Whew that escalated quickly Wednesday night!  Hammy could tell I was kind of bummed when he heard the crap coming out of Sloane’s mouth also.  He said that Russian’s weren’t very welcome in that part of Kentucky and stand out like sore thumb,  but he would check around with the Russian snake agents that run wild down there and see what he could do to sabotage the master plans of the ex.  Trust no animals Americans they are all spies for some nationality!  Hammy was rather prophetic today, I informed him we don’t have Sloane for a week (he breathed a sigh of relief) then asked why divorce is so convoluted in the states.  His mother Russia he said women just have to grin and bear it boy’s rule and girls drool!  I let him know we are a little more civilized than that.  I think he was just happy to be out of the hot box since the Reds had lost two in a row to the dreaded Chicago Cubs.  He is on easy street this week, since I’m going on a date Saturday (yay me), and no Sloane until Wednesday, but I will see her Monday at her softball game. Since it is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., I see no issues with her turning into a zombie with the 7:30 lights out bedtime she endures when she is not with me.

Had a nice long walk before attending an event at school, completely laid out the task in front me in my mind.  I mentioned the war in the previous posts, well it dawned on me the war is real.  It’s here and I’ve known it was coming, but its real now.  I feared it would come to this eight months ago and sadly I was right.  I’ve got eight months of parenting fail documented on here, I’ve got eight months of the emotional roller coaster that is divorce typed out one bad sentence after another, I’ve got plenty of pictures documenting the dump that is my daughter’s bedroom.  I’m going to win.  Call me cocky, but one thing I’ve always been is a realist, and realistically my daughter has no reason to leave the state.

My daughter means the world to me and she will not be taken from me.  If her mother wishes to withdraw from her life for Ale 8 and starting every sentence with y’all that is her prerogative.  You can make BFE central Kentucky sound like Disney World all you want to our daughter.  If I hear one more comment from her on this magical bunk bed she keeps claiming you are getting her I’m going to puke.  Here is a thought how about you get her a bed now?  You are a grown ass woman and a mother, decisions have to be based on your child not your libido.

I seem to remember your comments before school when we were have a custody spat then were “Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that it shouldn’t be 50/50 in the best interests of Sloane during school” I’m sure those experts include your mom and the three friends you have left in the world.  I might mention I seem to remember your best friend being in my corner at first, but alas.  Would those same unqualified experts now agree with you that it is best for Sloane to move out of the area, leave her school and start brand new life herself at the ripe age of seven?  Of course not but it’s already well documented you are a liar, now I can safely hang the moniker of hypocrite on you.

Your case is doomed and here is why.  You have zero support system in rural Kentucky.  The only person you know is a failed father and a health risk.  Your luck is about to run out.  My daughter has to get uprooted because you are having a midlife crisis or have gone completely insane?  I don’t think so, no family, no friends, no nothing.  Child is sick and you are off to Virginia for some training, Mr. Wonderful isn’t going to be taking care of her, I am!  You think I’m letting her get an education in Kentucky?  No offense Kentuckians but there is a reason you’re the butt of about every education joke.  Does KERA  ring a bell with you?  Pipe down Kentuckian before blaming everything on West Virginia.  Actually most Kentuckians I know are just like the rest of us, but I grew up in Indiana and deal with Louisville drivers on a daily basis so cut me some slack!

So again go away, go sip your Ale 8 and listen to your banjo music.  Go grow old somewhere else, since you are too hard headed and bitter to do that I’m just going to start amassing my army and go to war.  I will win because I’m smarter than you, I will win because my goal is my daughter, yours is to become the trophy wife for some old man, and I was with you for 15 years the shine of that trophy long ago grew dull.  I have a new trophy she’s seven and forever a Hoosier!  I’ll be more than happy to talk to the folks in Indianapolis and have them transfer your membership to Kentucky!


Send Skipah Sailing!


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  18. Hmmm, paging Ashley Furniture.

  19. Not sure what rose to say but go get’em! You are a rockstar dad and obviously better fit as a parent. Maybe a bunk bed company would be willing to send you one fir review. That’d be icing on an already iced cake!

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