Good Grief Charlie Brown!

As if I need any more controversy in my life I’m about to stir up some more, and no this doesn’t involve my ex-wife for once either.  Feminists you all really need to get a grip on yourselves.  I’m all for equal pay, women’s rights, and all that other crap you supposedly are “champions” for but learn to take a frigging joke!  You are a woman every 28-32 days you suddenly hemorrhage enough blood that is the equivalent to a Manson family crime scene.  This is a well-known fact of biology, the age old PMS jokes have been around since modern medicine, and you can’t run from this as a woman.  Embrace it, empower yourself as a feminists and laugh please.  Cold, bitchy, hear me roar woman nobody likes.  Except other women that feel the same way you all should go hang out with the Anti-Vaxxers.  Get a frigging clue on yourselves.

This was all in response to a comment I left on another blog about a woman who was sick of men telling her how to do her job driving (I think) a tractor trailer and parking it at whatever cowtown she was in.  Fair enough sounded like she had been doing it for many years and knew more than most men in the industry.  I left a comment that basically said, tell the dude to get the hell out of the way or better yet tell him you may or may not be PMSing and not in the best of moods.  I thought it was a harmless, Skipah sarcastic, answer.  I guess if you don’t know me or haven’t been around me my humor might be loss on some people.  Well holy shit balls Batman that comment got me shamed so bad on that blog post I went to the bathroom to make sure I still stood up to pee.  I did thank fully!  So take that feminist!  I can write my name in the snow and you can’t without making a mess.  Plus thanks for the bump in traffic stats over the weekend from that website that shall not be named!

If I was out of line any female readers please tastefully let me know, it was a damn joke.  Meant to be more of “I’m a pissed off woman right now I just drove from San Antonio, Texas to Yankton, South Dakota with a load of Ipads and refurbished Amazon Kndles with cotton shoved up my yoo-hoo, get the hell out of my damn way and let me park this please, I’ve been doing this since before you were cranking one out to the Jenny McCarthy Playboy edition! (Speaking of Anit-Vaxxers)

Seriously if you can’t accept biology go sit in the corner and shut up.  I just did a 5k walk last week for Leukemia and Lymphoma research if an Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, or Breast Cancer 5k shows up in my area I’d be the first one in line to sign up if my schedule permitted it.  I don’t agree with the archaic workplace habits of many companies that force women into uncomfortable situations for the sake of advancement that’s bullshit.  Hell I was married to someone in the construction industry who had to put up with the shit in a male dominated field so I know the struggle to some point.  O.K. done defending myself on this topic.

Tomorrow is the big day Sloane is returning home and we’ve got a full month hell months of catching up to do.  This will be the first week I’ve had sole custody off her this long since Christmas Break.  Long time readers might remember how much fun we had back then.  Not since I separated have I had her for a week or longer but twice.  Last summer we had kind of a mutual jacked up two days on two days off summer schedule that she thankfully agreed to (Helped me out in divorce proceedings).  Fall break and Christmas break was it since last June 30th.  Needless to say we’ve got some “catching” up to do.

Dads rule and she is about to find out why this week.  Full scale grocery run with a better class of shoppers at Meijer’s today.  Kroger’s prices are too high and yeah right on Walmart, I was in too good of a mood today to even think about stepping foot in southern Indiana’s melting pot of all things not human.  Fridge is stocked with all her favorite food and drink, the pantry has all of her favorite snacks, and guess what else old dad saw today!  Fireworks!!!!!!!!  Hell yes, we are launching smoke bombs and writing our name with sparklers this week (although sparklers suck these days compared to when I was a kid), let the good times roll.  I haven’t been this excited since I learned that earth was round.


(Why wasn’t I notified about this Heinz!)

About it for tonight I’m now going to hide in preparation of Amazonian women launching molotov cocktails at me and the full scale PMS army showing up out front picketing me claiming I’m holding them back from finding a man!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. I so wish I still lived close to Meijer’s!

  3. NARWHAL made a good point. But one must have a sense of humor about it:

    And since you bashed Walmarters:

    “I see more dads with their kids at Walmart than at any other store. And I love that about Walmart.”

