I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite awhile

Cue up Jim Nabors because Sloane is “Back home again in Indiana”, Hoosiers and race fan should get that one.  Sounded like a homebody deluxe vacation getaway for her the past weekend.  Due to another storm of the century that dumped a miniscule one and half inches of rain in about an hour and change there was no moving of furniture today either.  Sloane is blasting away to some Jimmy Buffett and marrying off all her Barbie’s and Skipah is sitting Abe Lincoln style by candlelight writing to his heart’s content.  Actually the sun is still out and I have electricity but not much else but empty boxes and clothes laying around here.  The kitchen, bathroom and Sloane’s bedroom are fully functional.  My bedroom and the living room needs furniture and you know a bed!  Going to do my best to relive my college years with a nice comfy snooze on the floor only this time willingly.  I’ve got plenty of blankets and padding so I’ll make do for a day or two until I can get my stuff here.

Initial reviews of Sloane’s room and the apartment overall passed the eye test with the blonde bomber.  She’s ready to go explore the area tomorrow.  Little does she know the area we are going to explore is the same area we’ve been exploring for the past year just coming in from a different direction.  Reaffirmed to me today that she doesn’t want to live full time in Kentucky and I told her to have a talk with her mom, which was quickly deflected with “I did, she told me it is up to a judge!” Two weeks from today and we shall see.

I got the spies moved over without any trouble today, I covered Hammy in black plastic bag and his only response “You think this trick hasn’t been tried before, I’m confessing to nothing!”  Rosy on the other hand started screaming something only camel pilots could understand in Arabic and blaming it on the Israel hamster league of defense for the atrocities.  Hammy finally had enough and started calling her gender specific terms about her reproductive system.  As far as I know Hammy hadn’t been hitting the vodka too hard yet, but his language would make a 30 year naval member blush.  Upon arrival of their new home they both breathed a sigh of relief, and Hammy even called me a “chicken shit” for not torturing him any further.  He’s really sewing his oats since Rosy arrived, might remind Sloane he needs a training refresher!

Thanks to all this wonderful weather we’ve been experiencing in these parts I don’t get Time Warner service until……..next Monday!  First available tech comes free then!  It will be primitive living for Sloane and I this week as their will be no nightly T.V. wind down so just quality bonding time for us.  Special thanks though to Arby’s and Valvoline Instant Oil Change for tricking me just enough with a “guest” signal to actually think I have an internet connection.  I did give Hammy and Rosy special orders to hack somebody’s Wi-Fi password tomorrow while I’m at work.  Fortunately I just turned my cell phone into a hot spot so Sloane and I won’t be completely in the dark this week on anything that comes up you know like an alert that says Flash Flood Warning!  Get two or three of these a day anymore, the Indiana legislature actually passed a law that allows you to walk your pet goldfish on a leash.  We have no such thing as creeks and streams right now, local churches were holding baptisms in the parking lot yesterday, and so much grass is underwater right now that I’m going to start calling it Indiana seaweed.


It got downright creepy today!

About it for tonight, going to have to explain to Sloane it’s not cool to jump up and down on the floor of an apartment complex while jamming away to “Fins.”

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  2. Seems to me that the judge should know about the mother’s refusal to allow Sloane to see a therapist. Sounds like the mother is afraid of what Sloane might say. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and denying a child access to mental health services should be looked at the same as if Sloane was denied access for a physical illness. (The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to provide mental health services on par with all other services.)

    • I agree, however, lawyers are expensive and it’s the only way I can push it through. Insurance is not a problem I have very good health insurance through my employer and it would cover the cost at 100%

  3. Hey Gary,

    I’m so happy to hear Sloane is back home with you this week. But, it breaks my heart to hear how sad she is. I cried so hard when I read what your Mom wrote. It’s so unfair. I just don’t understand how people can not think of their child before anything else. We absolutely HAVE to catch up tomorrow. I got a new phone tonight and I can actually text again. lol I’ll shoot you a message when I wake up.

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  4. I agree PAINKILLS2, so does Gary, but her other parent does not. She has picked up so many nervous tics since the divorce and separation that she NEVER had before. Now when she stays all night with me, she either has to hold my hand or “hugs” my arm with both of hers before she will go to sleep. I have a child sized tent and she has slept in that tent since she was 18-20 months old, prior to all of this mess. She zipped herself in and slept all night, no problem. The first time she stayed here after the initial separation, I woke up to her sobbing her little heart out in the middle of the night inside the tent. She wanted us to get up and sit in the rocking chair together and we sat there until 2:00 in the morning when she finally fell asleep. Her brave facade is starting to crumble more every day and she just doesn’t know how to channel her emotions and negative feelings. I was literally up all night last night after I hung up talking to her, it just broke my heart. She thrives at her current school and loves everyone there. She told me tonight that EVERYBODY was working to try and keep her at that school. She said she couldn’t believe that her and Daddy was THAT popular. I told her she deserved every bit of the support and she said, “It’s kind of cool, but I don’t think I deserve THAT much attention. Yes you do baby, yes you do!

