Hug a Teacher

That dude almost jumped the fence to try and eat me!

The executives at Skipah’s Realm have decided to honor all Indiana teachers this weekend and declare this an official “Hug a Teacher” weekend.  The collective sigh and groaning you are hearing coming from Indiana is every teacher bitching about school starting on Wednesday, July 31st.  Seven little weeks of summer is all the vacation/time off they get anymore in Indiana.  So fellow Hoosiers if you know a teacher and they seem a little grumpy cut them some slack and give them a hug.  Personally all the teachers I know also would just forgo the hug and be happy with a bottle of wine.

Quick update in Sloane land, she hasn’t been eaten by anybody in Kentucky as of this writing.  She finally got her brand new loft/bunk bed.  Only took 13 months but she can finally say she has a bed when she stays at her mom’s.  Even better Sloane apparently put it together because she is that talented.  Actually no she didn’t put it together, but she makes a fine quality control inspector.  Here is a snippet of our phone conversation:

Sloane:  Dad my bed is wobbly

Me:  It shouldn’t be wobbly Sloane

Sloane:  It’s just wobbly when I get to the top

Me:  (Thinking to myself you have got to be kidding me) Sloane that isn’t supposed to be like that go tell your mother

Sloane:  I am turning the screw with my hand, it’s bouncing up and down when I go up the ladder

Me:  (Are you effing kidding me, Kentuckians don’t even know how to use a screwdriver or a cordless drill) Go get you mother now!  That’s dangerous!

I was assured that the bed was good and secured, this was after a seven year old unthreaded it all by herself.  Whatever, guess I’ll have to send a screwdriver instruction manual with Sloane next time so she can give it to her mom and stepdad.  I can’t make this stuff up if I tried!  I’ll even special order one made up entirely of crayons and large pictures.

I’m by no means a helicopter parent, hell I’ll let Sloane juggle steak knives as long as she knows beforehand she’s more than likely going to get cut.  FYI that was a joke, I only let her juggle the plastic butter knives you get from those colossal sized packages from Sam’s Club.  So I don’t want to hear about me being overprotective.  However, anything that is potentially “un-safe” you know like the top of a ladder to a bunk bed I try to make sure everything is secure before I turn my little blonde bomber loose on something.  Really I can’t make this stuff up!

She also informed me she wants to go to her current school this year and asked me if I could make that happen.  I’m trying is about all I could muster.  We talked on for about an hour last night she was quite engaging and looking forward to Holiday World next weekend.  I think we are going, I’m working on a few things to make it way more “cost” effective for us.  The kid is chomping at the bit to ride a roller coaster now that she has made the magic 48 inch requirement.

As for the Skipah tonight he’s stepping out of his surroundings and going to enjoy himself.  I’ve been laying low hanging out with my inner board room members and other close associates while I put together a plan of attack even Dwight Eisenhower would be proud of.   Pipe down Kentuckian he was General Patton’s boss, little bit of local trivia Fort Knox is about 45 minutes from here and the General Patton museum is located on the property.  If you plan on visiting make sure you lock your doors as soon as you get out of Louisville otherwise you will be showing up on a milk carton in your near future.  Fort Knox is neat, the surrounding area, not so much.  Although any aspiring dancers can more than likely find employment quickly.

What’s Skipah doing a little river stroll and dinner stroll with drumroll……….an adult female.  Skipah is going on date, she is aware that if Katy Perry calls she’s out of luck but I think she feeling pretty confident that wasn’t going to happen.  A little dinner and evening stroll (she’s a walker also)  along the banks of the Ohio River and we will go from there.  If all goes well maybe for a nightcap I’ll give her a hug, why because she’s a teacher!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  8. Your quite welcome! Thanks for the prayers going to be an interesting day for sure.

  9. Thanks for the shout out! Readership jumped quite a bit on my post last night, even though I didn’t get it posted until midnight! lol.

    Glad your date went well and as always, praying for the best on Monday! I know you are a nervous wreck right now!

  10. Hi Gary, nice post, our holidays in Australia are not till Christmas time. ALL teachers need a medal I think! Also, I was following you from but have moved my site to “Cat in the Cactus”. I’m hoping you will Follow my new site as I don’t want to lose any of my blog buddies with the move. I will follow you from my new site. See you there! Cathy

  11. Rut roh Shaggy! Good luck on the phone front and thanks for the well wishes for Monday.

  12. From the picture Sloane sent me it looks like cheap ass rivets. I am still appalled about the whole situation.

  13. For real, I’m not much of a handy man myself but good lord tighten a damn screw!

    Date went pretty good, will definitely be a second one.

  14. Wow! We don’t start until August 6th up this way, and I thought THAT was a short break.

    Good luck with your stuff on Monday btw. My Little washed my phone so I’ll be out of the loop for a while.

  15. But I don’t want to hug any teachers!
    We don’t go back until the 5th, but there’s a pile o crap they’re inundating me with already, sooo…

    My dad built me a loft for my bed in college. It was sturdy. He used bolts. Moo has a loft-like base for her bed — it’s about 3 feet off the floor. It has bolts. I feel like bolts are important, Gary.

  16. Can’t make any promises about hugging a teacher over here, but I fully support the cause! Speaking of support, sounds like a real man (i.e. you) needs to go to KY himself to make sure his daughter’s bed is actually put together right. Geesh!

    Have fun on your date! A walker and a teacher already make for 2 big bonus points!

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