Hate to see you leave August!

Score one for grandma on birthday gifts!  Too bad the Reds suck worse than a used boat with a hole in it!

If I have any aspiring auto insurance agents reading this contact me immediately.  I have just found a frigging gold mine for you.  I promise you can retire in two years minimum!  Just give me a finders free of 20% for every claim and rate hike you get to process.  The gold mine you ask?  They just opened up a new roundabout on I-265 where it currently ends while the East End phase of the Ohio River Bridges Project is completed.  We don’t have roundabouts in Indiana (very few and definitely not in a high traffic areas), this isn’t Europe or New England these things are as foreign to us as fresh seafood!  Take a major local interstate bypass and tie it into one of the biggest state highways in the area sounds like something a flunky from the University of Kentucky Civil Engineering School (or a Purdue grad) would recommend.  The Fender Bender Expressway was launched today.  Progressive insurance go ahead and get your Flo southern Indiana marketing campaign ready because business is about to pick up.  I would post a picture but even Mr. Skipah had to keep both hands on the wheel today while passing through it for fear of becoming a J.B. Hunt (semi trucking company) pavement sandwich!

Good bye August 2015, I’m going to be said to see you go.  By far the best month of my life post separation/divorce.  This time last year I was getting to know my local UPS driver on a first name basis I had so much stuff coming in from Amazon after I had just moved out of my old house and into my new place.  Unfortunately, that abode didn’t work out due to a myriad of reasons but at the end of the day I just couldn’t afford it with everything else that was going on in my life…i.e. divorce and custody.  Fast forward to the present day and this past month I’ve gotten to see my daughter attend the school of MY choosing.  I get to visit her weekly for lunch at school and watch her have a blast when I’m there with all the other third grade crumb snatchers who treat me like I’m a member of their own little personal Freemason’s Society.

For once this month I didn’t experience vehicle woes, actually forget I even typed that, I don’t want a blown tire on the way to work tomorrow.  Traffic is bad enough around here I don’t need Hoosier Helper showing up clogging up the Interstate any more than this new roundabout is going to!  I started something my daughter has wanted me to do forever and that was participate in RCIA classes, which it turned out was just as much for me.  My own little sector of the internet has had more traffic the past two months than all the previous months combined.  To quote Sammy Sosa (baseball geeks will get it) “August 2015 has been very, very good to me!”

Last but not least though, I met Miss Madison (technically that was in July and we talked for a few weeks online before that) but August has been great with her and you can insert every frigging joke you want here, but bite me.  We are not picking out curtains or shopping for Bud & Sissy plates license plates.  Texas readers you better get that joke or you are getting your Texas card revoked!  I get to be Mr. Skipah again to someone that appreciates it, and we both get to feel normal again.  Her situation is eerily similar to mine and we relate to so many things together.  Again I repeat, we are not picking out houses in suburbia (with my credit score these days I couldn’t finance a used mattress), we are not shopping for furniture, nor are we thinking of names for the family pet, what we are doing is having fun!  If we were in school right now we would be passing notes in between classes, instead we send each other texts during breaks at our jobs.  It’s fun and refreshing, she makes me smile and I think I make her smile although I can tell a corny joke as good as the next guy and get the “proverbial” eye roll.

It’s the little things in life that make each of us smile individually:  Something our kids do, our significant others say, or just things we witness in our day to day musings.  I’m living that again for once, it’s frigging awesome and I’m not ashamed to say it.  When you can wake up to a text quoting random Eighties songs and selfie pictures (clean, get your mind out of the gutter) taken by your girlfriend in your office chair (we did go fishing there yesterday) it does tend to put a smile on your face.  In closing so long August 2015 you made me the happiest camper in Indiana.

Silly rabbit!  I was wondering why it took her so long to use the bathroom!

About it for tonight, I don’t want to overdraw at the karma bank on one post and lately the karma bank has been treating me like a platinum level member!  Plus September is tomorrow and that only means one thing…it’s my birthday month!  One year older, and 20 years wiser!  Now to put a call out to Virgo Monthly magazine so I can be a featured guest in this month’s issue!


Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. I’m 100% Hoosier but I’m about as close to Kentucky as one can be.

  2. Hola, Skipah’s realm papa! UM…Did you say you are a republican by Kentucky birthright? ‘cuz if so, you and me gotta talk, sweetie. We sooo gotta talk.


  3. I passed Cloud 9 a few weeks ago I think I’ve advanced to Cloud 18.

  4. This made me smile so big for you! Miss Madison is a beauty and you sound like you’re on Cloud 9! Enjoy it! September is going to be even better!!

  5. This just became my favorite reply ever! I hope Bud and Wes at least kissed and made up!

  6. Bud and Sissy got divorced a year after the movie ended. Thirty-five years later, Sissy owns and manages Gilley’s. Unfortunately, Bud’s been divorced a total of 5 times, and spends most of his time at the corner bar, reliving the good ol’ days to anyone who will listen. I heard a rumor that Bud has turned to Scientology, although that cult hasn’t been able to keep him from the corner bar…

  7. I had no complaints about it that’s for sure, thanks for stopping by!

  8. Nice, glad your month was so great, and happy birthday if I don’t say it later! Funny too, (invest in a used mattress, ha! I’m in the same boat, pun intended, HA!!!)

  9. If September is better than August look the hell out!

  10. August was an awesome month for you, and may September be even better! Birthdays always help for sure. Air cheers to a new month!

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