Candlesticks Make a Nice Gift

No it’s not Village People tryouts today, I actually do have to wear the apporiate safety gear at work every so often!

Happy Monday to everyone!  It’s the best day of the week “Said no one ever”, since most of you that read this will probably get it tomorrow make sure you have a taco for lunch and you can tweet about it for #TacoTuesday.  For those of you that care I got engaged yesterday, just kidding making sure everyone is paying attention!  Everything with Miss Madison and me is going great but since I’ve had to endure enough ball busting lately that has had me talking at a soprano style level I thought I would throw a little red meat out there for them.

Time for a good old fashioned Skipah rant!  It’s well documented my fondness for taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood.  I usually go somewhere between two to three miles and if I’m with Miss Madison we’ve been known to go as many as six miles .  The neighborhood I walk in is full of guys, girls, big people, little people, kids, zombies, Martians, and I’m pretty sure I saw a pink spotted deer on a leash today along with all the other people walking their pets.  The point being there are rules to the “road” in the walking/jogging game.  Namely if you are a walker and see a jogger/runner/fast walker coming at you either take a different route or step off into the street so you don’t break either person’s stride.  I don’t mean to go all Matthew Wilder , but I  do walk at a brisk pace myself.  If you are trying to walk off the years off snorting ice cream and mainlining pizza I personally applaud you for the effort but get out of the damn way or take a different route!  I witnessed a walking whale today (good for her on the exercise but for Pete’s sake) walking at a pace a snail would deem unacceptable and even the family of four pushing a stroller had to go around.  To be clear, I’m not against people trying to rid themselves of obesity, but have a little respect for everybody else that has already taken the pledge to shed the pounds!  Go to the other side of the street or take the pavement option when people are closing in on you at warp speed!  This woman was causing a walking/running traffic jam and had to know it, get out of the damn way!  Just take two steps to the left or the right and let the faster person through!

That is a classic 80’s stash!

Get out of my way!

Other problems I have going on right now is what in the hell am I going to do about Halloween?  Not since Jimmy and Millie’s wedding have decisions been this tough!  I’m dating a history nut and she’s trying to talk me into King Henry VII and the Elizabeth of York for the costume party we should be attending at the end of October.  Personally I’m thinking more along the lines of Barbie and Ken, but then again I don’t think I could pull of Ken.  Miss Madison would have no problem pulling off Barbie, but I’m pretty sure she would take offense to being compared to a stereotypical blonde.  Either way this year at the fundraising event at the Calumet Club I will be plus one instead of going solo.  I call this a win, now I’m opening it up to my loyal readers what would you like to see the Skipah and Miss Madison go as?  Has to be somewhat history themed so my Kentucky delegation you might want to sit this one out, if we go as Colonel and Claudia Sanders though I will let you know!

My life is now complete, the ghost of Rick Blaine is reading this blog.

In a shameless plug of self-promotion, I’ve recently fallen to the fourth place on Top Daddy Blogs. I used to be number one but this ballot fixing charlatan in Florida started offering back rubs and free coffee for anyone that voted for him, I only kid because I care.  I’m not ready to stoop to that level but any votes I can get I would forever be in you debt.  Granted I haven’t mentioned my daughter once tonight, but I’m a dad and I blog so I’m eligible….right?  Plus my other blogger buddy needs some votes also.  While you are at it congratulate Sunshine Dad on his future addition to his family, and give Going-Dad some blogging love as well!  As a bonus Going-Dad should be agreeing with me on the “rules of the road” when it comes to walking/running.  The icon to vote for me is in the upper left corner if you are on a desktop/laptop and if you are on a mobile device scroll down a little farther.  Trust me Sloane will sing and dance at your next wedding, and I get to talk shit to the other dads if I get back to first place.  It’s a healthy competition though, we all look out for each other.

Miss Madison thought I needed a fall decoration on my door, I was hoping for Batman, instead she chose this!  

About it for tonight Hammy is gearing up for some Monday Night Football action and I just want to sit back and see if the Indianapolis Colts can look a little better than they did last week!  Anxiously awaiting couple’s costume ideas so don’t let me down Skipah nation!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Thankfully I don’t have to wear one too often!

  3. You look great in a hard hat!

  4. It was my pleasure Janice, sorry for using my alter ego.

  5. Hi Gary,
    I did not recognize the name Skipha! Thanks for visiting my site this week and commenting on my guest author’s post about patience.

  6. I don’t have the equipment to pull of Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane, but I like the idea!

  7. How about Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane? You could then join them with one of your other Village People outfits.

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  9. I was kind of blown away also, not what I imagined. #bringbackthe80s

  10. Enjoy the kid free evening :), everything going great no engagement any time soon lol

  11. Wow, I didn’t know what Matthew Wilder looked like until now. Thank you for making my Tuesday? 😀

  12. Lol @ ghost of Rick!
    I do not like Halloween. The Mister does not like Halloween. Halloween bah. But the girls still like it. Moo’s gonna be a huntress at Mamaw & Papaw’s church and Sassy’s going over to Zoe’s, so we should have a lovely Non-Halloween-y night!
    My mouth fell open at engaged, but I’m still glad things are goin well for y’all 😉

  13. I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear what you come up with!

  14. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’m going to come up with a great costume you’ll both dig since I’m a history minor and all! 😉 I’ll get back to you ina few days on this…

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  15. Tom Cruise and Scientology for the win!

  16. Sure film characters count! I’m not nearly cool enough to pull of Clark Gable though.

  17. I’m currently in negotiations with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to get my own line of Skipah Java Juice so stayed tuned!

  18. I’ll run your idea up the flagpole with Miss Madison.

  19. Easy there Mrs. Maple Tree, that was a Bull Durham reference. I know nothing of One Tree Hill :).

  20. How about Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Sonny and Cher, Jackie and JFK, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise and Scientology? A cell phone and battery charger? :)

  21. You guys in the US like your costume parties for Halloween ( not so much here in the UK, and we are definitely and most certainly not going to get trick or treaters here on the marina. Historical figures, do film characters count? I’m thinking Scarlett and Brett from Gone with the Wind.

  22. Holy crap, you got me on the “engaged” comment! Nice one!
    You guessed right about the whale walkers, can’t stand when slow ones just don’t move over! Thanks for the mention, I’ll vote for you when you offer free coffee too. :)

  23. Sadly, I think they look worse. On another note, I’m not sure what’s worse: You referencing One Tree Hill in your post, or me knowing the reference. Lol.

  24. William Clark and Sacajawea (stay blonde). Tell everyone that Sacajawea wasn’t Shoshone. She was descended from the lost Viking explorers (like the Mandan). Call it history with a twist.

Tell Skipah all about it!