Glorun 2015

Greetings for New Albany, Indiana hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in the states.  Other than not seeing his daughter all weekend the Skipah has nothing to complain about.  Eradicated the boxelder problem from the other night, and made THREE trips to Wal-Mart on Saturday.  Survived, witnessed more great moments in parenting history and have decided I need to upgrade my fashion wardrobe to zebra pajamas and action figure T-shirts.  With all the entertainment I witnessed there I stayed up beat since all the trips were for various things to get my mower running.  Didn’t happen but mind you this whole time I was walking there and had my 5k event that evening.

Before we get to that today was Indiana’s day to shine in the auto racing world has the Indianapolis 500 was run.  Since about 17 people really care about open wheel racing anymore in this country thanks to Tony George back in the 90s it doesn’t have near the luster it used to when I was a kid.  Most of the stars are foreign born now, there is no real racer fans connect with other than Dario Franchitti when he was still racing, and that’s only because he was married to Ashley Judd from Kentucky.  Long gone are the days of Danny Sullivan (Louisville native), Mario & Michael Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Rick Mears, the Unsers and a multitude of other American open wheel legends.  Nevertheless, it’s our big day as a state and it sounds like it went off without a hitch.  I didn’t watch because I pretty much slept all day.

All that walking yesterday had me primed and ready for the Louisville Glorun 2015, first though I had to design my shirt.  All that walking also put way to many ideas in my head, but I settled on black patches to cover up my company’s logo on the free shirt they provided me for the event.  As the ideas flowed so did the costs.  I swear I ended with more invested in this shirt than if I just ordered something off of Neiman Marcus.  I ironed on the black patches, cut out the sewable letters, and when the moment of truth arrived and I ironed those on what would happen?  The damn iron lifted the blue paint off of some of them.  I set a personal record for F bombs launched in a thirty second period, but decided it was passable.  Next was my great idea to use craft glue (first and only time I will use this evil stuff) to glue a bunch of buttons on.  To top it off my T & B letters I purchased wouldn’t iron on correctly either so I had to use the craft glue to get them to adhere.  I then sprinkled white neon glitter all over my shirt and in the process of doing that sneezed so hard I sprayed it all over my living room.  I’m going to tell my guy friends I had a stripper over, my platonic female friends I will tell them Sloane got carried away.  The shirt turned out okay though.


I’m either going to be the most irrestistible guy there or the nerdiest!

The Glorun was phenomenal.  This will be must for me every year, I actually can’t wait to take Sloane next year.  All the glow sticks and glow paint it really did look like the zombie apocalypse had begun, the weather was phenomenal and that definitely helped.  Team Born had seven participants and one of them was my ill friend who spent over a month in the hospital just less than 90 days ago.  She’s on the mend now and completed the walk/run without missing a beat.  I was very proud of her and it sounds like she was doing better than me today.

Suck it Lupus, err I mean prophyria!


I will always say this was the best idea this area came up with.

All those trips to Wal-Mart and the extra walking before the 5k event I ended up the day around eight miles walked.  I only ate once yesterday also, when I woke up today I couldn’t figure out why I felt so lethargic.  Turns out Skipah dropped FIVE pounds yesterday, the jockey diet I don’t recommend as I felt like I had gotten my ass kicked for most of the day.  Overall though it was well worth it.  Enjoy the pictures as I’m still not exactly back up to snuff today and going to rest up.


The T didn’t survive the trek!  Damn craft glue!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  4. That was the beginning and end of my fledgling craft career!

  5. HOW FUN!!!! Great pictures! Glad it was so great for you! The photos really bring us there with you! Lol! You are quite crafty!

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  7. Craft glue is the devil! Unfortunately Wal-Mart is a necessary evil since I live so close to it. I have become an expert on people watching now though!

  8. Ha ha, sneezing with glitter gave me the best visual! But nothing compared to what you see at wally world. Geez, 3 times of that horrendous place?!

    Way to go with all the walking and your cool shirt design. Glad all had a good time, now you’ll be better prepared to NOT use craft glue when decorating shirts for you and Sloane next year!

  9. A blast Jack, looking forward to taking Sloane next year.

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  11. Sounds like it was fun.

  12. Great time indeed, looking forward to taking Sloane next year.

  13. Very cool! I bet you guys had a blast at the run- the pics are great 🙂

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