Mealyworms are not a Recommended Choice of Protein

Things are pretty much a blur right now! Two days of rain and four inches later it’s finally starting to dry out around here.  I know Texan, Hurricane Patricia was much kinder to us Midwesterners, but two days of that crap had everybody in a bad mood!  Even the water fowl…

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May the Force Be With You


Greenacres is the place to be! Long day at the office and what do I come home to?  Hammy evidently hacked the IPad again and found the new Star Wars trailer.  He’s begging me to let him see the movie this December.  I may need to check my Amazon account…

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The Door County Experience: A Word From Miss Madison

Mr. Skipah is taking the night off and handing the keys to the car to awesome photo/travel blogger One Teacher’s Journey West for the evening.  Pssst……………..longtime readers may also know her as Miss Madison. Miss Madison here with my perspective of our recent vacation in Door County. I’d like to fill everyone in…

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