Cooking vs. Laundry: Tales from Madison, Indiana!

Greetings earthlings the Skipah’s traveling road show is live from Madison, Indiana home to the 2002 MLB first overall draft pick Bryan Bullington.  When I left out Friday I left Hammy with the secret code to Skipah’s armory should anybody try and break into the hacienda.  It consists of a book of spells that so far have proved unsuccessful, blueprints to my yet released lottery prediction machine (we are up to prototype 10.2) and my treasured collection of Pink Floyd compact discs.  He is to immediately stash any and all of these items within his KGB network for pick up at a later date.  Needless to say when I get home tomorrow there is a good chance Rosy is sleeping and Hammy has been slinging vodka bottles all over my living room.

So what has yours truly been up to?  In three days I’ve learned all the employees’ names at the local Kroger and avoid Walmart like the plague.  Not much different from home.  Miss Madison made a deal with me before I got here that she would do my laundry if I would cook.  I said yes before she finished the sentence.  You mean I get to cook in exchange for avoiding the arduous task of losing more socks and keeping my sanity!  She thinks she got the better of this deal, personally I think she might have underestimated my absolute hatred for laundry!  Winner for both of us because apparently she thinks she’s landed Emeril Lagesse and I think I’ve found June Cleaver on household tasks.  Needless to say I’m still smiling!

As for the weekend, Friday was dinner with some friends of hers.  Friends were beyond cool, dinner…. uh meh.  Honey Jugs in BFE Indiana will never get the much sought after Skipah’s stamp of approval in any Indiana dining guide.  Food sucked, atmosphere was “interesting”, and service was worse than the last place contestant in a snail marathon.  Saturday I had to start living up to my half of the deal and made breakfast (FYI you gutter minded buttheads I’m on couch duty here) then it was off to the limestone capital of the world Bedford, Indiana for a birthday party and to meet the best friend.  Being the only dude at one of these parties and knowing all of exactly one person really kind of sucks but they kept me as interested as they could before Miss Madison took it easy on me and said “let’s go”, two hour trip back to Madison, Indiana through some rural Indiana cities (I’m talking cities that don’t even have stoplights) and it was time for some homemade teriyaki chicken with fried rice.  Plus I was invited to the family fantasy football draft and had to perfect my multitasking skills between picking players and cooking!

I got told I can come back anytime to make this.  I guess I know what I’m doing!

Full day Saturday and full day Sunday, started out with church and then a trip back to my native lands to do some discount shopping and visit the Columbus Foundation exhibit that is in port in Louisville for the week.  Psst….I’m dating a history major teacher she kind of gets into this stuff plus I’m pretty fascinated with it myself.  We braved the 95 degree heat and hell on earth humidity to walk the Nina and Pinta replica.  Yes middle school dropout I’m aware of the Santa Maria also but it sank on the return trip back to Europe.  In the spirit of learning something new every day these ships look tiny compared to what is out there now a days, fact is the replicas are actually BIGGER than the originals!  Columbus must have been psychotic to prove the earth really wasn’t flat to take those little schooners across the globe.  Or just another male with a ego and a desire to be right, in an unrelated note today I got to tell Miss Madison “Told you so” for the first time!  Cost her a tube of chap stick in the unofficial wager we had.

Last but not least though, My man R.C. has reach in Madison, IN!

About it for tonight, the Skipah’s traveling road show will conclude tomorrow and we should be live from vacation destination New Albany, Indiana tomorrow evening.  I’ve got one more meal to cook in exchange for laundry services but you can bet your ass I’ll be cooking “with a smile” in doing so.  All must be good at home since I’ve received no S.O.S. or drunken texts from Hammy, and hey Miss Madison even let me watch a little football last night.  She might be a keeper!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  3. Me too, I’d rather eat glass than do laundry!

  4. Nice pictures! So glad you have so much fun with Miss Madison. She’s too adorable! And I think she knows she cut a good deal with you, lol! Laundry for an awesome home cooked meal? Sign me up any day! 😉

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  6. Matthews, Indiana? Never heard of it, sounds like a future road trip. Where about in the state is it?

  7. I’ll see if I can remedy that, thanks for reading though :).

  8. Yes, fourth of July weekend is the Madison regatta which is the Super Bowl of hydroplane races. Downtwon Madison is very neat and does have a bit of a “New England” feel to it with the quaintness.

  9. I knew you would appreciate the sign! Hell yes I make my own teriyaki, have no problem sharing with you the recipe I’ll send it via the Facebook to you!

  10. Glad you had an nice time! Enjoyed your post! My husband is from Indiana, I know all about small towns! Have you been to Matthews? if you blink, you miss it! He is from Upland, another very small town, BUT..they have Ivanhoes! If you haven’t been there you need to! Best ice cream place on the planet!!

  11. I’ve been enjoying your posts without commenting because we’ve had a lot of company. I wish your site had a simple comment area and your email notice a “like” button.

  12. Is Madison where they have speed boat races? I like this place, quaint shops are almost a New England “feel” to it. 🙂

  13. R.C. Court? Now THAT is awesome! Okay, probably only to me, but thanks for the shout out either way. Sounds like you’re fitting in with the family quite well. Do you make the teriyaki sauce for your winning entree yourself too? If so, do you care to divulge the recipe?

    Have a great Labor Day!

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