I even saw the lights on the Goodyear Blimp!

Pilot:  We can land her in Indiana or travel to Kentucky and set her down.

Co-Pilot:  Remind me to have H.R. drug test you!

Not sure what was going on Friday when Mr. Goodyear was flying outside of my office landing at the regional airport up the road from me!  If you have never seen it up close and personal it’s worth a look!

According to the calendar in my domicile it tells me it’s already October!  This year is flying by!  This can only mean one thing, CHRISTMAS time at every department/grocery store in America!  Give me a freaking break already on this stuff.  You moonlighting elves need to chill the hell out on buying Christmas supplies in October so companies will quit rolling this stuff out earlier and earlier.  Let me overdose on fall supplies, pumpkin goodies, and watch my daughter slip into a sugar coma on Halloween!  This madness has to stop!  Rumor on the street is the Jack-O-Lantern union is already organizing a strike and don’t even get Tom Turkey and his feathered vigilantes fired up!  October is local weekend festivals and enjoying the leaves changing colors.  That inflatable Rudolph and “killer” deal on L.E.D. lights will still be available after Thanksgiving.  Trust me, if they run out there is this awesome service called “The Internet” you can find just about anything you want on there.  Usually it’s even cheaper if you know where to look.  Do they do this in every country or just the over commercialization in the states?  Can I get ruling out of Canada or from my friends in the European Union?

Been away for a few days nursing myself (unsuccessfully) back to proper health before I head off to the land of cheese and funny accents.  Miss Madison who is a teacher by day did her best this weekend to moonlight as a nurse, but at the end of the day she can’t control all the allergens in the air and I’m still treating breathing like a chore.  At least the inner war raging in my ears subsided now I’m just one giant bronchial mess!

I did feel up to cooking meatball subs, and entertaining Miss Madison with my antique dishes from the Byzantine era!

Our weekend consisted of exciting events that should be on the Olympic schedule in 2016.  After Miss Madison help me packed (or I watched) I’m very confident I can hit the podium in Rio with at least a bronze in this tedious exercise.  Other activities included how to navigate Sam’s Club without buying that 50 pound block of cheese or running over wayward kids.  Miss Madison is really having a good influence on me because she even talked me into accompanying her into Target.  F.Y.I. I HATE TARGET, call it years of being married and aimlessly wondering the aisles to look at nothing!  This time however the trip was quite pleasant and we were in and out of there in under 30 minutes!  Needless to say she has Mr. Skipah loaded and packed and ready to hit the road tomorrow morning.

It was quite enjoyable watching our beloved Hoosiers give top ranked Ohio State all they wanted yesterday before succumbing to might Buckeyes 34-27.  I fired up the old Voodoo factory yesterday and replicated my own Brutus the Buckeye doll and feverishly tried to perform voodoo rituals on him but in the end it only seemed to hurt the Hoosiers.  Our quarterback and top running back were both out for most of the second half but the backups were gutty and kept us in the game.

I’m hoping Hammy will still be here when I get back from vacation because evidently he didn’t listen to me and took way to much betting action on Ohio State -21.5, evidently the greedy little rodent didn’t lay this off to his Russian associates and is now into them for large sums of cabbage.  I’ve got the liquor cabinet stocked for him and his food bowl is loaded for the apocalypse so he should be good to go this week assuming Boris and Natasha don’t pay him a visit.  He informed me he had a plan today to win all his money back on NFL action.  Something about fixing the Colts game.  He gave me a sly wink when it was reported this morning that Andrew Luck wasn’t playing today.

About it for now I have to make some final arrangements to the apartment, Skipah’s Realm recently hired a Mossad agent for security purposes since Hammy can’t seem to stay sober long enough to actually do any “spy” work.  Yosef is confident he will have this place iron clad should any undesirables make their way into the apartment.  Then it’s off to rescue Sloane from the evil lurches of the Koopa Troopas and we will return later today with one final post before the Skipah traveling road show heads north!

Little Mario is off to get his Princess Peach!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Are you not getting enough nutrition in your diet LOL.

  3. Why do I always get hungry when I read your posts?

  4. No Halloween III? Only the worse movie ever!

  5. Besides some “quirky” laws I can’t complain about Wisconsin, although no way I could live up here the cold alone is enough to scare me off. Allergies were actually O.K. on the trip , but I was already so jacked up the air in Chernobyl would have been a relief!

  6. In parts of my state the residents do that!

  7. I couldn’t have said that better myself!

  8. Plenty of cheese to be said….pun intended!

  9. All is well, ended up at the doctor before left town!

  10. I agree. I hate that they have skipped over Thanksgiving. I like Fall. And, how dare they, attempt to skip over Halloween. That is my favorite holiday! I can’t wait to break out the scary, horror movies and begin rewatching them for the 100,000th time. My 11 year old now likes to watch Halloween (original and 2) with us.

  11. Made the mistake of moving to the state of WI because my husband wanted to. Was the WORST place I ever tried living in! Avoid it like the plague!

    There are really bad allergens up here in MN right now. Doubt WI will be any better. Bring all your allergy meds along with you!

  12. Yep, I have to join the chorus and say the trend toward Christmas promotions moving ever earlier is irritating. It’s getting so I don’t know why they even bother taking down the decorations. They might as well save time and effort by just keeping them up all year round.

  13. The phrase “seasonal creep” is one I have come across which describes the ever-increasing tendency to ignore Halloween and Thanksgiving and start advertising and marketing Christmas. Starting around Labor Day…we should fight this effort until our last breath. Christmas is so much more special when you take the time to enjoy the other holidays first. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Enjoy the “now!”

  14. No kidding about the holidays, they keep getting thrown in our faces earlier and earlier each year! Glad you and your ears are on the mend, hopefully you’ll be fully recovered for your fun trip. Have fun, be safe, enjoy the cheese!

  15. Totally agree about the overcommercializaton of Christmas!! Hope you are feeling better soon! Glad you had Miss.Madison to help take care of you!

  16. Yes I would love to enjoy Fall first! hope your well

  17. Lol Canada has the same thing….Halloween isn’t even here yet and Christmas is already shoved in everyone’s face. Canada basically follows the US lead on this one. We have to or we’ll all flock to the border for better deals…however our dollar sucks right now so the tables have turned. Get well soon! 🙂

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