I Went on a Date!

The week from hell is finally over!  Only to bring us to Monday, woohoo break out the bubbly.  Just found out no internet at work until at least Tuesday, and have zero to little confidence in that happening.  This is how screwed up working for a huge company is, I work for the second largest aggregate manufacturer in the world, my little sector of the world is in charge of supplying material to the largest construction project in North America.  However, it takes four days to even get a tech to visit us only to blame it on AT & T (I can relate), then AT & T informs us that it isn’t in their lines it’s ours.  Hey morons, lightning hit less than 50 yards from my office.  Lightning does weird things, let’s go on the assumption that everything is FRIED and start over.  I just love how overzealous big companies get with their IT departments.  The little nerds who probably still read comic books and wait on their mother to make them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while watching Big Bang Theory in their parent’s basement.  These asshats really have no idea how it works in the field.  I digress but already dreading the office tomorrow.

The week may have sucked, but the past weekend was awesome.  Two days of sunshine and warm weather.  Hammy is still a little bummed because after pulling out a win on Friday the Reds lost their next two.  I told Hammy 4-2 is a good start to the season shake it off, he kept muttering “Can somebody please get a hit with runners in scoring position” I explained to him welcome to Reds country we’ve been saying it for years.

Sloane got to stay with grandma Saturday night in the monthly “grandma’s big blowout” party she attends once a month.  Personally I thought I would catch up on school but the fine people at Time Warner had other plans, I did get caught up today though after hours of praying to the ISP gods. (Internet Service Provider for you Kentuckians)  Before I dropped off the blonde bomber she and I took a trip to my long ago established “sister from another mother” to get my haircut and I took Sloane shopping at one of the local businesses since they were running 50% off on a bunch of stuff!  I got out of there for less than $40.00 dollars but Sloane is tickled shitless with the new clock she found and a set of tie earrings that she thought she needed to have.  She also had to get her mother…..cringe…… something for Mother’s Day.  So yeah I’m still spending money on that beautiful former love of my life who I did everything in the world for (readers in Kentucky that is an example of sarcasm), but on the bright side since she is a loyal reader (get a life) I won’t out the present to her on here because I’m not an asshole.  Sloane did tell me though she was going to have her mother get me Reds season tickets for father’s day though!


No child, no internet, so what did I do Saturday night?  I had a date that is what.  A 25 year old Brazilian model with Playboy specs and the intelligence of a Yale grad.  Even Hammy was high fiving me when I told him about it, actually 34 and divorced and pretty sure she isn’t from Brazil.  Not my first date in the post-divorce world but my first one in a while.  Only one person in my circle of friends knew about it, because with all the exuberance I’ve had with other dates only to be let down I wasn’t exactly all in on this one.  Thankfully I was wrong!

Post-divorce the dating world is strange.  Dating life in the modern era is a game.  I’m not some barfly so I meet people online or get the proverbial “Let me fix you up” from my many close female friends.  Since I’ve been single I’ve gotten a food education (Sushi is frigging awesome!), a rebound rejection (Ouch!), made one very good friend that I talk with almost daily (you know who you are), and last night I enjoyed the theater.  A year ago if my now super awesome ex-wife suggested it (I know your slow Kentucky but that is again sarcasm) I would have laughed my ass off.  Luckily that guy checked out sometime last year, I’m open to anything at least once.  The show we saw was well worth the price of admission, and while not my first choice in the entertainment department it was definitely captivating.  This wasn’t a Broadway production by any means, just local actors doing what they love.  I can appreciate doing something you love for no pay (blogging), and my date even ran into some people she knew and wanted to introduce me to them as her date (major points scored), so I’ve had an extra spring in my step today because last night was a great time and I was the perfect gentleman for you dirty minded readers!

About it for tonight, it has been a long day of yard work, parenting (Sloane was ahem “cranky” when she got home), and talking Hammy off the ledge after the Reds blew one today.  Tomorrow is a softball game though and Sloane nor I can’t wait!

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  6. Date #2 is this weekend!

  7. Woohoo! A date! That’s what I like to hear! I’m glad it went well, I hope there is a second one in your future. (And season tix)

  8. Big companies kill me, a bunch of wonks sitting in the office having no idea what is going on!

  9. Loved your post! It also drives me insane when two companies try to blame each other for a problem and you have to go back and forth between the two!

    On a brighter note, sounds like you had an awesome date and I hope there are many more for the two of you!

  10. I don’t see that happening! Date night was awesome though stay tuned on that one.

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  12. Hey man, great to hear on the dating front, hope to hear more good news in future posts! That is, if the IT dept adn ISP’s get their act together! Maybe if all Big Bang Theory episodes mysteriously disappeared, they’d be more productive at work….after that PB&J, of course.

    That’s really nice of your ex to get you season tickets. Maybe you two can still be friends after all! 😉

  13. It was a good time, and yes sushi is a food treat I am sorry it took me so long to discover. The theater was great, I would do it again, thanks for reading as always!

  14. Oh and I love the clock and the earings Miss Sloane picked out. Totally something my girls would have chosen as well. Good luck on those season tickets. What a sweet and precious idea she has with that! 😉

  15. So very excited for you Gary! Isn’t Sushi the best?!?! I discovered it after my divorce as well but that was 8 years ago! lol I have always loved the theater although I haven’t been in a few years and the only person who will ever go with me is my Mom! How sad that I just admitted that to the world! Anyway, I hope you have many more dates with this lovely lady that put an extra bounce in your step!
    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  16. Thanks for reading and the tetweet!! I had a blast Saturday.

  17. Very happy for you!!! i saw this tweeted on @destroyeddad’s twitter & I had to come find it! <3

  18. I will have to see what connections Hammy has in the U.K., should be a second date but with my luck I’ll take nothing for granted!

  19. Best post ever!! Good job! Let’s up for a second one. Well chuffed for you. Now just to send some of that over this way for me too and that’ll be great lol

  20. There should be a second date just time and place need to be worked out, and she was uber excited about those ear rings.

  21. Awesome news on the dating front! Ooh fingers crossed for a second date very soon 😀
    The blonde bombers new earings are very cool! Of course she had to have them!

  22. No, I think it was called a Boca Roll

  23. Welcome to the sushi fan club! Have you tried Sashimi?

  24. This may very well be my favorite post in quite some time! Lol.

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