I Lost at Jeopardy!

Fifteen years of slinging rock! 

Greetings everyone I had to take a couple of days off to recollect my thoughts.  Thanks to everyone for their awesome show of support, and rest assured with the help of Miss Madison Mr. Skipah is reengaged into the human race.  Day one of my little mini three day vacation went off without much of hitch.  Before I forget happy Veteran’s Day to all former and current military members.  Thank you for your service and patriotism over the years.  The men and women that have fought to protect this country is the reason I type my little blog in English.  The American version of the language not British, sorry mates that George Washington did quite the bloody number on you all back in the late 1700s.  Just jabbing a little fun at my pals across the pond!  Seriously though thank you veterans everywhere for keeping me and my family safe all these years and allowing me to do what I do on a day to day basis without having to kneel to an emperor or kiss the ring of some king!

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t wish a happy belated happy birthday to the USMC (United States Marine Corps), the most feared branch of the United States military turned 240 years old yesterday!  Keep up the good work guys and girls!  Thanks to the veterans of all the branches of the United States military we are able to go absolutely nuts over stupid things like Starbucks decision to go to red cups for the holiday season.  Really what in the hell!  Disclaimer:  I don’t drink coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, or anything else coffee bean related!  I think I’ve spent exactly $2.00 dollars in my life at Starbucks and that was on a large soft drink (soda for you northerners), you know though I don’t care if is the holiday season or the first week of March I could really care less what color my cup is!  I don’t need Santa, the Easter Bunny, or whatever fictional character you can think of on my cup.  Personally I think the Starbucks cup is kind of stylish, but I’m definitely not going to lose my shit over it not having traditional Christmas (err Holiday, sorry PC police) decorations on it.  This is seriously first world problems, for all the vile attributed to the Starbucks decision to use red cups it would definitely be better served fixing real problems in this country.  Namely who in the hell is going to be the Republican nominee for president and what is going on with Hilary Clinton’s hair!

How did I spend my Veteran’s Day?  I was enjoying day one of my mini three day vacation, spent last evening with Miss Madison discussing what came first the chicken or the egg.  She swears the egg, I’m in a proud supporter of the chicken camp.  Today I was slinging cheese sauce and beans at Sloane’s school.  It was my day to volunteer for lunch duty and I drew the unenviable task of being in charge of the cheese sauce ladle on nacho/taco meat day!  I think I wore more cheese sauce than I served, but the kiddos got the biggest hoot out of it.

I’m beyond excited because tomorrow morning I get to make Sloane her favorite breakfast of pancakes before I take her to school!  I haven’t gotten to take her to school yet this year and I think I’m more excited about it than she is about the pancakes.  I have already made the batter and just need to heat up the skillet in the morning and let the butter and batter work its magic over the stovetop!  I would post Mr. Skipah’s world famous pancake recipe, but seriously homemade pancakes are nothing more than flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, and eggs.  It’s not rocket science, sure you can “gussy” it up with buttermilk and ingredients found in a remote region of France, but a basic homemade pancake is simple as they come.

Pancakes for everyone!

Mr. Skipah has waxed poetic for over a year about his daughter, she is my number one fan by a long shot.  My number two fan though I finally met in late July after a month of exchanging messages and emails.  To say some things are “meant to be” is an understatement, Miss Madison is the female version of me.  Relationship coaches need not apply with us!  She won me over immediately and she passed the “Sloane” test!  The Sloane test means nothing more than seeing her dad happy, and Miss Madison has done that and then some!

The timeline for the two of us goes as follows:

First date, Madison just another little sleepy river town!

Second and Third date (WALMART BABY!)

Holiday World (They hit it off immediately!)

We even raised a little bit of money for colon cancer research!

Holy crap, I have to be her date at a wedding! (THANKFULLY SHE DIDN’T CATCH THE BOUQUET)

She even took me with her on vacation to Door County, Wisconsin!

Blogging has it advantages sometimes, and I scored major boyfriend points!

Who could forget the power packed weekend at Locust Grove!

I finally got to accompany Katy Perry on a date!

Bottom line Miss Madison has made me happy to wake up every day!  When I’m down and blue she has a word or two to turn my frown upside down.  Her support of me and all my adventures has made me gush since day one!  On our first date we both disregarded the rules of not talking about our previous failed relationships even though we were both coached not to by others.  Thankfully, it didn’t scare either of us off!  Neither of us were “professional” daters, and thankfully I scooped her up before anybody else could!

Also the previous ode to Miss Madison is what happens when you gamble against a social studies teacher on who is the more astute Jeopardy expert.  Never mind the categories were British kings, ancient literature, and top moments in TMZ history!  I was hoping for retired Cincinnati Reds numbers and Godfather movie quotes!

About it for tonight, need to get to bed if I’m making Sloane pancakes in the morning, and I’ve got to talk to Miss Madison before she goes to sleep.  Hammy is alive and well and working on his Thursday night football betting action, and I’ve got to set my fantasy football lineup!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  4. She’s a pretty cool girl :).

  5. We are big fans of Miss M! Anyone good to you and Sloane is great in our book! Cheers! Great recap! 🙂 ❤️

  6. She loves her some pancakes!

  7. What a cute girl you have! I adore your sense of humor

  8. Thank you A.B.!, no if I could only figure out a way to kick her butt at Jeopardy!

  9. You two look so perfect together :’) So happy for you both <3

  10. Anytime pal! The kitchen is always open.

  11. Everything but one thing!

  12. I’m so glad your world is happy, for the most part.

  13. When should I come over for the pancakes!

  14. Easy tiger!!!! Let me get these legal piccadillos behind me!

  15. Your daughter likes her, she likes you, both of you have talked about your past, get the woman a ring and ask her to marry you before she meets someone else!

  16. So far so good for us :).

  17. “THANKFULLY SHE DIDN’T CATCH THE BOUQUET”…you two look like you make a great team so as long as you’re happy…but to be honest in my experience those who catch the bouquet rarely ever snag a lifetime of love. Good luck to the fantasy football squad(s)!

  18. Have you ever seen such crap!

  19. Always nice to have a great companion by your side. And yeah, that cup thing is plain stupidity!

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