I’ve Gained a Couple of New Friends


Did I become famous over night?  I had a real life celebrity/musician follow me on Google Plus today.  No it was not Taye Diggs either, unfortunately it wasn’t Katy Perry, none other than Avril Lavigne followed me today.  From what I could tell it looked like her personal page, not sure how I managed that one.  I guess either her publicist or she finds my little slice of the blogosphere entertaining or she has me confused with the former all-star baseball player Gary Matthews.  He spelled his name with two T’s though and is a different color than me so not sure what is going on.  Maybe she just likes seeing good dad’s get a fair shake and she’s secretly going to hire me an O.J. Simpson like dream team of attorneys.  Maybe I’m getting a song wrote about me!  How cool would that be, I can’t wait until I see Sloane again I get to tell her I’ve got an actual pop star following me!  Yes I’m always going to be a homer for Katy Perry, but don’t think Mrs. Lavigne’s music hasn’t graced my ear buds when I’m taking my evening walk!  It’s the little things in life people that put a smile on your face!

Guess who else thinks he is hot shit today?  That would be my KGB rodent.  After checking search engine queries this evening “hamster shorthand” came up.  People never cease to amaze me!  Who in the hell is trying to learn hamster shorthand?  Is there some kind of hamster court stenographer position open somewhere?  Seriously what in the hell is “hamster shorthand”, is this some kind of Dian Fossey research project I’ve not heard about?  Whomever, it is that found my website by searching for “hamster shorthand” please contact me I am mildly fascinated and would love to meet you.  Hell I’ll even let you guest blog on here just to explain yourself and what is going on in your head.  Maybe it was a former HAM radio operator whose auto correct defaulted to hamster.  Let’s go with that as an excuse, Hammy on the other hand is primping himself, making lavish demands for superstar treatment, and requesting bottled water instead of tap tonight.  I told him to pipe down or when Sloane is back here on Sunday evening I’ll let her walk him on a leash……while riding a bike!  In other search engine news I’ve still received no word from Sunny Leone on a cross promotion or collaboration.  Hell I thought I would at least get a product review out of it……umm never mind!

In other ramblings ranging from hilarious to even more frigging hilarious on a dating site I used sparingly last year I had an email about a new match in my area.  She was 43, from New Albany (my city), and had the same exact name as my ex sister in law.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Skipah loves a good laugh so he of course had to click on it.  Either my ex sister in law has an identical twin or she is on a dating site (oh by the way last I heard she was happily married living it up in Florida), to say I wasn’t cracking up and doubling over would be an understatement.  Now this can go one of two ways:  (1) She set up an online profile to taunt me and if she did all I can say don’t poke the bear, I will roar very loudly.  I’m not quite sure if that was her intention though since I didn’t get a flirt, like, message, nudge, kick in the ass, or any other of the online psst…look at me notifications or (2) She’s moving back home and trying to get her freak on and she just happened to show up because she would be in my geographic settings parameters.  I’m leaning on the latter since I used to consider her my big sister and she used every decent pic of her that she has on the profile and the last time I talked to her we were both cordial and looking out for Sloane.  All I can say she really better hope it’s option two, everyone has a skeleton or two in the closet.  Her closet is a graveyard and if she wants to pick a fight with me I’ll bring an excavator to unearth those skeletons.

Also I’m throwing out an open plea for suggestions.  A good friend of mine who is a blogger (I use that term loosely) wants to start a basic Q & A for all things local.  We are going to call it Generally Speaking, since we are both graduates of Clarksville High School and their mascot is a General.  However since I’m about as creative as vanilla and she has plenty of other stuff to worry about we can’t seem to come up with a format for it.  So loyal reader (all 98 of you) I’m more than accepting for ideas.  My first thought was a running email thread but I don’t think that will come off well in a blogging format.  My second thought was we would both post answers to questions we come up with but I’m not wanting a click here for his/her answers.  I’m really at a loss for words right now and like I said I’m not very creative nor do I want to pick up a hallucinogenic drug addiction to get there.  So if anyone has any awesome ideas please let me know I’m all ears on this!

About it for tonight, hell I may just ask my ex sister in law out for a date online!  That was a joke loyal reader I’m all for easy but hell at least make it competitive.  Going to be a boatload of free time this month I might as well enjoy it.

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  4. Guessing it wasn’t Wayne Gretzky

  5. I had a supposedly famous sports star follow me at some point - the fact that I can’t remember his name goes to show how much I follow that particular sport.

  6. Yikes, that comment was a blog post! Frigging hilarious though

  7. Good morning Mr. Gary! Well I guess on your side of the Mississippi it is now afternoon but way over here in the Pacific Northwest it’s 9:30 in the morning.

    You could do the whole Q & A think without the click here for answers by posting both of your Q & A’s in the one post…I will give your blogging question some more thought and get back to you on it shortly.

    As for the Ex-sister-in-law situation… I don’t know what to think let alone say. Super weird and not right on so many levels!

    Even though it’s only for a few hours I’m glad you’ll have Sloane again Sunday night. Just keep in mind that the amount of time doesn’t matter. What does matter is the quality of the time you share!

    You may think you’re all that and a bag of chips because you have Avril Lavigne following you but I’m world wide famous and was asked to take selfies with a crazed fan so there! Not sure who in the hell he thought I was but you can’t go around disappointing the fans ya know. Bwahaha!

    You get the MOST bizarre search engine query visits out of everyone I know. Hamster shorthand eh? That is so weird but so flippin’ hilar at the same time. I’d totally die if they really did contact you to do a guest post. And YES, my imagination has totally run away on me again and it is cracking me up! What else is new right? What can I say I’m easily amused and entertained.

    Oh, abd what’s wrong with Taye Diggs? He randomly started following me on Twitter awhile back….

    Hope you are having a great Friday sir!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  8. I planned on it being an extension of Skipah’s Realm, all I need is another blog for the ex to stalk. One blog is hard enough to keep up with (as I’m sure you know), I plan on just setting up a new page and posting it there.

  9. If you have any way to get in touch with Katy Perry let me know! I’ll see if I can get Hammy to network his contacts to get you a shout out from Gerard Butler.

  10. The internet providing entertainment to zillions for years now!

  11. No kidding on the hamster shorthand! Avril Lavigne no idea how that happened.

  12. Wow, Avril? Maybe she can introduce you to Katy or at least get you closer.

    Hamster Shorthand sounds like a reasonable search topic. Just think, there could be plenty other people housing a KGB spy hamster that are trying to get some info out of them. Hey, maybe…

    So are you and your friend creating a new blog or making the Q & A on one or both of your sites? You could have people submit questions just in the comments section and answer a certain number in a post. Good luck, whatever you decide!

  13. The ex sister-in-law thing is creepy! Also, the new blog sounds really interesting, and like a lot of work. Let us know when it is up and running 🙂
    Don’t forget us little people when all the big names start getting chummy! 🙂 🙂 I am waiting for Gerard Butler to notice me, lol.

  14. Wow. The sister in law. Ex… Yikes. Not sure even what to say. Wow. Lost for words.

    Glad Sloane will be back.. who the heck searches for that….. strange.

  15. Congrats on the Avril Lavigne follow! I still get a kick out of it when celebrities respond to my occasional Tweets.

    Hamster shorthand? Who knew?

  16. we should just throw out a topic and give a his and her perspective….

Tell Skipah all about it!