GloRun 2015 redux

In honor of the upcoming Colon Mission, I thought I would repost my first ever adventure in a 5k walk.  Looks like Team Skipah will only be Miss Madison and I walking, but we have planned a whole weekend out of it so it is all good!  Loyal readers I’ve added some new pictures and some much need editing, and new readers I hope you enjoy.

Originally posted on May 24th, 2015:  GloRun 2015


Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Awesome, we had a good time. Look forward to are next one.

  2. Have fun! My daughter and I ran our first 5K together yesterday. Grateful…blast!

  3. I’m sure you and Miss Madison will have a “kick ass” time together! Sorry, would’ve used “butt”, but (ha ha) “ass” just sounded better.

    Anyway, have a blast! Oops, there I go again….

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