  4. I am about to change designs some people see a like some don’t #wordpressfrustration

  5. Grrrr, why is there no “like” button on here! 🙁 Anyway, I would have hit in. Enjoy the time with your daughter!

  6. Woot! Thanks Gary! Don’t ever stop speaking your mind…I took my Midol so it’s all good now lol

  7. Were cool Cavalle! I value your opinion.

  8. Yeah it can get way out of hand online I agree….I mean, no one has to agree with anyone but it always ends up going too far. There are ways to disagree without having to tear someone a new one lol I mean I didn’t totally agree with what you had to say but you’re still a human being so I guess I will spare you 😉 lol

  9. I see both sides, and I did apologize, I guess if you don’t know me personally I could see some people taking offense however some of the crap said about me just makes me shake my head.

  10. P.S….food for thought….if a guy talked liked this to your daughter I’m not so sure you would see it as feminist crap then…just sayin lol

  11. *Sigh*….Gary…lol I’m not touching this one as I see both sides…However I did laugh and also, I wanted to smack you….guess what time of the month it is? 😉

  12. Hi, Gary,

    I agree with you that modern-day feminism is overly sensitive about some things. However, having read both the post over on the other blog, the comments section in full, and your rebuttal, I thought I’d explain why this is actually one instance where the feminists have a valid point.

    Explaining emotions away with PMS is saying that the emotions themselves aren’t valid, that they stem from hormones rather than a legitimate source. I grant you, sometimes PMS can amplify one’s emotions, but legitimate emotions exist whether the PMS is present or not. Therefore, claiming PMS in the situation from the other blog - where a woman is legitimately angry due to men’s patronising her - is downplaying the validity of her anger, and thusly downplaying the seriously sexist behaviour of the men whom she has encountered.

  13. I can appreciate that approach, I was warned didn’t listen and gotten my head bit off. That would be my fault! Some people need to stop and smell the roses or get laid!

  14. I just made fun of myself the other day… telling people I was cranky pants and to leave me alone, or I’ll bite your head off (and I’m not at fault, cuz I warned ya to stay away) Ha!

  15. Hey now!! Don’t make me go get Crazy PMS Chick!! Bwahahaha! 😉 I may be a “dumb blonde” at times who has way too many “blonde problems” but I am rather smart and can spell just about anything. I was a nerd as a kid and always in the spelling bee at school! So there! :-p It’s the whole common sense thing that eludes me!

  16. We are going to have a blast!

  17. I just chalked up to are blonde, no worries.

  18. My sentiments exactly.

  19. Sorry for all of the typos I’m on my damn cell phone and didn’t proof the comment before I posted it.

  20. I’m sorry but am I the only one who thinks the whole feminist thing is hilarious? I guess her PM is far more out of control than you suggested! What a crazy B! But then again in more of a to boy for the most part and I am a little biased because you’re my friend. Oh and I personally think you have a great sense of humor but again that’s coming from one smart ass to another.

    Yay! I’m so excited Sloane is finally coming home! Seems like it’s been forever since she was there but I’m sure if cells a lot longer to you. Can’t wait to hear about all the fun you guys have. Oh and sparklers do suck these days compared to the ones we had when we were kids!

    Wishing you a Happy Tuesday!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  21. People who get hurt that easily should probably stay away from the internet. Just saying.

  22. That seems to be the over all opinion, thanks for the south Florida female support!

  23. Smoke bombs and overly sensitive biyatches = hilariousness!

    You’re fine. Sarcastic humor like yours is meant in good fun. Some people are wound too tight.

  24. It might be an indoor party this week if the weather doesn’t improve, but last time I check smoke bombs don’t have an expiration date!

  25. Time will tell I suppose

  26. Kind of my sentiment exactly!

  27. Most likely, the ones bashing your comment on that blog were currently all in PMS mode. Geez, there are plenty of things to actually get upset about, but that’s not one of them. Glad you can still stand to pee though!

    Nice find on the smoke bombs, I haven’t seen those in forever! Can’t wait to hear of the crazy antics you and Sloane get into this week. Enjoy!

  28. Other than preferring the term “hoo-hah” over “yoo-hoo” I think we’re good… 😉

  29. From what you’ve written sounds like your ex used that sexist environment to her advantage. Wonder if it’ll still work for her when Kentucky investigates her company for breach of duty on those sites you talked about. I’ve seen it happen.

  30. Ugh. I hate people who get all uptight about gender jokes. Geesh. It goes both ways people. As long as it’s not hateful- have a laugh and move on. 🙂

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