Inky the Iguana and other random thoughts

Feels good to be smiling again!

Editor’s note:  This is originally from December 2014, fresh off divorce and still scared as hell about the upcoming custody battle I was behind the eight ball from the start!  I don’t even recognize this guy anymore…that is a good thing!

Random thoughts today after seeing on the news that “grumpy” cat own has made 100 million dollars in two years!!!!!  WTF, I have got to get a pet and just put a camera on it nonstop until it does something funny.  Maybe I’ll get an iguana and throw a ink pen in its domicile and wait for the inevitable to happen and spawn the career of “Inky the Iguana”, hell when I had my pet husky Suebee she did all kind of crazy antics that I’m sure could have spawned her as a full-fledged YouTube internet star.  I’m behind the eight ball on this YouTube phenomena, I play the Powerball twice a week and the whole time I already had a winning lottery ticket,  I had a walking, barking internet star and didn’t even know it.  I could have been flying all over the country to University of Washington and University of Connecticut basketball/football games showing off my internet star, but I digress.

Not only is Sloane a casualty of divorce, but so was my beloved Suebee!

Washington State sounds great right about now; sure it’s cold, but NO MORE ALLERGIES.  I could just see Suebee and I living it up at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.  Damn I missed the boat on that one!  Now I just got to find me an iguana on the cheap and launch the career of “Inky the Iguana.”  I can’t think of any colleges or university with an iguana as a mascot maybe some random minor league baseball team has an iguana as a mascot.  “Inky” and I could maybe get a free dinner in Butte, Montana next summer stay tuned.

Other things on my mind, when is my local Circle K going to have an express lottery line, I have no problem with the lottery it generates tons of cash for the state, and hell I play the Powerball, but the scratch off people need their own self service center.  Most of us in the morning are getting our drink/coffee, morning snack etc and off to work.  None of us care to be held up by lottery guy cashing in scratch offs, since none of these people are cashing in nothing more than a few bucks at a time it’s like they are turning their winnings in for a Indiana state lottery gift certificate since they immediately choose from the 20-25 or so scratch off choices Indiana offers.  These decisions are life altering evidently since it takes five minutes to decide how to spend fourteen dollars on future landfill fodder .  Meanwhile, I’ve already finished half of my fountain drink just waiting.  I think I will discuss this with the manager tomorrow when I see him, or at least give me an express fountain drink line then!

After what I would describe as an “abnormal” day at work after a weekend of biblical rains and the fact it’s December (you wouldn’t know it with the work load today and more lined up for tomorrow) I finally got to do some walking again. It has been awhile due to weather, caring for Sloane, holidays, time, and overall laziness.  Threw on a hoodie and off I went, got two miles in this evening and forgot how therapeutic it is for me, long day at work just start blasting Katy Perry in your ears and walk.  Makes you forget that and focus on other things and the future and how I want to shape it.

Beats the days of wondering what in the hell I was going to do, I’ve got a plan now or at least a vision of where I want to be a year from now.  Going to take some hard work, but it drives me now.  I got through my divorce scarred and battered but with a whole new lease on my life, I want to take full advantage of that opportunity (I almost didn’t get that day) and I don’t want to waste it!

No Sloane except for the next two Wednesdays until Christmas, it kind of hit me today and it sucks.  Granted I’ve had her a bunch lately, and just got used to her being around, after yesterday and her watching way to much Good Luck Charlie she informed she wanted to go to Yale.  I was kind of taken aback and said that’s great and kind of explained to her how much hard work that will take.  She informed she didn’t care she wanted to go to Yale and learn how to take care of animals.  I later found out that the main character of that show had just been accepted to Yale is where she picked that up.

I’ve been told by more than few people I’ve argued with that I have a “Harvard” mouth, hopefully in 10 years I will have a true blue Ivy Leaguer!  As the theme of this blog as always been MY DAUGHTER IS AWESOME!  I’m going to miss her these next couple of weeks, but I get to talk to her anytime I want so she and I will be fine, I know she will be missing me just as much and missing our home even more.

About all I got for the evening, going to wrap this up and see what black market web site I can find an iguana on!


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  1. Thanks Anne, I actually thought I could still win back then :(.

  2. You have done an amazing job! A great example for your daughter.

  3. You’ve been through some very sad times. I’m pulling for you, and I know a lot of others are, too.

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