It’s an Inside Joke

She’s a secret multiplication ninja!

Disclaimer:  Pretend this posted last night and once you are finished jump on Twitter and send a tweet to @TWC and tell them in the kindest way possible YOUR SERVICE SUCKS!

Mr. Skipah is that you again!  Didn’t you just send out a blog post earlier trying to pimp a Santa text messaging delivery service?  Is this the same guy that was recently listed in Life magazine top 100 sexiest single dad bloggers in the country?  Fear not loyal readers and a Life magazine editor that was way too “friendly”, no worries Miss Madison she would stalk Medusa on beauty tips!  I actually wrote that one a couple of days ago and with all the partying Sloane and I have been doing forgot I had it sitting in the fictional “queue” to be edited.  I do normally blog what is on my mind at the time but posts like that or product reviews, etc….I just write them when I get the time and post them within a day or two.  Such is the life of a blogger with a full time job, find the time when you can!  Those damn SAHD’s (that’s Stay At Home Dad) and all that free time!  I kid because I care!

One of the greatest things about blogging is the inside jokes you can type and only a select few even realize!  Last year when I was still pretty much semi private I really had fun with it, with more readers now (thank you, thank you) I kind of have to clean it up a bit but I get my pokes in where I can.  If you are thinking about ever starting a blog I say go for it!  You set your own hours, type whatever in the hell you feel like, and if you want to keep it small don’t promote it just share it on Facebook and MAYBE a half dozen of your friends will find it.  That was an example of inside joke, bloggers and business owners will get it.  If you want to go big don’t listen to me on how to promote and instead go here.  Either way you choose you will not be disappointed, whatever your current situation is believe me you can find a blogger with similar experiences and tastes.

My whole point of that dribble was I’ve reengaged in blogger nation the last few days and caught up on some of my favorites that I don’t always read daily.  Athena and I will always have this special connection because our paths crossed roughly at the same time and in the same situation, i.e. getting divorced.  We used to trade online dating stories (well I was she lucked out on her first attempt), and she’s rocking it with her captain still.  Poor Jules, thought she had found Mr. Right except he went by the last name of Mr. Massengill it turned out and she’s sworn off dating for a while, although her friend Nadia sounds like a bad influence!  The great thing about her (not Nadia) is I was recently doing some covert ops for her on a potential prospect in her neck of the woods and I think I found her an in!  I can’t put into words what the spiritual connection Martyn and I have, but he’s divorced and has to fight the system himself.  Good dads across the pond get the shaft pretty regularly but so far he is holding his own the best he can!  Vicky is like my British little sister that would kick me in the nuts if I left the house were mismatched clothes.  I think her and Miss Madison would get along so well on music tastes alone!

My favorite punk rocker, just announced she is moving closer to her employer and that is awesome!  Her Lego fetish is a bit troubling but she does create some amazing memes filled with captions on her site.  Mrs. Lysa just shared her tragic and downright sad story on her journey with RCPS, and I really wish I could do more for her.  One day when I hit the lottery or trademark the Maple Leaf Surprise and become the Abe Froman of the spirits industry I’m setting her up a foundation!  Jason is still fighting the establishment and check out his wife’s art while there, if he ever figures out he’s not good at this blogging stuff and lets his wife start selling her art work he will be living the good life drinking single malt scotch by the gallon!

Last but not least I can’t forget dear Anne, she just recently completed a trip out west, and took a bunch of amazing pictures to prove it.  Her husband is a vintage train aficionado and the photos she posted were cooler than the other side of the pillow.  In an attempt to set a unofficial blogging record for most pingbacks ever recorded on a single post I better not forget my Hoosier buddies Joey and Mrs. Hale, I’ve got enough people gunning for me I don’t need Indianapolis after my ass also!  Also don’t forget to remind Mrs. Haller to bundle up, as it gets mighty cold in Minnesota.  I also have a future point shaving operation in the works with a Philadelphia area blogger, he is actively recruiting Temple University basketball players for our scheme as I type.  I’ll trust his judgement since he is from the area, personally I would have hit up the St. Joseph’s University squad.  Draft beer, scratch off lottery tickets, and bingo cards sure sounds a hell of a lot cheaper on overhead!

About it for tonight, Hammy is laying the points tonight on the Bengals and still training for a call up to active duty if the word comes from the Kremlin.  Bummed Miss Madison’s birthday extravaganza gift didn’t hit my doorstep today, but no worries I get to see her tomorrow!  Sloane is pumped up about tomorrow and then Saturday she is chomping at the bit to do the overnight with her fellow Brownies at the Louisville Science Center.  Next weekend is the annual Festival of Arts and for the love of god I hope she gets to attend since it isn’t going to be my weekend.  I am assuming if she doesn’t get to go it will stem from the results of the November 13th hot dog cookout I’m scheduled to attend.

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Happy New Years to you also pal!

  2. I am SO glad you titled this one as you did. I’m actually trying to get my resume in front of Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie. OK, that was a joke also. Anyway, thanks for the mention …although the only crime you’ll ever find me committing is in not being more word-ly supportive of my hometown pro teams. Thank God our college squads fare better here! Happy New Year to you, yours…and all of the Realm!

  3. I’ll be sure to remember that when we fly into Heathrow!

  4. Thanks for the mention lovely! Hey if Miss Madison ever fancies a good old British Karaoke night I’m sure I can Americanize my spare room for you both (make it homely and all that jazz) and find a fancy name plaque to wave at the airport! 😉
    Stay happy! xx

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  7. Thanks for the mention 🙂

  8. It’s all my blogging pals Janice :).

  9. Hi Gary,
    Thank you so very much for the link and the recommendation to go to my site for blog promotion tips. I am surprised and grateful.
    May I ask what Blogger Nation is?
    Thank you again!

  10. Luckily for you EVERYTHING is going back to spam again. Freaking WordPress! Any time I’m mass linking you already know you are getting pinged LOL.

  11. Oh yikes! Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with one of those in awhile!

  12. Thank you very much for the link, Gary. I appreciate it.

  13. Okay, so I just commented and don’t see my first one, but I’d like to say sorry, I just found the “SAHD” link plug. So, thanks man, and again, sorry for ever doubting you. Now, check your spam box and delete that first comment. 🙂

  14. We dress in layers! On the extremely cold days, wear long johns as first layer. Then a this t-shirt. Long sleeved t-shirt then a sweat shirt.
    During the hotter months wear just a t-shirt and shorts. Have to be in an air conditioned building. If I get overheated, I experience grand mal seizures! Not my favorite way to make my body move. Scares the heck out of my husband when it happens!

  15. I have no idea how you people do it? It gets below 30 degrees here and I’m looking to jump in a fire!

  16. MN is just back to normal temperatures for this time of year today and tomorrow, Then we go warm again, unfortunately for a few days. Negative 30 would be a nice feeling to get me in the holiday spirits!

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