Bend Over!

Skipah’s Realm is now an official “Disney Free” zone!

Flags have been ordered to fly at half-staff at the offices of Skipah’s Realm.  Nobody important died (that I know of), but the overall good natured atmosphere in the land of Skipah just isn’t present right now.  A system I had no choice but to accept literally shoved it in me so far today my eyes are bleeding.  I didn’t even get the common courtesy of a reach around!

People that should care don’t give a horse’s ass about me and my situation!

While not exactly dead yet #SloaneStaysHome took a major turn for the worse today.  Incompetency and the fact I don’t make 20 gazillions dollars a year are the only reason why!  I was forced to hire someone and quite frankly they didn’t do their job.  I have no recourse other than becoming Case File #1,353,531 in Indianapolis, no I’m just another in a long line of sad sack of shit single fathers with horror stories and scars to prove it.  Words were twisted and outright lies were told.  Thanks to coaching that Vince Lombardi would tip his hat to, and Mr. Skipah being himself like he was advised to, I got a very unflattering review from the chess master today.

The opinions of somebody who is diagnosed as bi-polar (papers and everything) and has seen Sloane exactly twice in the past year, a friend/colleague of the Evil Empire (who by the way has only parented a dog), and a man hating bitter woman from Sloane’s school derailed me.  If you are scoring at home that is three people and only one of them is even a parent!  None of these people interact with Sloane so of course they know how she thinks!  None of them have a freaking thing to do with Sloane other than being related or knowing of people she is akin to.  If I knew it was supposed to be a popularity contest I would have asked the chess master to interview every freaking parent at Sloane’s school, trust me I’m more popular!  It’s not because of my charming personality either, it’s because for the past year and change I was the one there!

Who has opened more doors for Sloane culturally and interacted with her?

Event at school on my nights, hey look there’s Sloane with her dad!  Sloane hasn’t seen me for a week and I go eat lunch with her, who instantly becomes the most popular guy in the room?  By the way chess master, the storm troopers of the Evil Empire abandoned duties at school long before Gary Mathews became known as Mr. Skipah on the interwebs!  They never returned to school because by that time actions not my words proved I was the one telling the truth.  I was actually quite disappointed that line of bullshit was even bought, but if nothing this past year has taught me.  This is a rigged system from the word go!

At least I have Miss Madison’s full support!  

Amazingly once I found an ounce of happiness with Miss Madison the Evil Empire came at me with a new plan of attack.  Harassment?  Not over me?  Bored?  Bitter?  Sick of watching Bonaza reruns?  Going forward what’s next, who knows, there is the slim possibility that the judges of my hot dog eating contest Friday figure everything out and give me a first place ribbon.  I’m needing my Catholic brethren to say a few Hail Mary’s for me on that front, so I honestly don’t know.  I could kick and scream to empty air accept it and move on, but I owe it to myself and more importantly Sloane to continue the fight.  It may take months (her stepdad is on his fifth wife) or years but justice will get served!  My daughter is potentially getting ready to get uprooted and the sole male figure in her life (when she isn’t with me) is someone who hasn’t talked to his biological son since January.  Really chess master, this doesn’t come into consideration?  Hey chess master got another question for you, I’m assuming you’ve heard of the Girl Scouts of America how come nobody associated with them got to chime in?

Top this Evil Empire, try interacting with the kid!

In June of 2014 I got fed the biggest line of bullshit the world has ever heard.  “Be a better dad”, go back and read anything you want from last year.  I’m sure it’s full of grammatical errors, no pictures, and damn could I insert a paragraph once in a while!  I started blogging for myself, I was a man that just got his whole word spun upside down and writing became my mechanism for coping.  After doing it for a while I thought what the hell lets go public with this little monster of mine.  Unless you are a public figure, me, or my daughter you have no earthly idea who I talk about on here from time to time unless I know you personally.  Doesn’t matter, thanks to slick lawyering my First Amendment Rights to freedom of speech are shackled on here anymore.  No crime has ever been committed on Skipah’s Realm, but family court doesn’t fall under the same guidelines as defense court.  A lesson I’ve definitely learned the hard and expensive way!  I don’t hold anyone at gunpoint to read this site, but once again I digress.  What are you talking about Mr. Skipah, ummmm I’m not at liberty to say on hear, but unless you are blind or from Kentucky go back in the archives and read away I’m sure you can figure it out.

So yeah today sucked, tomorrow is a new day though and I’m done getting shafted!  I’ve regrouped, talked with my advisory panel and coming up with a new plan tomorrow.  I quit taking bitterness pills earlier this year, tomorrow and Wednesday the Evil Empire is going to learn that the hard way!  By the way if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, the Evil Empire is the bad guys in the movies.  Just wanted to offer that for clarification purposes.

