Introducing The reCAP Explorer

The fine and upstanding employees of are currently working on some cutting edge technology that rivals reinventing the wheel.  They sought ought Mr. Skipah for a little help to get them to the finish line and I happily obliged.  First though let’s take a peek at what put them on the map.

Before I was Skipah the blogger I was better known as green thumb Gary.  I used to grow the biggest garden in the whole neighborhood for one purpose only.  Canning tomatoes for delicious winter time chili and marina sauces when tomatoes were out of season in my area.  The only problem of canning is what to do with the empty mason jars after you have emptied them of their riches.

Your welcome Ball for the free plug!  Have one to many of these laying around? has the solution for you!  Their team on innovators led by Karen Rzepecki came up with the perfect solution for your used mason jars.  Thanks to U.S. patent A-1DE2GCABEES342 (I might have made that up) you can turn your old mason jars into easy to use storage or drink devices with their cutting edge reCAP technology.

Flip cap, two accessories, and a wide mouth attachment.

My mind is currently running at 212 mph figuring out what I’m going to use these with.

Added bonus my daughter loved the business cards and gift tag!

They are made solely in the United States and use BPA free plastics.  While not recommended they can be washed in a standard dishwasher, however mild warm and soapy water is the preferred cleaning option.    The lids are very affordable on their website and many of the styles run under ten dollars.  In keeping up with the times the company also offers a reCAP attachment for the ever popular wide-mouth jars that have started showing up more and more in canning.  As an added bonus the lids fit all Classico jars (if you MUST buy the premade sauce) and rumor has it Justin peanut butter jars, they don’t distribute Justin peanut butter in my area so I’ll take their word for it!

Hello new kosher salt holder!

Haven’t made up my mind yet for the “standard” size lid.  Always open for suggestions!

Not satisfied with their work in the re-using of mason jars for household purposes they’ve turned to another project that will have your children of all ages clamoring for you to empty your mason jars that have been sitting in the pantry for far too long.  Throw out those old pickles you canned on a dare and turn your jar into a lightning bug or any other insect containment device.

Surf on over to their page to help them with the finishing touches for a huge roll out of their brand new reCAP Explore lids.  With these lids your child can catch the insect of their choice and then get an extra up close look at the creature thanks to a lid that LIGHT’S UP!  Plus it’s the same flip cap technology, so no more trapping a bug and then trying to slide the lid on underneath.  You just “flip the top” and your little insect is trapped until your child shows some mercy on them and lets them fly or crawl away back to oblivion.  The flip lid has holes in it so don’t worry PETA nobody will be suffocating any insects.  Skipah would recommend if you would happen to catch a mosquito to kill it and I’ll handle the backlash from PETA!  Where was this when I was a kid I could have saved myself approximately 1500 bee stings from aggravating the little winged critters with the extra pointy butt!

Disclaimer:  Anybody reading this it is in your child’s best interest to leave yellow jackets and bumblebees alone.  If you are parenting a young son sorry about your luck just start researching homemade bee sting remedies.

Depending if you want to contribute to this project, their page offers different packages of turning your little one into a modern day insect ninja!  For as low as three dollars (USD, that mean the “United States Dolloar” Kentuckian) you can receive an activity book download.

So head over to and also visit their Kickstarter page and you can pre-order your reCAP Explore lid kit. was compensated with the reCAP flip tops lid set for this post.  The thoughts and opinions though are all mine.



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  2. Very true, too bad it will probably be next spring before she gets to use it!

  3. I know Sloane will benefit from the lightning bug catcher! Much better than a KGB spy hamster ball!

  4. Thank you very much, they are quite handy!

  5. This is a cool idea. I could use these for my homemade fermented veggies!

  6. Posted it on my facebook page and Pintrist so my mom can see the new product, since she has been canning since she got married!

  7. Biscuit cutter hmm, hadn’t thought of that!! Wish I had some of my old ones now.

  8. I’m with Linda. Mason jars are in use all over my house beyond the obvious food-storage realm. Change, foreign coins, lost earrings, pens, buttons, miniatures, nails — used as biscuit cutter, juice glasses, soap dispenser, q-tip holder. Then there are the candles…
    I went to Ball State. I knew they were useful before they were trending. It’s like I left knowing how necessary the jars were 😉

  9. I used to have that many when I was married, had to get rid of most of them because of storage issues

  10. I love Mason jars. I have over 300. Besides canning I put leftovers in them, send food home with my kids, pack lunches. You can store nails, screws small item in them.

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