Happy Unanniversary

Editor’s Note:  This originally posted on 5/19/2015

Something dawned on me today as I was signing off on million dollar investment deals and green lighting twenty percent raises for all employees, or I might have been authorizing a life insurance change I will let you decide.  After signing my name and writing down the date of May 19th this massive 100 watt light bulb went off in my head.  May 19 is an important day, one of those I was supposed to never forget.  Couldn’t think of any one’s birthday, checked the industry leading important information website (Facebook) and still came up with nothing.

Then it dawned on me, on this day in 2001 I and a few of my most trusted associates were sitting in a Clarksville, Indiana Applebees at the bar telling war and women stories (we were all in our early 20s we knew it all, duh) and getting funny looks from everybody.  Why may you ask?  Because in my hometown guys dressed up in tuxedoes tend to draw attention even at Applebees, now in today’s Clarksville we probably would have been gutted and field dressed on site, but back then Clarksville was a little more civil.  It was Skipah’s wedding day fourteen years ago.  I spent five minutes in a panic today thinking I forgot something important.  No sir May 19th gets to go back to being just another innocuous day for me.  So Happy Unanniversary to me, I celebrated by eating Chinese food with a friend and answering match.com emails when I got home.  What a difference a year makes!

I did sign up for a Leukemia society Glo-Run for this weekend.  It’s a 5k walk/run (I will stress walk) for Leukemia and Lymphoma research and it means a lot to some very good friends of mine so what the hell it’s not like I have anything better to do.  Actually looks pretty cool it is basically the entire Louisville, Kentucky waterfront in one giant loop at night.  Not like the distance is anything for me 5k is a little over three miles hell I can knock that out in half a Katy Perry album.  Hopefully, I won’t have to pull any warrior crap off like this guy did.  Actually kind of excited I’ve never participated in any kind of “organized” walk/run.  I think I get a T-shirt out of it, and I’ll try to take plenty of pictures of the amazing waterfront at night.

About the only thing that state has ever gotten right was transforming downtown Louisville into a spectacle in the evenings.  Depending on how it goes I may just start signing up for all 5k-10k walk/runs in the area.  I’m healthy as far as I know, and I’ve seen too many people in much worse positions than me that would love to have the strength and energy to walk that far but can’t due to some other disease/affliction.  Just got to keep paying it forward (FYI, it’s not Lupus but Porphyria now if you click on that link) like I vowed to way back when.

I say I’m relatively healthy except for the constant punishment anymore that is seasonal allergies.  Really just go away pollen ninjas, mold warriors, and ragweed paratroopers, I want one good day this month without blowing my nose, eyes watering shut, and sneezing so violently I literally see stars for a few seconds.  I didn’t develop this crap until I was in my thirties does it go away when I hit my forties?  Even the local honey trick isn’t working this year.  At the rate I’m eating Claritin I’m going to have to enter the twelve step program before too long.

About it for tonight, I’ve got another small blog post to work on since I’m breaking my rule of blogging and participating in a blogging challenge/contest.  I don’t usually participate in them because they take up way too much time to properly give them the time they deserve and it takes away why I blog anyway.  However, my Miami blogger friend at Divorce with Me nominated me yesterday to take place in it.  She is on a short list of people that I wouldn’t say no to in blogger world so I’ve willingly agreed.  It’s called something like the Five Photos:  Five Stories challenge.  Basically, post a photo and a story about it for five straight days.  A piece of cake, I’ll more than likely type up all five and just schedule them to post five days in a row.  I also texted her today that if I am ever in Miami I’m buying her a drink and pouring it over her head and would let her boyfriend take a picture of it.  She’s actually a pretty cool woman and even a better mother although she thinks 50 degrees is cold while I was in Indiana earlier this year blowing ice cubes out of nose while she was pondering if she would have to wear a jacket.  Frigging Floridians and their warm weather and fresh seafood.  No, I’m not jealous!  Off to work on another blog post and watch the Reds more than likely take a curb stomping in Kansas City.

