Happy, with apologies to Pharell Williams

Hello everybody remember me?  It’s your favorite little blogger from New Albany, IN finally finding some time to scratch some empty thoughts together.  Not sure were to even begin since I last sat down to pound out some words on my piece of crap laptop, but I’ll give it the old college try.

First off and still awaiting official word from the Blogging Advisory board, but I believe Skipah’s Realm is the top fundraising personal blog site in southern Indiana.  To date here are the following totals:

The Glo Run (Leukemia research):           $40.00

Kisses for Karsyn (Make-A-Wish foundation):  $100.00

The Colon Mission (Colon Cancer Research):  $75.00

No that’s not exactly going to get me into the philanthropy hall of fame anytime soon, but that’s $215.00 dollars generated by me and this website for doing something I willingly love to do any way, and that’s walk.  Still though I’m proud of it, and if I was better self-promoter I’m sure those totals could be more.  Still have a ton to learn on fundraising and I hope to learn it sooner rather than later.  Potentially doing The Color Run at Night on October 3rd, but my next confirmed 5k walk will be on October 17th.

This one means more to me on a personal level because I lived through it.  Keep Calm and Let Karma Take Over is for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  It’s well documented on here my attempt last year to take my life after learning of my divorce.  I don’t want anybody to ever feel like they are alone when getting dealt with life changing news and there is no were else to turn.  There is always somewhere else to turn to, and hopefully I can raise enough money that somebody somewhere in this country will benefit from it.  I used to be one of those close minded people that would have a laugh or say negative things about someone attempting to end their life.  Unless you have gone through it yourself don’t ever judge somebody that has attempted it.  I almost orphaned my daughter, it’s not something you forget about any time soon.

This weekend was the Colon Mission and as an added bonus my team consisted of me and Miss Madison.  Since we had to be up and at it early Saturday morning she went ahead and came to vacation destination New Albany, IN Friday night.  I being the hospitable host I am made us a pre 5k feast of sesame chicken and rice.

The walk itself was great, it was at Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY and the course was shaded for about 75% of the walk. I’m still disputing the time of 57 minutes and change we finished in because we started well back in the pack and NOBODY passed us that was a walker.  I’m thinking we were in the 48-50 minute range just judging off of my past history of walking that distance.  I wrote last week about how I about died walking in Madison, IN, it turned out I had a nasty viral infection in my chest I learned this week.  I was at the doctor’s on Wednesday thinking I was borderline asthmatic it was becoming so hard to breathe.  He prescribed an industrial strength inhaler for me and by Saturday I was about back to my old self.  Miss Madison and I did the 5k without barely breaking a sweat.  Unseasonably cooler temperatures definitely helped!

Let’s do this!

That team was well represented!

If only Buddy bat could do something for my Cincinati Reds!

Will never get sick of collecting T-shirts for charitable walks.

After the walk was over I gave Miss Madison the dime store tour of the Kentuckiana area (she’s no stranger to the area, I had to take her to Trader Joe’s), but after that we hit the Lotsa Pasta Italian grocery store.  It had been awhile since I had been there and I got a pound of spicy capricola ham, and Miss Madison loaded up on their five star deli with goodies for her friends and family.  From there it was lunch in downtown New Albany at a local Greek diner that serves gyros that taste as authentic as if I were eating them on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the Pantheon.

Then it was a stop at the local treasure in this area known as Huber’s Orchard and Winery.  Me personally I hate wine, Miss Madison however can appreciate a good fermented grape concoction as well as a the next mommy blogger.  Well known fact in blogger world mommy bloggers like wine!  She sampled a some of the local fare and decided on one she liked and the rest of the afternoon was spent people watching and listening to some guy out of Kalamazoo, Michigan completely butcher song after song on the veranda.  I mean seriously this guy butchered Frank Sinatra so bad I’m surprised Old Blue Eyes himself didn’t rise up from the dead and beat the living shit out of him.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the school mom that saw us for not putting me on the spot of introducing Miss Madison to a gaggle full of other moms!  Miss Madison’s review of Huber’s………”When do I get to come back!”

In a life filled with inserting my foot in my mouth, I set myself up a few weeks ago with her when we were eating a gourmet meal at Taco Bell and I told her I can make a homemade Mexican Pizza that tastes much better than what they serve here.  I got put to the test Saturday night on that promise and had to deliver!  Before we went out with some friends of mine I had to make dinner Saturday night hoping to live up to my promise that I make a superior Mexican pizza.  Mission accomplished because I was asked when she gets to enjoy one of these again.

About it for tonight, to say this weekend was fantastic is an understatement!  I got to cook for Miss Madison twice!  I love cooking but when it’s just me or Sloane (she’s a little picky at times) it’s just not the same.  Saturday night with friends deserves its own blog post someday, all I can say did somebody say FIREBALL!



Send Skipah Sailing!


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  8. If he needs any pointers feel free to have him contact me!

  9. Sounds like a fantastic date weekend! I’m a tiny bit jealous haha its a good job she seems so perfect for you, otherwise I might have had a sulk!
    Time to go beg Jonathan to make me Mexican!

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  11. Felt nice to cook for another adult that’s for sure, when I attempted it I don’t know what could have “prevented” it but I met enough people after the episode that it would be selfish of me not to try and help.

  12. Cooking is definitely the way to my heart. I dated a chef before and whenever we were angry with each other, a meal would just soothe my mean spirit lol. I love that you care about suicide prevention. I too understand the value behind having someone to reach out to.

  13. This 5k addiction is a “healthy” one for once that’s for sure!

  14. Would be rather selfish of me not to “pay it forward”, I try to help were I can.

  15. I do love to cook, hopefully I’ll have more to post in the future.

  16. Walking for a cause is a win win all around! Kudos to you for making some good eats and avoiding fast food! So glad you’re hitting it off man!

  17. I am glad you are still here with us. You are a delight, and hilarious. I also love that you are helping others. Keep sharing that big heart of yours.

  18. Loving the food pics!

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