  5. I got divorced when my son was 6 months old. When he began having some behavioral issues at school around 8 years old, I took him to a therapist. I was amazed when the therapist told me that my son was upset that his father and I didn’t live together. I mean, he didn’t even remember when that was the case.

    But my son did witness angry behavior on the part of his father, in how his father dealt with me. I remember being 15 minutes late dropping him off one time and his father yelled and screamed at me in the driveway. I didn’t respond, just drove off. But his father was always talking bad about me to my son, even though I refused to do the same. Divorce brings out the worst in some people, but it’s so very important not to play those games.

    All this to say that it might help Sloane to talk to a therapist. Someone who’s neutral and not on either side of the divorce.

  6. Sloane called me last tonight and we talked for over 2-1/2 hrs. She really “talked” too, not all just silly Grandma/granddaughter stuff. She’s hurting so bad, she actually had me in tears. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said “Just for my Mom and Dad to get back together, I don’t want nothing else.” I told her I was sorry, but I couldn’t make that happen. She said “I just want Mommy and Daddy and me and Suebee to be together again.” She said “Remember I told you last time I stayed at your house that I had to move to Kentucky?” I told her yes, I remembered. She said, “Well I was there this weekend and the house was nice but that she didn’t want to live there full time and she wanted to go to her own school and see her Daddy and her family and friends more than on weekends, that it wasn’t fair. She said I won’t get to see MiMi and PoPo or you and MeeMaw, and the reason I haven’t brought my Polly Pocket dolls to your house again is because since we don’t get to have a whole weekend like we used to, we don’t have that much time to play anymore. FYI I have Polly Pocket dolls and accessories that I keep here at my house and then she brings hers as well and we build elaborate Polly Pocket doll complexes and play for hours. She got real quiet for a minute and I asked her if she was still there and she said “Yes, I’m just sad and I was thinking about one of my favorite pictures of Mommy and Daddy when they both worked at the “Y” and trying not to have another breakdown.” She said, “Grandma can I ask you something?” I said sure, anything. She said “Have you ever been so sad about something that you just can’t help but cry?” I told her “Yes baby, I have”, trying not to let her know I was having one of those moments right then. She told me she has been having lots of “breakdowns” lately (her words) and that when they happen at night she hugs Iggy (her favorite stuffed animal) for two reasons, 1) because he is her first and favorite stuffed animal and 2) because he also reminds her of Suebee . Suebee chewed the side out of Iggy’s neck several months ago so Iggy had to be sewed back up and though he’s a little worse for wear, he’s still intact. So she said while she’s hugging Iggy she “pets” the spot on his neck where Suebee chewed him up and that way she can remember Suebee too even though it usually makes her sadder. I asked her if she ever told anyone when she was having a “breakdown” and she said, “No not very much”. When I asked her why, she didn’t say anything at first and when she did I could tell she was struggling then not to cry and said, “I just try to have breakdowns at night and hug Iggy.”

    There’s not a word I can add to this to make it more poignant; these are just the true, raw emotions of one very sad, confused and frightened little girl who only wants her life back the way it used to be. This should be “food for thought” for all parties involved in determining her future.

  7. Hope that rain lays off for a while so you can get moved all the way in. Although, thanks for the visual of Abe Lincoln sitting in an apartment on a computer. Gave me a nice laugh.

    Enjoy your week with Sloane, and exploring the same thing from a new angle. Maybe it will open your eyes to something new and different. Probably not, but Mayyyybe. 🙂

    • I could walk that neighborhood blindfolded, so not much new I’m going to find (maybe a single mom….), but Sloane will think it is cool none the less. R.C. this rain event is like nothing I’ve ever seen, it’s a daily event and has been for about two weeks for the most part.

  8. Yes, this rain is so much! Been a wet summer! The yards across from us flood, and I’m beginning to wonder how much rain before they cover our street and begin to soak our yard! So far, so good, but more oh more on the way!
    I just took a shower, not my favorite thing to do in a thunderstorm!

  9. Glad Sloane approves. I knew she’d love it. Great that the lack of technology will force you to have some bonding time. Can’t believe her mother won’t even take into consideration that she doesn’t want to move. She’s almost 8 and just letting her believe it’s the judge’s decision when in reality, her mother is the one essentially making the decision despite what is truly best for her. I know I’m beating a dead horse, but anyone can see what’s really going on here. You have plenty of readers who know you personally, too, it seems, who can attest to that. I will keep praying for a miracle for you both.

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