Grandparents…The Unintended Victims!

The fight and pain is real.  It’s an epidemic of historical significance.  The war has been raging for years (and not my divorce), no it’s allergy season in southern Indiana.  Skipah has spent the last 48 hours in the pollen/mold dungeon torture chamber.  Watery eyes, runny nose, and some of the most violent sneezing ever known to man.  Leading to temporary blindness (yes my eye waters over that badly), stock prices for Kleenex soaring through the roof, and the possibility I’ve cracked a rib sneezing.  I think after Sloane is all grown up I’m retiring somewhere that words like allergies, pollen, mold, and ragweed are terms you randomly search for on Wikipedia.  If you are not allergy prone be thankful, if you are like 99.99% of the population in my area it sucks.  I didn’t develop them until my 30s and it’s gotten so bad a 35 year old man had to have a simple children’s procedure of ear tubes because the drainage was so bad.  I’ve joked about it before but an ENT in my area will have a job and client list for life here.

In other news today I got my court summons in the mail today..woo hoo!  It wasn’t a surprise at all since I got the motion in the mail a couple of weeks and I already knew the date because all civil and criminal cases are all on a public records in Indiana and the court date was set two weeks ago.  I gave it Hammy to use for bedding.  He even refused it, said he would rather sleep on steel and plastic than that garbage.  I think after we stayed up way to late last night in the futile hope that our Reds would finally beat the Cardinals only to be disappointed AGAIN he would sleep on glass today.  He then talked about an elaborate plan to rescue my little princess from the nursing home involving helicopters and a hamster seal team six, I told him don’t worry about she will be here half the summer and the months to follow to torture his  rodent ass.  He just needed to worry about the Syrian hamster coming after school lets out.

The blonde bomber’s softball game rained out but instead they had practice.  The softball fields don’t drain water very well has it didn’t rain tonight but the monsoon yesterday and consequent follow up rain last night didn’t do much to help the situation.  Yes she got to attend practice, however due to allergy medication side effects I was napping when she texted me this evening.  I responded a little after 8:00 but I’m sure she was sound asleep by then.  I told you allergies suck!  No problem I’ve got a double date set up tomorrow with one of her classmates stepdad’s (I’m the seasoned veteran now of kiddy lunch) and he asked if I would go.  Crappy weather again should make this no problem for me to get away at work tomorrow so I’m looking forward to it.  I would each lunch daily with her if that thing called work didn’t get in the way.

Texting with my daughter last night was quite interesting though, either the ex was impersonating Sloane (a major no-no) or she needs to learn how to clear her SwiftKey keyboard history.  Sloane sent me addresses that are no were near here, I asked her where this was coming from and she mentioned she was just hitting random buttons and choosing the words that showed up.  It is a habit of hers, one of the addresses traced back to a house that suddenly isn’t listed anymore.  Awesome!  The ex wants to get cocky and keep me pinned down the best she can and tie me up in court.  Good luck!  If I know my daughter she did this on purpose, it was her mother that started this texting nonsense.  It was her mother that was OK if Sloane didn’t text her at night, I wasn’t OK with it.  I got to remind her of it last night that once again withholding contact from my daughter is in direct violation of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (IPTG) so she better have her text me or call.  Let’s go back to nightly phone calls or keep hanging yourself.  These exact situations are the whole reason we both had to attend mandatory Co-Parenting seminars (nothing more than a state money grab), and this was one of the situations that came up.  I took notes, I guess she didn’t.  I didn’t get to talk to Sloane tonight because I was napping, but I did respond at 8:09 p.m.  I didn’t get to talk to her because of the martial law imposed when she is with her mom during school nights.

In other parenting fail news, my old neighbor, (unofficial third grandparent) called me last night and wanted to know if the ex was ever going to bring her by.  Due to schedules I haven’t been able to get her over there recently but apparently she and the ex-had a Facebook thread where she vowed to take Sloane to see her.  She didn’t have the egg donor’s new cell phone number and had no way to contact her so she sought me out.  Thirty minutes later she still doesn’t have her cell phone number but I’m going to do my best to get Sloane over there this weekend.  We’ve got a first communion party to attend, but hopefully Sunday I can get her over there.  She misses her just as much as I do.  Since I’m the better parent, I have to grin and bear it to give up my parenting time so Sloane keeps people in her life.

Grandma overnights (my side) have to occur on my watch.  She has only stayed with my mom once a month her whole life since infancy, so I have to give up one night a month so she enjoys that.  She loves it at grandmas.  She used to get weekends there, but usually it’s only a night a month now.  My ex hasn’t talked to my mother since June 20th, that’s her daughter’s other biological grandparent.  My ex hasn’t talked to our old neighbor personally (unofficial grandparent) since June 20th.  I deal with Sloane’s other maternal grandparents (her mom and dad) all the time.  I’m even cordial with them, they are scared to death they aren’t going to see their only grandchild anymore but have gotten trained not to cross their youngest daughter or feel her wrath.

All of Sloane’s grandparent’s official or unofficial you do not need to fret.  Skipah has a plan, Skipah is smarter on the magic of the internet, and Skipah hasn’t been divorced four times.  Skipah has got this, the ex is nuts, the ex is blinded by love, and I’m going to prove it.  Even though they have to take her side, do not fret ex in-laws, the little blonde bomber will be available to you has she always has been.  I’m the only one looking out for her, it will be proven in court.

Pound sand egg donor, you are trying to take my daughter from me!  I’ve got the KGB (hamster division), faith, and karma working for me.  You can hide behind your lawyer, but you don’t get to hide behind parenting fail!  Let’s go to court in May and the future court date yet to be named!  Don’t ever forget I am smarter than you, I beg you of this now!  Because I’m going to have to destroy our daughter’s mom to keep her in my life, and that is the last thing I ever wanted to do!


Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Hang in there, some things take time to happen.

  2. I started using local honey last year and it helped a lot. Just haven’t purchased any yet this year. Allergies are the devil!

  3. Allergy tip: Zantac is sold for acid reflux, but it works like an antihistamine. I use it for sudden allergy attacks, b/c it lasts less than 4 hours and can be used with my regular Allegra. LOL, email me for more allergy tips, I’m allergic to everything! [email protected]

    Good luck with court!


  4. Thank you, assuming I get to keep doing this I will keep you informed

  5. Ah! The plot thickens. I wish you the very best.

  6. I’m training for this fight daily!

  7. Keep fighting for Sloane, everyone will be better off when you win this :)

  8. Definitely has lost her damn mind

  9. Sounds like your ex is smoking the crack pipe.

  10. I try, I may fumble a time or two but my focus as always been my daughter!

  11. You’re doing it right man, it seems like both sides of grandparents have no reason not to take your side when the court proceedings occur. Plus, that karma, it’s a wonderful thing when you’re on the right side of it! For the ex, it’ll be a bitch! :)

  12. Wow! It just keeps getting worse! I’m so very sorry Gary! But you are doing the right thing for your daughter abd that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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