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Here we go again, I wrote about Snowmaggedon that hit this area a couple of weeks ago.  Now its evil twin brother is coming tomorrow.  Skipah’s Meteorological Panel is naming it “Winter Storm Go Eff Yourself”  Snow total predictions have been rising all day, currently were up to a foot now.  I am actively seeking housing in the south Florida region.  I’ll take a tiki hut on the South Beach over this crap.  Sloane and I will spear fish for food and grill our catch every night over and open flame.  I’m done with snow and cold.  How wacky is the weather here?  You see in the picture below we are going to have a 56 degree temperature swing in the next 48 hours!  Don’t let that 58 fool you either, it’s rained all evening.


The silver lining is guess what?  Good chance I’ll be out of work early and this is going to be a “fun” snow.  Some of that wet packing snow; Sloane is going to learn about snow forts, snow men, proper snowball making, this should be the best “playing in” snow she’s ever gotten to experience.  Not that dry powder stuff like a couple of weeks ago, and if we get a foot or more I’m pretty sure I won’t have to work Thursday and I’ll bet you one of my kidneys that school is out on Thursday!  Two days of snow rock and roll for us.  I’ve changed my mind just typing this bring the pain Mother Nature.  The more memories with Sloane the better!  If she gets to make her first “real” snowman with me then score another one for dad.  We are going to rock it tomorrow evening I can’t wait!  This little “mini” run for dad I’m going to take full advantage of it!  Thursday isn’t my “custodial” day but got a good feeling that her mother isn’t exactly going to get home right away with the weather moving in.

You know what else is frigging awesome!  Being part of the Facebook:  Dad’s Blogger group!  While it doesn’t pertain to me anymore I will lend my support anyway I can.  The Amazon Mom campaign is Amazon’s way of helping out ALL families get cheaper diapers, formula, and various other infant/toddler items.  The only catch is that this program is called Amazon Family or some variation all over the world except in the United States.  My SAHD crowd and many others have a problem with this, Oren Miller (our spiritual leader) had a problem with this and had been petitioning Amazon for a while now to change it.  Today a massive Twitter campaign was launched and it appears that some media outlets and internet sites picked it up.  To say I’m proud to be a part of it is an understatement.  When I started blogging I had no idea I could be part of an influential voice in corporate America.  It is bullshit though, just another stereotype dads have to fight.  I’ve met many parents all over the world through social media, why is it “cool” for Amazon to market in this country under the label of Amazon Moms instead of Amazon Family?  Go spend a day with a SAHD, or read their stories.  This isn’t 1950, mom’s don’t stay at home and raise the family anymore.  In a lot of families mom is the breadwinner these days, Jeff Bezos go change a shitty diaper with a dad with a daughter.  Been there and done that and it’s no fun!  Why are American fathers not getting their credit with corporate America, namely Amazon?  The men that put this campaign together I’ve never met and barely know online (some of them), but I know what battles I went through in divorce having “a penis” and the stigmatizism that goes with that in family law and now seeing good dad’s/men having to fight the same shit in corporate America pisses me off!  If it is good enough for the rest of the world it’s good enough here!  I work less than five minutes from an Amazon distribution center, don’t make me start a picket line!  My dad bloggers that are close I’m sure would join me!

Wrapping it up for tonight, by the way the Reds won their first spring training game today 10-0.  2015 is going to be my year!

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  1. I agree completely! I would walk through broken glass barefoot for 72 degrees right now! I’m so over this crap, plus they keep lowering the snow totals now so it’s just going to be a nuisance snow it sounds like after it gets done raining. This area is turning into downtown Venice between all the melted snow and two days of non stop rain!

  2. It is a very chilly 72 or something today, we are thinking about wearing socks. :)

    There are a lot of days where I am somewhat ambivalent about some of the stuff the guys get worked up about, but this one is worth pushing for. There is no reason why dads don’t get our due here.

  3. I hate snow, but you are damn skippy we are going to have a blast if we get what they are predicting

  4. Our winters aren’t usually this crappy, but damn! Can we catch a break

  5. We have rough weather coming in this week as well, and I could not be more sick of it. Of course I’m from Houston fresh this October and I’ve never had to really deal with snow before. I’m going to try stay positive though! 😀

  6. Well said Gary! I don’t think it is right either that it is called Amazon Mom’s instead of Amazon Family and I hope that the Big Wigs pay attention to what you guys are doing and change it like yesterday!

    As much as I don’t like the snow it sure sounds like you and Sloane are going to have a lot of fun and for once this winter I’m jealous of YOU! HAHAHA!

    Enjoy your evening!


    P.S. Congrats on the Red’s Game! WOO! HOO!

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