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Not much to speak of in Skipah land today, nice weather, busy day at work, and a couple of missed calls from Katy Perry.  Get the blonde bomber for the weekend and after looking at the weather that is predicted going to be a high intense training session of  “How to successfully open and close an umbrella”.  Sounds like bad news for Hammy this weekend.  This evening while checking my site states and sorting through the billions upon billions web hits I get hourly I noticed that the internet must be broken, I’ve got a call into Al Gore to troubleshoot it for me, but some of the search engine queries make me question my sanity or if maybe Hammy has infiltrated my site.  Without further ado I present to you some of the best of the wackiest.  I’m not even going to clean up the spelling grammar Nazi.  These are actual online searches that found my website:

on line advisement marriage propose

I learn daily that the dating scene isn’t quite what it used to be when I was single, but to the best of my knowledge you still proposed the old-fashioned way.  Hiring a sky writer at a Reds game!  I guess this searcher was looking for some talking head who takes them self way to serious on how to propose.  Lazy ass drop on one knee and say it.  Or I guess it could be woman looking it up, I’m telling you the world works a little differently than it did 15 years ago.

free blog sites

Nothing about my site was free notice it doesn’t say or after my URL.  Not getting all high and mighty, I know bloggers hell of a lot better than me who use the free service.  When I started this though I wanted something that was mine.  About the only thing I got out of the divorce that is solely mine, that and a hefty lawyer bill.  Even lost my dog, but SueBee might be getting a new home close to here (fingers crossed) so stay tuned.

cheating husband clues

What the hell?  I think Google, Bing, and Yahoo might need to check how they are indexing this stuff.  Just saying.

cheating girlfriend test

Now that’s a little more in range, although bud if you are looking online for a “test” to see if you girlfriend is cheating and you found this site please email me and send me money because I’ve saved you a shitload hopefully.  Pay it forward dude.

marriage sex

Good luck whomever.  Don’t think you are going to find many tips on marriage sex here but thanks for shopping please come back.  My advice if you’re a guy…..alcohol, if you are a girl looking this up then he’s either getting it somewhere else (and you should stick around and read I COMPLETELY understand) or it could be a erectile dysfunction thing and have him see a doctor.

widow or divorce women from navi mumbai for remarriage

I’m not even going to pretend to know about Hinduism or much about India in general but this sounds kind of predatory to me.  This seems rather odd, actually after reading this it doesn’t.  If I can figure out your URL you are banned from here.  Sicko!

divorced women phone number

Unless said women is a complete moron I don’t think you are just going to find her phone number.  I did just get off the phone with AT & T though to make sure I’m publicly listed as Gary Mathews-divorced man on any web searches in case some woman is bored.  This reeks of “drunk and on the internet” to me, next time email me pal I can give you a phone number of a divorced woman.

Holy shit this is a real website!  How in the hell you found me looking at this site either tells me I truly have been hacked or I need to change-up my SEO.  Wow, thankfully whomever you have found this site and maybe “stabilized” a little bit.  If you did enter into the “Book of Sex” they offer may your computer ever be filled with spam and viruses you moron.

divorced aunty required on leave & license

Huh, it’s a requirement for whatever you are looking to get into?  Going by the aunty moniker I’m assuming your British, I’ve made a few British friends myself the last few months I’ll run it by them to get their opinion.

marriage clip art

Probably about time you wipe your computer clean, or maybe just throw it away.  I’ve posted nothing about “happily” married on here.  Psst… a little more you will find out that I’m not married anymore and there isn’t exactly one post that describes me as enjoying the married life.

All those web hits were only one or two search queries the grand prize though with TWELVE hits in the last 30 days!

sunny leone blog

I thought this was some Sierra Leone diamond miner spam thing or something.  I looked it up she a frigging Indo-Canadian porn star!  No wonder I’m so big in India, ranks third behind the U.S. and the U.K. and this is after I consistently run stories on my KGB hamster (your slipping Putin), I googled this I didn’t find nothing in ten pages on either or, I don’t know if I should be honored or flipping out.  She did star in the blockbuster hits Jism 2 and Jackpot.  It’s great to know that I’m popular with the Indian masturbation crowd (said no one ever), really this could honestly only happen to me.  My biggest search engine hit is a porn star, mmmmm maybe we could start a collaboration.  I will start promoting her content in exchange for sponsorship, sex sells!  Sunny days with Skipah, Sunny with my favorite bunny Skipah, or It’s a Sunny day with Skipah.  All my male friends (and probably a few of my woman friends) would be so jealous.  I’m partners with a porn star!  Seriously though what in the hell.

