Drink an Ale 8 LGBT community you have earned it!


This may possibly be the last post for Skipah’s Realm.  We are receiving rain so fast right now it would capsize a cargo ship.  I fully expect my domicile to come off its foundation and serve as a redneck houseboat.  Hopefully it will hold up until I float on down to St. Louis and can put a salmonella strand in the Cardinals clubhouse, Hammy heard me say something about “hurricane” like conditions on the phone and he’s currently throwing his own personal hurricane party.  It’s Friday so I’m sure he’s been hitting the vodka all day already, this just gives him justification.  For that matter when isn’t he anymore? Anything from Russia has a cast iron liver!  As for Rosy not sure what she is up to but I noticed she had a bunch of Arabic literature hanging up in her cage.  Couldn’t find my wallet for a minute either this morning…..coincidence……..or Syrian hamster caper?  I know it wasn’t Hammy he was burping the alphabet when I woke up.

You know who else had a great day today?  The American Bar Association, that’s who.  Psst…Kentuckian that’s the governing board for attorneys NOT a secret society of tavern owners.  Why you may ask loyal reader in Zimbabwe, because the United States got in the 21st century today and allowed gay marriage.  I know what my divorce cost (although that number seems to go up daily), I have a feeling in every gay bar in every town you are going to start seeing rainbow colored business cards everywhere.  Every family lawyer in every state is now planning a half dozen vacations a year now instead of three.  Hell in San Francisco I’m guessing you can retire by the age of 40 in a few years if you practice family law with the spike in new clients.  Now the race is on to see who can be the first legally divorced gay couple and cash in on that notoriety and publicity.  This is America worldwide reader, trust me somebody is already scheming this up!

I use a little humor there but fully support it.  I’m as straight as they come, but its 2015 already I don’t think homosexuality is going away any time soon nor should it have to.  Right wing bible thumper get a frigging grip on yourself hypocrite, Constitutional law scholar get a real job (I heard a rumor family law is about to take off), and stupid ass bigot go hang out with the Anti-Vaxxers.  Okay since I’m a blogger on WordPress I have met my contractual obligation to blog something about the Supreme Court decision today and can now move on to something else.  I don’t know what kind of reach I have in the LGBT community but if they click here they can get 65% off a Sam’s Club membership.  You’re married now it’s time to argue over bulk purchases of toilet paper and 40 pounds of rice.  Skipah’s tip go with the Cottonelle and brown rice is better for you than white.

My daughter is off to Brownie camp this weekend and won’t be returning until Sunday.  It will be her first trip away from home out of town from either one of her parents.  As many times her mother and I thought about putting her on a plane ticketed to nowhere when she was going through the terrible twos and beyond we never did.  She’s with her super-duper kick ass Brownie leader so I’m not worried in the least about her freaking out.  Besides if she does it’s her mother’s weekend so she gets to make the drive to Owensboro, KY in the middle of the night if need be.  Unless of course she isn’t reachable and dad will be down there lickety split!

Big things on the horizon for the blonde bomber and me if I can make it work out financially.  She is just chomping at the bit to go to Holiday World and ride roller coasters with dear old dad.  Holiday World isn’t that expensive as far as amusement parks go, and has some kick ass wooden roller coasters that Sloane is super pumped about trying to ride since she is tall enough now.  We are also probably taking a trip to Lexington, KY (normal city by Kentucky standards readers) for the Breyer Fest next month, there is an added bonus to the Breyer Fest but not going to spoil that until I can for sure make it happen.  That excursion will be cheaper than a trip to Holiday World.  She knows none of this as of yet because still trying to figure out how to make all of it work.  Hitting the Powerball would definitely help, so would not financing new cars for lawyers.

About it for tonight, going to enjoy some Reds baseball (if that is possible), find something to serve as an anchor should I float on down the river, and might start watching Dr. Who on Netflix.  Also going to kick around some ideas on how to cash in on this “first” divorced gay couple Ponzi scheme that is developing somewhere.  All my “man” crushes are celebrities so none of them would want to probably get in the action, ah hell maybe Katy Perry will contact me anyway and make this a moot point.


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  4. I’m sorry I should have clarified that, thank you for pointing out I’m an idiot. #GeorgeStrait

  5. Gary,

    Some states have allowed gay marriage for years (Vermont was the first, I think). So there may have been divorces in those states. Hate to ruin your scheming… Now for certain states, like Texas, where this is new, there will be new divorces.

    Hey, now the LGBT community can sing, “All My Exes Live in Texas!”


  6. Couldn’t agree more!

  7. About time! I’m sure there will still be the whiners saying “it’s not right”, but let people get married to who they want, dammit!

    Hope all goes well with Sloane’s first trip away, and for what you have lined up! Go Powerball!

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