The Future Queen Has Returned….Briefly

Our motto is “Have Fun” and last week we did not disappoint!

What if I told you I had two awesome interviews, attended an Illuminati recruiting symposium in Cincinnati, taught my daughter how to “roll some bones,”, offered up any functioning organs I have left to pay for our bill at Costco,  finally broke down and joined the billion other violence zombies and started binge watching Game of Thrones, practiced enough voodoo against the Chicago Cubs to make a Houngan blush,  and I even ate enough food at a local festival that would make Joey Chestnut question my sanity?  You would say “Damn, that Skipah is a busy beaver,” I would say welcome to Fall Break 2017!  

The future queen of the Skipahsphere returned home with dad for the past week, and the rules of fun got another chapter added to the yet unreleased novella.  With the stepchildren off to the vagabond wasteland known “as the other parent,” it was just Sloane, Miss Madison, and yours truly for the past week, and we made the most of it.

Sloane wanted to make sure she added to our Halloween extravaganza.

Stardate-October 11th, 2017, the Skipah and his crew were about to embark on a new journey to a faraway star system known as Louisville, Kentucky.  Skipah had heard of a potential opening in the employment universe and wanted to get a better look at it (interview), his loyal crew in the meantime scoped out future housing sites and harassed all the employees at the local Whole Foods sampling various cheeses.  Once we all were reunited (interview went well thanks for asking…still unemployed…what do I know), it was off to the land of oversized and bulk.

I’m not talking about half priced buffet day at The Golden Corral, more like an adventure at Costco.  Sloane had never been to the place, and Miss Madison and I just knew we needed 60 feet of rope lighting and 50 lbs of rice.  For reasons I can’t explain, this is now Sloane’s favorite place on earth.  We got out of there just in time before I was going to have to lose a kidney to pay for everything.

These two!

Once Sloane was out checking her eyelids for holes for the night, Miss Madison and I dressed up in our favorite warrior costumes and had a live action Game of Thrones viewing party.  I know I’m extremely late to this G.O.T. party, but good lord!  Hospital emergency rooms shed less blood than this show.  Throw in enough nudity that would make loyal Skinemax subscribers blush and holy bejesus!  I’m halfway through season two so no spoilers please, and that reminds me I need to get on Amazon to start shopping for my own personal Valyrian Steel sword.  Needless to say I got roped into this fantasy land pretty damn quick!

Sloane has quickly become a Qwixx expert.

Last Thursday can only be described as “different.”  We were off to the Queen City to attend the Blink Cincinnati event.  Me trying to explain this event would be similar to me performing open heart surgery.  Basically, it’s some new age art that spans 20 city blocks (and we walked every damn one of them) showing off various forms of light patterns that would make you think you swallowed some magic mushrooms at dinner.  It was cool, free, and more importantly, Sloane absolutely loved it!  I’ll let Miss Madison chime in on the experience……I’m still popping blisters on my feet from all the walking!

Blink Cincinnati had been on my radar for a few months since I had seen it in a couple national magazines, and it did not disappoint. Apparently, Cincinnati borrowed the idea from a similar event in Sydney, Australia a few years ago. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I knew that we should go check it out. It was so much fun to walk all through downtown Cincinnati and look for the next light show/art exhibit. Obviously, a lot of work went into it with many public works of art planned by many different artists all with one thing in common-light. Some were passive and some were interactive, but together they transformed the city into a magical celebration of color and light. It was a memorable experience to walk the streets with like-minded people out to discover the next light installation along with us. My favorites were the ones where Sloane could interact with the art, like the light up seesaws, keychains to light up fluorescent monsters, and the rainbow-lit stepping stones. The spirit of the whole event was light-hearted (Haha!) and unifying, and I admire all of the work that went into it!

Exactly what I was thinking, now can anybody recommend me a podiatrist?  That’s a foot doctor for my readers in New England.

Dr. Timothy Leary would have been mind blown!

Isn’t that the fountain that used to be in the opening credits of WKRP in Cincinnati?  Is Herb Tarlek organizing this or what?

Psychadelic Othello was a big hit with Sloane.

This was a chill moment, seeing a section of the Berlin Wall was pretty damn neat.

