Introducing the next Lindsey Vonn

Well the call never came from Katy Perry Saturday night, so skiing was the back up plan.  You know what GOOD!  I’ve never seen a group of girls have more fun in my life.   The staff while super friendly was way too laid back.  Ask an employee about something and get three different answers.  Literally nobody seemed to know anything.  After we finally got checked in and geared up it was off to slopes!  First off these girls are trooper’s, the morning weather was about as miserable as anything I have had to deal with.  Thirty five to forty degrees, a steady 10-15 mph wind, and a constant bitter rain.  I didn’t think i would enjoy the skiing (it’s always scared me to death, but then I again I had never been to the slopes) so I chose not to do it, I regretted it instantly after seeing it’s not that hard to “learn” how to ski.  I was living in fear of a spine twisting knee buckling injury, I’m an idiot!  We will split this day up in two parts:  The morning session when the girls “learned” how to ski was pretty miserable as discussed above.  Since I chose not too ski I played professional photographer and errand boy.  I didn’t mind it a bit and anything to get me out of that weather I wasn’t going to complain.  One by one after a couple of hours each girl kept retreating to the lodge.  Cold and soaking wet it appeared like they might have been throwing in the towel, NEVER underestimate the resolve of a seven-year old girl.  After getting some food and beverage in them and warming up they were ready to hit the slopes again.  Then it got beyond cool and fun, couldn’t have been more proud of Sloane and all the girls for that matter.  Part two:  I got special permission from the ski lodge to be able to stay in the training and beginner slopes area (non skiers, due to insurance purposes aren’t allowed in the ski areas).  Also I got promoted to “official Brownie photographer for the day” I was the proudest father in Indiana after that!  The ski gods must have been looking out for our beloved Brownies yesterday because after we returned to the slopes the place had cleared out.  It looked like a Seattle super bowl party at ten p.m. last night.  No one was in the training area, this was advantageous as it allowed our girls to get a ton of one on one work with the instructors some more.  After an hour or so of fine tuning it was off to the bunny slopes!  All of them were by then good enough to take on the daunting twenty-five percent grade of a slope.  The instructors taught them well, minimal face plants at first then none at all after a while.  The shit eating grins each girl had riding a ski lift was priceless, and since there was hardly any crowd they could get right on the ski lift and do it again.  Picture the time you were at  your favorite amusement park and the bad ass roller coaster had minimal wait and you could ride it over and over, that was yesterday for our girls!  It was the most fun I’ve ever seen Sloane have, I’m so lucky and happy the custody schedule granted this weekend for me.  Because A.  Who knows if she would have even gotten to go, and B.  I wouldn’t have wanted to miss yesterday for the world.  Yesterday ranked right up there with teaching her how to ride a bike!


Skip to the next paragraph because I’m about to post a ton of god awful selfies (just kidding) and wax poetic.  Our Brownie troop leader is amazing.  Actually all of the troop leaders are amazing (except ONE, and she used to be married to me so I feel the other leaders pain), but the head honcho gets our girls involved in EVERYTHING she can.  Daddy-Daughter dance, joint Cub Scout-Brownie luncheon, ski day at the nearest slopes, Pioneer Days, I could post the whole damn event calendar on here for you and loyal reader you would say “WOW”.  My daughter and I are lucky she runs the show for our troop, and one thing I would have never thought I would say was “I love being an active Brownie dad!”  No, that’s not to say I was non-chalant about my daughters activities when I was married, but I was married to one of the troop leaders so I didn’t necessarily worry about this stuff near as much as I do now.  Brownies are awesome and I feel like I’m in the club now.  The girls are hilarious in their own different ways,  I’ll put my Brownie troop leader against any in the country, and I’m going to win or at the very least cash a ticket at the betting window!

My “win a date with Katy Perry” contest didn’t get me a date, a mention, or even a notice.  The whole time last night I kept waiting for a shout out for, I’m not bitter though.  She effing rocked that show, I had a little problem with the Missy Elliot part but chalked that up to a costume change.  If you don’t like Katy Perry then you are just jealous, she is one of the most fan friendliest artists around.  Apparently I’m not on her radar, but something tells me that she gets a lot of requests from thirty-eight year old divorced guys.  I won’t take it personal, now on to winning tickets and airfare somewhere in the world for her Prismatic World Tour.  I don’t give up these days!  I have been through way too much to throw in the towel now.  So hopefully Sloane and I are eating dinner at an Austrian ski resort in the near future and killing time to go see Katy Perry rock it in Vienna!

About it for the night, but once my Lupus friend gets herself back on her feet (that is one shitty disease!), there is going to be some serious happenings going on here!  She has become my guardian angel, a year ago I would have told you “kiss my ass” I don’t need a guardian angel!  We all need a guardian angel whether we know it or not.  It took life changing events for me to realize it, and she has officially joined the “Team Skipah” team.  My team during divorce is still intact and I talk to every one of them daily or weekly, but post-divorce I couldn’t ask for a better friend.  I am going to help her kick some Lupus ass!


Send Skipah Sailing!


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  3. I really am kicking myself in the arse for not skiing. :(
    Katy will always be my girl! One little setback isn’t going to stop me, been through enough hell this is just water under the bridge! Thank for reading as always Martyn.

  4. Great post.

    This looks like fun. And looks like she enjoyed herself.
    I’m, as you know, a big supporter of outside activities that are fun and engaging but those that also support learning something new. This has ticked these boxes for me. Good job.

    As for Katy Perry…..I’m assuming that she didn’t want to cancel her previous plans/contract and will be contacting you soon for a new project 😉

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