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Sounds exciting! It should make for a great series of posts. 🙂

  2. Might be something epic going down in September :).

  3. Really? Sounds like the allergies clock is ticking! Incidentally, I hope you have a great celebration when the day arrives. Turning forty is one of the really major birthdays. 🙂

  4. I’ve only got a few more months before the big 4-0!

  5. Allergies have been pretty good up until this week 🙁

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  7. Happy unanniversary to you. Incidentally, allergies are a pain in the neck. Well, the throat actually in my case. I hope yours get better by your forties. 🙂

  8. Happy Unannivarsary. All the difference of a year 🙂

    How are your allergies this year? Mine have been much, much better than usual.

  9. You are in a better place now, that’s all that matters!

  10. Hand to God, this is my ex-anniversary too. I did the same thing. Hmmm, what is it? This day means….something?? Oh, yeah. AKA “that day Linda stood up there and made a fool of herself”. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  11. & what a difference another year makes, hey? Now you have Miss Madison.

  12. Glo run post late may 🙂

  13. Now I have to go delving in your Archives to find the pictures of the seafront from the walk.

    Co incidentally I was due to get married on May 19th 2002, but she thankfully pulled the plug on it a few months before. So we were spared divorce and child access fights.

    Happy in anniversary Gary.

  14. I actually did this year until I was cleaning up some old blog posts and came across it. What better day to repost it than today :).

  15. Happy unanniversay Gary. After a few more years, the day will come and go and you totally forget about it. 🙂

  16. Wasn’t really weird, just one of those I know I’m forgetting something moments, and thank you for the kind words :).

  17. I JUST saw this! I love it!!! I’m so glad we are friends, Gary. You’ve really been a big part of me feeling “at home” in blogging community. Thank you for the kind words and I’m incredibly happy that you took the challenge. Just seeing that pic of Sloane at the game made it worth it!

    I’m sorry 5/19 is such a weird day now but if one thing makes it all worth it, it’s that beautiful blonde bomber that shines when she sees her daddy!

  18. I’ll forward that check to you right now! Might be a bit bouncy though. Thanks for reading as always!

  19. Happy Unanniversary, Gary. You have the attitude. Hey, do you need to sign a check for a hard-working blogger guy willing to work remotely out of Syracuse, N.Y.? Loyal. Worked for the same newpaper/media group for just shy of 30 years before The Layoff. Loves to write and communicate. Unafraid to network in public. (Duh.) Have a great day, sir. (Will even bow to the boss sometimes.)

  20. I’m all for a reason to celebrate! Keeps things fun :).

  21. Happy Unanniversary Day! I think this is the first time I’ve heard of an UnAnniversary day. But I suppose it makes sense - and any chance to celebrate anything is good with me!

  22. Didn’t get to work on it last night like I wanted to, thank you Time Warner Cable, but should have it going very soon.

  23. It’s the only way to go! Looking forward to this weekend should be a neat time.

  24. I like trivia! I got 13 years and change out of it, so good luck to the next person. Congrats on your father outlasting you.

  25. Yeah I’m really looking forward to the 5k, and your welcome for the shout out anybody that does one a few days after have a chunk of his ass removed is getting a shout out from me!
    I will look into the oregano oil at this point I’m willing to try medieval potions to nip this in the bud!

  26. Happy Unanniversary, Gary, congrats on having a new way to celebrate this day! Sure does sound a lot easier (and cheaper) than the previous one.

    Thanks for the plug, and way to go on signing up and paying it forward! Can’t wait to see the pics and hear how you do. Hopefully it’s a blast and you will sign up for more this summer. Think you could get Sloane to walk/run one with you? They usually have 1 mile fun runs for kids and parents that would be cool.

    For your allergies, check out oil of oregano. I get some from Amazon and it’s just a great essential oil for all types of infections and ailments. It’s strong stuff, but might be worth a shot.

  27. Happy un anniversary!

    Here’s a piece if trivia for you : my father’s second wedding took place on my wedding anniversary. I told him, “You can have it, I’m not using it any more.”

    I was married just under 5 years, and his marriage just passed the 5 year mark, so the date is working better for him than it did for me.

    Maybe someone will recycle your wedding date.


  28. Happy UnAnniversary! Paying it forward is always a smart move, and it tends to bring on the good feels. Have a fantastic weekend!

  29. I love that you are incorporating pay it forward into your life 🙂
    Happy un-anniversary!
    I’ll be looking for the 5 posts!

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