I Finally Had a Date With Katy Perry!

No my “teeth” didn’t slice Miss Madison up! Welcome back to my little sector of the internet.  It has been a roller coaster three days of nonstop action on Skipah’s little island.  Sit back, grab you a glass of your favorite wine (if reading in the evening, if during the…

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Mealyworms are not a Recommended Choice of Protein

Things are pretty much a blur right now! Two days of rain and four inches later it’s finally starting to dry out around here.  I know Texan, Hurricane Patricia was much kinder to us Midwesterners, but two days of that crap had everybody in a bad mood!  Even the water fowl…

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May the Force Be With You


Greenacres is the place to be! Long day at the office and what do I come home to?  Hammy evidently hacked the IPad again and found the new Star Wars trailer.  He’s begging me to let him see the movie this December.  I may need to check my Amazon account…

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