What lawyer wouldn’t want to practice at this courthouse?

If you don’t know anything about Cincinnati, let me tell you, walking to Findlay Market from downtown is work!

The Cincinnati Music Hall is definitely worth a look if you are in that part of town.

Before I had to bid adieu to the blonde bomber, we had one more trick up our sleeve in the entertainment department.  It was the annual Soup Stew Chili and Brew festival in our little neck of the woods.  With weather that would make San Diego residents jealous, we couldn’t have asked for better accommodations.  Before the day was over I was bound and determined to clear out the shelves at the local CVS of antacid pills and make myself miserable as hell!

Not pictured….me being carted off on a wheelchair due to excess gluttony!

Sloane is still in the “picky” phase of culinary life (and has the waistline to prove it), Skipah not so much.  While Sloane was feasting on a world famous hot dog, if memory serves me correct (just woke up from the food coma) I had some kind of jambalaya, beef n noodles, some kick ass chicken curry, a bison burger infused with garlic, and I may have accidentally eaten a stray dog.  Long story short……….pass me the MAALOX!

Since this guy decided to photobomb me, I guess I will give him his 15 minutes!

About it for now, my voodoo skills are legendary as the Cubs are now down 2-0 to the Dodgers.  I’m now practicing various other facets of black magic on potential employers.  I promised Sloane next time she is here we will up her dice game, and I will teach her how to play Craps.  Only for educational purposes of course, odds, adding, ratios are good things right???????  I will wait until she is at least 11 years old before I teach her how to gamble……or is that too Catholic?  I kid because I care, I hated to see such an amazing weekend, but all good things must….unfortunately!

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  8. I’m glad that I am not caught up in the Game of Thrones! Sloane looks so happy!!!

  9. I did not plan to get sucked into the GOT train…it was only supposed to be one or two episodes, and before I knew it…Tell me when you are all caught up I CANNOT WAIT TO BITCH ABOUT WHAT A BITCH EVERYONE IS with my blogger bestie!

    Anyway…house searching while you interview? Are you actively looking in Kentucky? Or just a whim fun afternoon thing?

  10. Blink Cincinnati looked like it was really fun - right up my street (including the walking)! And I think it’s fantastic that you are now hooked on the Game of Thrones - I did keep telling you you were missing out - once I’ve finished reading the books on my current to read list downloaded on my kindle, I will endeavour to read the Game of Thrones books. 😊

    • Blink Cincinnati looked like it was really fun – right up my street (including the walking)! And I think it’s fantastic that you are now hooked on the Game of Thrones – I did keep telling you you were missing out – once I’ve finished reading the books on my current to read list downloaded on my kindle, I will endeavour to read the Game of Thrones books. 😊

  11. Sloane looks super happy. Super happy.

  12. You are such a good dad! I would love to try that Psychedelic Othello!

  13. This sounds like a great weekend shenanigans. The Blink event photos look great. It’s something I would have checked out myself. Walking 20 blocks is no biggie.I love doing 10+ mile hike 🙂 I do know a good podiatrist In Atlanta. Let me know if ever need his services. Again 🙂

  14. No reson I know of not to teach your little girl how to play Craps as soon as possible! Learning that type of math skills is a great addition to any child’s learning!

    Every day that passes, means the day when your daughter can live with you is a day closer.

  15. Welcome to the GOT addiction club. We’re here for two more years, apparently.
    I’m down for pumpkin painting 🙂
    I cannot believe the way y’all go and go and go. I mean, people say that to me, but you make me say that about you! Good gravy, don’tcha ever wanna stay home?!?
    The Pawn Shop Pub, 54th & Keystone, “Good for What Ales You” has a spectacular beer cheese soup that I must eat at least once per winter. Check it out.
    I’m with you on the curry and the chili, spice no longer likes me, either. I’m going to message you later.

  16. And now you’re a GOT nerd? I knee unemployment would be dangerous for you. Just say no.

  17. I think you and Katie should adopt me! sounds so fun. I keep trying to finish Game Of Thrones and wind up forgetting. Somebody is gonna give you a dam job lol

  18. Living it up with the best people in your life. Love seeing you guys having a great time!

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