just one, and I didn’t wanna be sloshed 😉
    Looks like another fantastic night! 🙂

  21. I’ll see what I can do!

  22. Not that I know off, I’ll see what’s up when I get back home

  23. It looks like it macro’d in my latest blog post into my comment….I never saw that before. Do you have your comments set up this way ?

  24. I want that margarita!

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