Give Larry a Fist Bump

Hey you big business owner who treats his employees like a number instead of a person.  Mr. Double Breasted suit & tie guy who carries a briefcase that costs more than the GDP of a third world nation.  Let me introduce you to Sodexo , I think they’ve got a concept that you might want to take a look at.

Personally I work for one of the largest companies in the aggregate industry worldwide.  I can speak firsthand about the good and the bad of working for a big company.  Some days when you meet a deadline a day early a little “good job” would go a long way in making an employee’s day.  Thankfully my company is pretty good about doling out the proverbial “pat on the back”, unfortunately other companies are not.  Corporation recognition of all employees is key to a happier and healthier workplace.  Even Larry the janitor buried in the basement deserves a fist bump from the bosses if his work-related actions warrant it.

Susy in the typing pool is banging out 125 words per minute, while Jane is sitting there painting her nails and swiping right on her Tinder account, yet at the end of the year they get the same kind of blanket raise.  Let’s show Susy she’s number one and bump her up to a bit of a higher tax bracket for her hard earned work.  There is way too much of this that occurs worldwide and it’s time for it to stop.

Sodexo is ready to turn the corporate world upside down by launching their corporate recognition campaign.  They’ve asked little old me to come up with some ideas and I’m more than ready to offer my two cents.  Thankfully I don’t work in a crappy environment so I thought I would offer a couple of ideas my company uses to keep all of us healthy, happy, and more importantly….productive!

Recently I just completed 15 years with my employer what did I receive for my loyalty?  The traditional rah rah form letter and a catalog.  Catalog you say?  Yes a catalog that had options such as a 32 inch LED television and many other valuable items as my company’s gift to me for putting in fifteen years.  I chose a Camp Chef 24 inch propane smoker that was valued at $345.00 USD!  If I can make it to twenty years I can only imagine what is next.  Its little things like this that all companies should strive to do for their employees.

Another example I would offer that my company provides for employees is our wellness program.  At various time throughout the year every employee has an opportunity to sign up for various online tasks that once completed earns money to their individual health fund.  I banked $500.00 alone last year for account by actively participating in every walking program and completing a few online surveys.  As an added bonus one year I won an I-pad mini from a drawing out of qualified entrants for walking a set amount of steps.

If other corporations would take this lead I think we can all agree that the workplace would be happier and more profitable.  Most of us have had a job that we dreaded to wake up and go to.  That mentality needs to change and it is on business owners and large companies to lead the fight!  The occasional office pizza party or catered lunch is a small token to show appreciation for your work force.  Wanda in accounting just found out her child is graduating college?  What’s wrong with an office pitch in luncheon to help her celebrate?  I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face happy employees are willing to work harder.

I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here, but Mr. CEO cancel that tee time at Pebble Beach every now and again and go spend a little time with your employees.  It will mean more to them than you will ever realize, and don’t forget you were once one of them also!

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  1. I’ve been rather lucky working for a big company all things considered, but lord knows I’ve heard horror stories.

  2. Interesting post and oh so true!

  3. After experiencing 10 takeovers, I can attest that it almost never works out for the acquired company. I worked for a large company once that worked 4 1/2 days a week, quarterly “backyard bashes” typically with live music, and gobs of other perks. Acquired by a large British company - toast - we even lost our seniority. Worked for another where we all had private offices, free drinks & snacks, free tickets to the annual PGA golf tournament, quarterly bonuses, and casual dress. Acquired by a well known computer company - gone. Hit my ten years at my current company (taken over for the 3rd time). The most recent company - huge - 10 years - a cheap vinyl portfolio and pen, both logo’d of course, and 1/2 a pad of cheap, unusable paper. Sodexho has a tall hill to climb.

  4. Yeah we lost the holiday bonus feature a few years ago also :(.

  5. Amen. Wish the Powers That Be at my office understood that happy employees are more productive employees. Didn’t even give out a holiday bonus this year. Bah!

  6. Amazing concept isn’t it!

  7. My smoker and I are best friends, I kicked Miss Madison out of the living room so he could stay warm last night!

  8. Love your suggestions! People want to feel like they’re valued not just another number. Healthy and happy employees = better employees!

  9. I’m so glad you got smoking recognition. Too many employers have no incentives.

  10. I’m about to completely revamp my comment section, having a boatload of issues right now with Jetpack!

  11. That sucks, I’m pretty lucky my company micro-manages us to death but they take care of us.

  12. I had just written a long comment. I guess it didn’t go thru. Ugh.

  13. That’s true. The occasional office picnic , with the employees’ familes would bbe nice, too. I like the catalog thing too. You get to choose what you want and really need. ( Some employers give a cash bonus and employees are given an option of investing in the company, or they get the cash. )

  14. Used to work for a company that actually gave their employees rewards in the form of cash for a job well done! Won many of the small $50 dollar ones and 3 of the $150 ones. They also paid for our training to keep our skill levels constantly increasing in the direction we wanted to pursue. Unfortunately, company was bought out by Sprint who basically destroyed our culture. Company went bankrupt within a year of me leaving voluntarily!

  15. I’ll get right on that!

  16. Tell Wanda congrats on her kid’s graduation! 🙂

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