Get your STOMP on!

The good hard working men and women at read a blog post of mine that I was going to be an absolute lock to be enshrined in the National Farmer’s Tan Hall of Fame and thought they might be able to help me out, at least the in the “ankle” department.

What is it Mr. Stomper and the gang did for me you may ask?  Asked for Skipah’s sage opinion on their line of No Show Socks for Men, ladies don’t fret they are a no show sock equal opportunity marketer.

   (not pictured Skipah’s ankles)

  (here you go ladies!)

Now sizing can be a little tricky with these, but Mr. Stomper offers a free exchange should you mistakenly get a size that doesn’t fit, I chose black for my sock of choice but there are plenty of other color options available.

Another completely cool feature of this elegant footwear is the inner heel has a silicon grip to help keep the sock in place and the high cotton count feels incredible on your feet.  As an added bonus wearing no show socks is actually HEALTHY for you.  You can read all the important health benefits by clicking on this link.

Mr. Skipah put them to the ultimate test this weekend as he was moving into his new apartment.  With all the rain we’ve had lately and temperatures topping out in the mid nineties this weekend it was a free sauna for all to enjoy.  At first it felt weird as my ankles were actually talking to me wanting to know what this foreign light that was blinding them, but after getting used to the “feel” of aired out ankles it was great.

If you read any of the link above you will learn that the socks actually reduce foot odor, I wasn’t going to give them the “sniff” test so I’ll take their word for it, a quick bath in the washing machine with all the other denizens in Skipah’s sock world and they came out looking good as new.  The great thing about these socks is they come a pack of three!  If you really enjoy them but fell asleep didn’t have time to get your laundry done, you have two more pairs just waiting to be worn!  Now if I can just find that other missing sock in the dryer so he doesn’t end up in the sock dating pool.

Overall I would highly recommend them if a no show style is your thing, very comfortable, and pretty stylish.  So head over to Mr. Stomper’s website tell them Skipah sent you and  you can pay full price……or you can enter PROMO CODE stomper25 and receive 25% off your purchase!

Again not pictured Skipah’s feet, I have enough stalking of me on here I don’t need the freaky foot fetish people also, plus no reason to break the internet!




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  2. No it isn’t Anne, I had a glaring typo and took it down and republished it.

  3. I’ll check with Al Gore on getting smell-livision activated!

  4. Is this a current post? Surely you didn’t have temperatures in the mid-90’s! If you did, I’ll begin to feel sorry for you immediately.

  5. Be thankful the internet does not have a smell-livision feature currently! The way it changes by the minute it will probably occur in about an half hour!

  6. I love no show socks and never heard of Stomper Joe until now. Definitely checking them out since I think reusing the same pair gets a little, ummm, let’s just say not good.

    Great review!

  7. I had a few to many people complaining so I thought I would change it up

  8. Why thank you I aim to please.

  9. This is so much easier to read!
    Yay socks, lol!

  10. yay! Oh and I love your new layout. Black and red was sooo gothic.

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