It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Not Christmas, I live in southern Indiana that means March Madness.  The first two days of the NCAA tournament has this whole area buzzing.  I don’t have the figures in front of me on the size of the Louisville media market, but this area routinely is either at the top or near the top in television ratings.  We eat this shit up, we even do well in the TV department if none of our teams are worth a crap.  We are a melting pot of college basketball blueboods with the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Indiana University all within 90 minutes of here.  Lexington and Louisville routinely host first round games and Indianapolis gets regional sites and Final Four hosting duties almost yearly.  Basketball is a big deal in this area, throw in Notre Dame (football school, but pretty consistent in basketball),Purdue, and these days Butler and Indiana is all about basketball.  The movie Hoosiers is a the real deal.  The bigger high schools in this state build gyms bigger than some universities, think Texas and high school football.  If you play your college ball in this state or Kentucky and play four years or were a star you will always have a job for life selling insurance, hawking cars, or any company in either state will pay top appearance fees to slap your mug on some poorly edited cheesy ad.  Hell, a bench warmer for the University of Louisville ran one of the biggest basketball camps in the area for years, I think he scored a total of 23 points in four years in college.  Point of all this rambling is we love basketball.

In breaking news today my daughter missed softball practice, didn’t even go, or attempt to attend.  I would suggest she drive herself but she’s only seven and I think her legs would wear out biking it before she got there.  Evidently being out past 7:30 is going to morph her into an adolescent vampire.  This is asinine and there isn’t a frigging thing I can do about it.  Yeah life sucks sometimes, no actually life blows sometimes, I could go on a profanity laced diatribe but it isn’t going to change anything.  Isn’t going to suddenly have her appear at practice, isn’t going to magically change the situation of total bullshit I’m forced to deal with.  Decent chance I could go out to any local restaurant or grocery store at 7:30 and run into a number of her classmates, but nope my daughter has some magical 7:30 bedtime/quiet time.  She gets to live in her own little prison without even realizing it, she thinks this is just normal when she isn’t with me.  For once in her youth career she is getting real coaching and showing improvement but doesn’t fit in some one’s schedule of parenting.

Would love to see an overpaid talking head give me an explanation on why this is OK.  I did my own scientific study (the internet’s leading source of course) and children my daughter’s age average nine hours of sleep.  That tells me that if she was in bed by 9:30 she would have gotten nine hours sleep if she was staying with me!  There is no travel time involved when she isn’t with me so she could even sleep later!  I was informed of “experts” (snicker, snicker) that proclaim that during the school year she shouldn’t be with me 50/50 while I was in the process of divorce, I’ve not read anything  that says otherwise other than outdated material with small sample sizes.  Besides each child is unique and mine has been a frigging ninja balancing this bullshit, her problem is she doesn’t know any better and I can’t clue her into what a crock it is……….YET.  My day will come and it will be the proudest day off my life, it’s going to be years from now but it is going to come!

Not going to let this bit of unsettling news deter me tonight though,  I’ll take the “Let it Go” approach minus the lyrics, because the “cold does bother me anyway”.  Going to wrap it up, I’ve got Hammy bitching about the non stop college basketball on the television.  He keeps saying something about “Mother Russia” and demanding that we should be watching ice hockey.  Welcome to Indiana you little rodent KGB spy, ice hockey doesn’t exist here.  I might deck him out tomorrow in his custom tailored Indiana University cheer leading outfit and make him sit on the couch with me and appreciate basketball instead of hockey and Ukrainian jokes.  Since I have a heart I’ll buy him the good stuff instead of Dark Eyes vodka, I’ll go with Findlandia though not his native Russian vodka, we all need to diverse at some time in our life and tomorrow might be Hammy’s time.


Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. It’s part of the “hoosier” bible if you live here and are a male.

  2. you had me at Hoosiers… love that movie… still

  3. Not a big NCAA fan… Now Football, that’s my sport college and NFL!

    Okay I’m ready to diatribe with the EX idiot! OMG!!!! When my girls were Sloane’s age they didn’t go to bed until at least 9pm and now it’s closer to midnight! That is absolutely NO EXCUSE from keeping her from softball practice! How can a judge NOT see you are clearly the BETTER parent here?!?! You go to her school for lunch, you volunteer at the school for breakfast, you do Girl Scout things with her, you have her involved in softball, and the list goes on and on! What the F does the ex do BESIDES make up IGNORANT excuses as to WHY Sloane cannot participate in the activities she loves?!?! Oh, and sign-up for things at school, etc. and then do a NO SHOW?!?!!?! She needs to be punched in the damn throat!!!!!!

    My attorney has been telling me for over five years now that “Evil never wins!” So hang in there as your day will come… As will mine! 😉

    I learned a long time ago that if I give my ex enough rope 9 times out of 10 he hangs himself! Do what I’ve been doing for five years and buy yourself a calendar from the dollar store and EVERY time she fails to get Sloane to activities OR she no shows on something she is suppose to do write it in the calendar so that the next time you go to court you have EVIDENCE against her! Works EVERY time when you can spit the date and time to the judge about her WRONG DOINGS and HORRIFIC PARENTING CHOICES BECAUSE SHE IS A SELFISH BITCH!

    End of rant!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

  4. I’m so sick of hearing about UK I could puke, I have a lot of respect for Wisconsin and Bo Ryan he can coach!

  5. March Madness is huge for me as well because I am a huge college basketball fan. I am a Wisconsin alum so you know where my loyalty lines. I have to give it to Kentucky because they are clearly the superior team this year, and of course if we both keep winning we will class in the Final Four. Once the NCAA tournament starts I will always root for any Big 10 team but other than that my picks are always emotional. I usually root for the underdog or because of some appealing story about a coach or a player. Basketball purists wouldn’t like that approach but oh, well.

  6. You keep teaching me cheesy puns and I’ll see what other exotic words I can come up with, LOL. Don’t feel bad about your bracket I used to eat the crap up and still would get beat in an office pool by the some girl that picked games based solely on team mascots. I’m at a loss for words on the softball :(

  7. I know very little of basketball, and just filled out my first bracket ever. So far, I suck. But since I have no idea what I’m doing, I don’t care so much!
    If it makes you feel better, I learned a new (to me) word thanks to you. “Diatribe”……right after I read it, I Googled it for the definition, so, thanks for that. I love new words!

    7:30 is weak, and missing practice where she gets to be outside, moving, interacting with peers, and learning a sport/skill is downright ludicrous! I’ll happily join you in a diatribe against that ex of yours, just let me know when/where!

  8. Hoosiers know nothing about hockey, 7:30 seems to be the lock down time. It sucks but nothing I can do about it :(

  9. What the heck… 7:30…. It’s spring go out and play… How else is she supposed to get better and bond with team mates. Unreal.

    Oh boy Hammy is in for a rude awakening… If he were here it is all about the Blackhawks…



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