Bonus Day!

I hope the new citizens of Fairfax, Vermont are enjoying relocation to their all-inclusive (we are idiots) community, I’m 900 miles south of you and its frigging COLD.  Negative ten degrees this morning, sneer at me all you want Mr. Canadian, it’s not supposed to be this frigid in my part of the world.  No school again today, and since yesterday was my janitorial night…err custodial night with Sloane I went ahead and took today off from work so I could spend the day with her.  It was an evening of Winter X Games indoor style (Nerf basketball and speed walk racing throughout the house), and today was more of the same.  We did start working on her computer expert patch for Brownies today; my little princess is on her way to becoming an internet ninja herself.  One of the tasks she had to complete was searching for an animal she knew nothing about and writing down five facts about it using a search engine.  The guide sheet listed Google and Bing as examples, the next words out of her mouth “Daddy I’m using Google right?  You said Google is evil but Bing is terrible and you can find anything on Google!”  That’s my girl!  She went with a zebra for an animal, and after searching for it via Google I distracted her for a sec to make sure some crazy animal sex site didn’t show up on page one (it didn’t).  I’ve never seen a zebra sex website myself, but I’m sure one or 600 exist!  She found her facts about zebra’s and then moved onto facts and information about a foreign country.  I was secretly hoping she would pick Brazil so maybe images of their legendary beach volleyball teams would show up, but had no such luck.  She went with the frigging French.  Why because of French fries!  I have no qualms with France as a country, but I seem to remember a few years ago a boatload of labor unrest there because they wanted more mandatory vacation time at work!  Guess what they get five weeks a year, IT IS THE LAW there.  I cap out this year with my employer at four weeks and I’ve been their fifteen years.  I’m perfectly happy with that, hell I struggle to use all my vacation time now as it is.  After learning what she needed to about France it was about time to take her back to her mother’s, so we ended the lesson there.  She’s about half done with the assignment, and I transferred her notes to her mother during the exchange this evening.

What else did the blonde bomber and I do the past two days?  Girl Scout Cookie sorting that’s what!  Saturday I picked up Sloane’s entire order from the head scout, even her mother’s order because it’s just easier and the grand puba mother scout needed the cookies cleared out of her garage ASAP before the crap weather hit Monday.  If you wonder why Sloane’s mother didn’t pick them up you must be a new reader!  Quick tangent, how great is Sloane’s Brownie troop leader?  Awesome enough that she sent out an email today to give Brownie parents the heads up that we could start working on the computer expert patch since all the kiddos have been off school all week and searching for activities to keep the kids occupied. Back to my mini Amazon Girl Scout sorting facility, with over 400 cookies split between two parents, I had been waiting until Wednesday when Sloane was here to sort our orders.  That was my mistake; Sloane was so wired I thought about running my electricity off of her.  She was bouncing off walls wanting to do everything from looking who ordered what, assembling it, and sticking a name tag on the order.  She did really well, except for one order that I completely whiffed on when double checking.  Luckily after giving her mother her cookies today she caught it, and I was able to double-check my order without a seven-year old singing “Happy 40th birthday Samoa” and we got it rectified.

About it for tonight, I’m running my own experiments on how long it takes to make ice cubes outside, and resisting the urge to eat every Tagalong Girl Scout cookie that hasn’t been delivered yet!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. It’s the internet you never know what to expect

  3. Sounds like a pretty decent snow day. Good quality time with your daughter. Zebra porn…lol

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