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  6. That about sums it up :), good luck on the computer rebuild!

  7. Exactly how many of your readers couldn’t figure out the evil empire were the bad guys? They must all come from either southern IL, or Kentucky!

    Taking a couple of days off to rebuild my computers with a decent non-Microsoft operating system! Getting a free ware Unix flavor of Ubuntu. Keep fighting for your daughter!

  8. Thanks Tikeetha! I was floored when the news came and after this weekend I’m downright livid, stay tuned.

  9. Good luck! I’m sure it will be better by and by. That’s what the old folks in my hometown say. You’re a great father and daughters need that. Keep being that.

  10. After learning what I learned this weekend she was consulted and now feels like she was lied to and it is her fault she has to live in Kentucky. I’ll be writing more about this week.

  11. You’d think in a case like this every effort would be made to try to take the true feelings of the child into consideration and that this should carry a massive amount of weight when it came to making a final decision. From what you say, it sounds as though she’s barely been consulted at all.

  12. Court is all about the almighty dollar!

  13. That was one crappy day that is for sure!

  14. So sorry to hear this!! Keep fighting, Sloane knows you love her above everything else and she will treasure that in her heart regardless of where she is, BUT praying she can stay where she belongs and deserves to be!! Courts have so forgotten what makes a GOOD parent!!

  15. I am so sad to read these comments. I hope for the best for you and the parents and, of course, the children. Lori

  16. The system is so “mommy” rigged it’s damn near criminal!

  17. Ah. So sad to read about all the heart ache.

  18. Thank you for your visit and like. God’s blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  19. I don’t understand it either, until I had my son I didn’t realise that I had a choice about whether or not to put my partner’s name on the birth certificate and if I didn’t, then he had no rights at all apart from to pay support, which is just madness (I am in the UK)

  20. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, if mommy wants to be obstinate dads are completely running uphill and going broke in the process in the quest to get custody of their child. Why it isn’t automatically 50/50 unless other factors say otherwise is a complete mystery to me!

  21. I wish I had some words, but i dont fathers are only important as long as they pay, in the law. Laws in so many countries need to change

  22. I’m happy as I’ve been in a long time, just can’t seem to shake this pest, who is hell bent on destroying me and cares nothing about her daughters wishes!

  23. I am so sad and angry for you both. Just, UGH! It has to be rigged. It just has to be! I cannot fathom.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing. You deserve to be happy, as does Sloane.

  24. This blog is the root of all the problems, it’s all they can hang on me. Family court is literally above the law, I get told I can write yellow belly gold fish and get ordered not to then I’m subject to contempt. It’s this freaking stupid. Sloane will tell anyone who will listens she wants to stay here, but the court ordered person in charge of mediating that completely did a hit job on me in her report, I didn’t get due process, not all of my people were interviewed, and a report had already been airmailed she just had to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. If you are familiar with the legal system at all tell me how three interviews, a full blown custody report (determining were sloane lives) get written up, AND filed with the clerks office all in the same day!

  25. I don’t know, about the past… but has anyone (in the courts and parents) asked what Sloan wants? Does she like her stepdad? I think there’s something to be said that he’s on his 5th wife and not speaking to his biological son for almost a year. Needs to be more closely inspected what type of environment Sloan is in when she’s not with you.

    What ammunition are you providing them that they are able to shine the light on you as a bad father?

    Surely, it seems like this blog not only helps you to cope, write your feelings down, but also records all the fantastic things, quality time, you are spending with her. Shoot, I wish my biological father had spent any kind of time like that with me. My amazing step-dad made up for things…but still. When I did see my dad (once every few months) we watched t.v. and didn’t talk. Eventually, our visits were fewer and fewer.

    By the time all this mess is figured out, Sloan will be a teenager and not interested in either of her parents and spending all her free time with friends.

    LOVE that you go have lunch with her. 🙂

  26. The local Girl Scout leader was supposed to be interviewed! Due process was not served in this whole process. I swear I’m getting penalized because I have a website!

  27. tied reading the post directly before this one, got the dreaded PAGE NOT FOUND error. You really do not deserve anymore problems in your life! Seriously, have you tried contacting the local Girl Scout council? As a former Girl Scout, they frown on girls losing their parental figures in their lives.

    Keep in touch with your daughter however you can! She will remember what has happened.

  28. I appreciate the kind words!

  29. Keep to the moral high ground. When even “strangers” care you know that you’re doing something right. The thought police of the Evil Empire can’t prevail forever.

  30. I am about to get a railroad job of epic proportions. Plain and simple I was pretty much legally robbed!

  31. Ahhh man, not cool. Do sorry to hear this. Obviously you know what’s best for Sloane, sadly, others are blind to the fact. Keep your head held high, you never know how things can turn out.

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