I was born to love you, I was born to ……………..

When life gives you lemons!

I quit my job today, 15 years of the rock business finally has taken its toll on me.  Or the fact I have 15 years there and an awesome benefit package that allows me almost four weeks’ vacation I may have just taken the day off.  I’ve got Monday off also, it’s my own little personal four day Indiana vacation or unpacking party I let you be the judge.  Still adjusting to the apartment life, but so far so good haven’t ran across any crazy neighbors.  Although the couple below me root for the University of Kentucky so I may have Hammy go infiltrate their place next week see what recon he can come up with.  Hammy has been hitting his training wheel pretty hard lately so I’m not sure what he’s training for, might be because we are on the second floor now he is going to need his strength when he is gallivanting around town look for more vodka when I’m not home.

It’s actually quite the “small” world here, and if I just put “It’s a Small Word After All” in your head and you are singing it for the next 24 hours you can thank me later.  If you don’t get that joke consider it money saved and you can send it to me!  Met the maintenance man today and lo and behold he’s an old friend of my ex father in law, so he gave me the run down on all the tenants.  This was after a round of Q & A with answer ranging from are you kidding me, did she go nuts (yes), and she wants to do what! Since I’m the first new tenant in this place in two years I didn’t foresee any shadiness around here, and I’m absolutely correct after talking to him.  Also learned today that one of my favorite former Circle K employees lives here, he informed me though he couldn’t hook me up anymore with free Polar Pops since he works for a landscaping company now.  Hey buddy you could have said “Hello” on Wednesday when I was lugging furniture up the steps!

Better yet I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE hair salons as neighbors also.  Going to give Hammy a second mission this week to collect license plate number and take pictures.  All of them with trendy names like High Maintenance (better re think looking for love there), E-Clips (I guess we haven’t figured out how to cut hair digitally yet) and a homely looking place called Dimensions.  I’m seeing some possible sponsored posts in my future!   I’m too far away for a quick walk to Kroger or Walmart now if I need something urgent, however, I have a friendly Dollar General right across the street if I run out of toilet paper or Sloane needs more scotch tape to finish up a school project.


A back voodoo doctor also in the neighborhood….AWESOME!

Speaking of the blond bomber she got to take part in such wonderful games known as “Shit, I thought those curtain hangers were level.”  Oh the joys of moving into a new place and putting it together.  After finally getting the curtains squared away it was on to hanging the TV mount.  Three lag screws no problem right….WRONG.  First attempt one of the screws breaks.  Thanks for your junk China!  Quick trip to the hardware store and I bought good old American U.S. Steel produced lag screws.  Second attempt…..perfect, voila, eureka, I’m the man!  Shit, it’s upside down!  Thankfully the third time was a charm, I hadn’t done that much cranking on anything since I was a sixteen year old boy and found my uncle’s stash of Playboys!  Guess what though, went to hang the T.V. and never even thought to consider clearance height.  Screw it!  I’ll deal with it this weekend I don’t even get cable service until Monday.


Sloane herself had a rough night.  If you follow my personal page on Facebook you saw the drama, but long story short she is scared to death about moving to Kentucky.  It finally “clicked” in her head that life as she knows it will cease to exist.  No more lunch parties at school with dad, no more softball and cheerleading with her friends, no more anything to do with her friends.  It had me in tears and pissed me off at the same time.  The kid hasn’t suffered enough in the last year and change let’s just keep on letting her suffer.  There is a special place in hell her mother will find one day, and when she does I’ll make sure there is a water shortage.

About it for tonight, big day for Sloane and I as we are headed to meet world famous lifestyle/mommy blogger BritishMumUSA and her future horse farm owner daughter as well as attending the Breyer Festival.  Hopefully I can get out of there without selling body parts once Sloane sees all that it has to offer!  I’m sure the native Brit will hack my unique southern Indiana accent and I’ll be sure to remind her we kicked her native country’s ass so I get to talk “funny.”  All kidding aside looking forward to it, Sloane is ready to wear her pink boots and straw pink hat.  She thinks this is some kind of rodeo we are going to, she will rock it out though you can bet your bottom dollar!   After that we may visit some friends in Campton, KY as we have been invited to dinner there tomorrow evening.  Now off to perfect that disguise since I’m spending all day in Kentucky!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. We had a blast with BritishMumUsa!

  2. Hope you had a good time despite having to spend the day in Kentucky. You and Sloane deserve a great time away from all of the stress.

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  3. Waiting on my Hammy Cam to get here via Amazon!

  4. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow you know I’e been detained in Kentucky! Send cigarettes, bourbon, and oxycotin to bail me out!

  5. We will Rock the Casbah today you can be sure!

  6. How about putting a wee camera on Hammy’s wheel and letting him loose in it so he can scope out the building for you lol

  7. Hey man, show your girl a great time at the festival! Enjoy!

  8. I am so sad that your little girl is going through so much. I hope you two had an awesome adventure!

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