When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons…..make batteries!   Like a bad penny, guess who keeps showing up in your inbox!  It’s Mr. Skipah, I had to take a couple of nights off to get over that NCAA final game Monday night.  Clean and sober Hammy almost fell off the wagon watching North…

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May the Force Be With You


Greenacres is the place to be! Long day at the office and what do I come home to?  Hammy evidently hacked the IPad again and found the new Star Wars trailer.  He’s begging me to let him see the movie this December.  I may need to check my Amazon account…

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Geology is the study of pressure and time

Litterbugs are the worst!  Saw this today while I was walking. Happy Saturday to all those inhabitants on the little island of the internet known as Skipah’s Realm.  Today is July 11th and two of Skipah’s biggest idol’s celebrated birthdays today.  Robin Williams and Ernest Hemingway were born on this…

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