Derby Time!


Stop the presses, stop the presses, the fine folks at approached me to advertise for them today.  They evidently heard about my scathing love for denim jackets and thought that maybe I might want to rethink my position.  They even sent me all these special links for anybody else to try that is interested in denim. is going in the denim business!  At least I’ll get my daughter a “cool” denim jacket and not something from a rummage sale.

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Loyal readers will get it, new readers it’s a denim thing you wouldn’t understand.

No blog last night got in from softball late and Hammy and I were enjoying a dominant pitching performance from the Reds Mike Leake and since I’m as superstitious as they come with my Reds I didn’t want to jinx the game.  The Reds won 5-1 to get back to .500 and Hammy went back to checking his online profile.  I had to start prepping some Grade A pork for my contribution to the blow out Derby party tomorrow.


Seven pounds of delicious swine went on the smoker today about 5:30 p.m. and that will be his home until tomorrow after work.  Fear not loyal readers I’ve done this sort of thing before.  The absolutely heavenly quaff floating through the neighborhood right now should make me the most popular dude on the block.  Just wish I had Sloane this weekend because she would have a blast at the party as it’s going to have a bouncy house and a boatload of her friends.  Her mother was invited, I’m sure for some reason I have a feeling I won’t be seeing her at the party though.

Didn’t blog so no softball recap last night.  Well my little Mickey Mantle ended her streak of getting on base in her first at bat, but started a new streak in her other at bat.  Her team the Lightning won 6-3 to remain undefeated and while she was playing the pitcher position caught an absolute rocket that was hit at her.  Unfortunately she didn’t know what base to throw it to, but seeing her field a hard hit ground ball cleanly reminded me of her dad back in his Little League day.  I would have thrown it into the parking lot but that is a story for another day.


Today was the second biggest day in horse racing (shut up Breeder’s Cup fan) it was the running of The Kentucky Oaks.  For you horse racing novices it’s pretty much the The Kentucky Derby for phillies, Lovely Maria won and now starts the biggest party of the year in Louisville.  Ladies fire up the Tinder app because I saw on Facebook today Julian Edelman (New England Patriot) is in town and has no problem responding to requests.  There is the famous Barnstable Brown party tonight and various other galas and events.  Throw in the millions of Derby party preps going on and Kentuckiana is buzzing right now.  It truly is a special time of year and the unpredictable weather was beautiful today and more of the same tomorrow.  Armchair bookies will be setting up shop every were tomorrow for those who are too dumb to just bet online and the bourbon and beer will be flowing.  Derby day is our Super Bowl in this area and I would recommend every one come here at least once to experience it.

About it for tonight Hammy wants me to turn on the Reds game and I’ve got some pig to tend to on the smoker.  Every one local have a safe and happy Derby day.  Everyone else you really have no idea what you missing out on!  The Kentucky Derby and the festivities is one of the few things the state of Kentucky get right.

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  4. Sorry it’s all gone now 🙁

  5. Smoked swine was delicious, Going to a Derby party or the Derby itself is something everyone should have on their bucket list!

  6. It was an awesome day and the pork was good!

  7. That’s a whole lot of pig you’ve got there. Excuse me while I drool.

  8. Like Lysa, the beginning of this post had me laughing it up. I checked out the site and some of their things look pretty cool. I can’t believe they make skinny jeans for toddlers though! Then again, I can’t believe anyone makes skinny jeans for anyone…

    You make me want to go out there to get a feel of what this Derby is all about, maybe someday I will. I’ll bring my wife and Avery and we’ll all wear our skinny jeans and denim jackets while shouting out your name looking for you.

    Hope the party was a blast, I’m sure the smoked swine was a major hit!

  9. I was just giving you a hard time! I know you didn’t sell out!


  10. Sounds like a lot of fun, and that smoked pork is going to be delicious!

  11. Not selling out, you as well as anyone knows sometimes a blog post just writes itself!

  12. I am totally dying laughing on this side of the computer! However, even though I find it entertaining you did technically SELL OUT!!!! Seriously???? Denim???? I suppose I’ll just SHUT IT now because you have already scrolled past my comment…

    One of these days I WILL make it out that way to see the Derby in person! I JUST HAVE TO WEAR ONE OF THOSE BIG HATS TO THE DERBY BEFORE I DIE… I JUST HAVE TO!! Your party sounds like it will be a lot of fun! It’s too bad you won’t have Sloane though!

    Wishing you an awesome Derby day tomorrow!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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