Al Gore you invented the internet after these examples it might need a few tweaks!










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  1. Thank you, thank you. I’m hopping the Yellow Spotted Ant is trending soon!

  2. Oh, I had to wander over here and do some tweeting. I mean, you need some new search terms.

  3. I guess I better brush up on my Hinduism!

  4. It was not of my choosing LOL.

  5. Ha! You are so big in India…AND you know how to open an umbrella. You might not need the sexseeker site with those credentials!

  6. Wow! You have an exciting internet life. You never know. Interesting things could happen with that Mumbai site…lol.

  7. Nothing to see here, I live on wit and sarcasm :).

  8. Hopefully good things :).

  9. This is HI-LAR-IOUS! Loved learning more about you. Can’t wait to read more!

  10. Haha! Very funny! I just learned so much about you. Lol!

  11. It’s my secret double life I don’t blog about.

  12. How do we get the word out to them? Any suggestions?

  13. You’re a porn star? All this time and I didn’t know?

  14. The world is just full of single people just waiting for marriage sex tips. I just know it.


  16. I’m probably overdue to write another search engine post, I’ve done three of them and everytime I’m just literally laughing my ass off seeing what leads people to my blog.

  17. I love the random searches that bring people to your site! I have had some truly bizarre ones - I think only blogging about parenting and having some pretty silly posts has really upped my chances of being found by some surreal searches!

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  22. It’s pretty comical how people fine our sites

  23. Now, I’m seriously worried about my popularity in the Ukraine.

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  25. No problem, I’m reaching celebrity status in India

  26. Hilarious man. Thanks for the laughs.

  27. Thanks Athena, hopefully some little teenage boy in India is getting sage advice from me. I mean really????

  28. I’m crying from laughter this cracked me up so much! Sunny days with skipah!!
    Sexseeking? Divorced aunties? India? What a collection of strange searches! Lol!

    GREAT post!

  29. What else is there to do in Canada all winter? Shovel snow? It’s absolutely crazy the search engine queries we all put up with. Makes zero sense, thanks for reading as always.

  30. This is hilarious! A few weeks ago I had a TON of traffic hit my page. Of course I had to investigate where it was coming from. The bulk were from porn sites.. and the page they were looking at… (drum roll please..) Blame Canada: Bryan Adams. The only thing that makes sense about it would be the mentioning of “Summer of 69”

    I get a kick checking out all the referring pages sometimes.

  31. I’m HUGE in! Yeah if you are looking online for test, probably a good idea to move along.

  32. OMG I thought the same when I first read it. It does sound a lot like Serra Leone! And blog.mysexseeker? Holly shit lol And cheating girlfriend/boyfriend test: something for crazy peeps, amiright?

  33. Well, that was amusing in the morning! Looking forward to reading more…

  34. You know you might be on to something! Check your search engine hits I literally don’t get it. By the way “Man who hates peanut butter” might have a hit on your site. Monsoons haven’t gotten here yet but should at any time. Thanks for reading as always!

  35. ^^^What Lysa said, funny stuff man! Maybe you should find Sunny’s address and send her an invoice. Or offer her ad space on your blog since it gets so many hits with those searching for her. That would be a win-win!

    You have me interested in seeing what search terms are used for my blog now. Thanks for adding one more thing to my list of totally unnecessary to-do’s! Oh, and, how’s the monsoon coming along?

  36. Frigging crazy! A porn star is my most popular web search in India. Sunny Leone owes me!

  37. OMFG! I am laughing so hard that tears are pouring down my face and I can barely type this comment. Kenny now thinks I have lost my mind because I can’t stop laughing long enough to tell him what is so funny. I swear the funniest thing I have probably ever read, or I have finally cracked from the pain and exhaustion… Maybe a little of both is this sentence, “It’s great to know that I’m popular with the Indian masturbation crowd (said no one ever), really this could honestly only happen to me.” OMG! Seriously too funny! I wonder which ones are in my stats?!?! I know that I get the most bizarre spam comments related to porn and other crap but never queries… Hmmm think I’m gonna go try and find where these gems are hiding at on my site…

    Hope you are having a great evening and have fun with Miss Sloane and the Umbrella olympics this weekend!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

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