Keep Calm and Drink a Diet Dr. Pepper!

A little light reading while waiting on the girl in front of me to quit arguing about her birth control prescription and how effective it was.  Since she had a face made for radio I’m pretty sure birth control isn’t going to be a problem for her.

I’ve really come a long way in life.  Some of my terminology was officially lifted by another blogger today.  I was properly credited and it’s not exactly like “my sector of the internet” is going down in the annals of history as cutting edge material, but R.C. at Going-Dad thought it was cool enough to use it today.  Of course he immediately got on my bad side for calling me out on Facebook later in the day (just kidding pal), but I’ve got a call into the U.S. Patent Office nonetheless to trademark the phrase.

What did he call me out on you may ask?  One too many selfie’s of Miss Madison and me.  He was just busting my balls and guys are allowed to do that to each other it is what makes our species cool.  Yep I’m that obnoxious guy on Facebook right now!  All I can say is deal with it loyal Facebook friends.  It’s my turn to shine in social media world.  Besides pictures of Miss Madison and I have to beat me bitching about the abysmal train wreck that my local Circle K has become.  Seriously Circle K folks I want 44 ounces of liquid nectar not 32 ounces of soda and 12 ounces of foam.  I’m one more bad experience away from calling corporate!  I mean just to get a shot of caffeine yesterday I had to settle for a frigging Diet Pepsi!  I don’t drink Diet Pepsi on a dare, I’m in there at least twice a day if not more, the staff knows who I am, make sure Diet Dr. Pepper is available and if it isn’t you better make damn sure Diet Coke is!  Other than that though I’m happier than a cow at a Chick-Fil-A right now.

This is getting old!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless I screw things up with Miss Madison (and you can’t never rule that out with me because I’m an idiot), in five weeks I will be living it up in Door County, Wisconsin on the banks of Lake Michigan.  I’ve never vacationed anywhere on the Great Lakes unless you want to count Niagara Falls and its close proximity to Lake Erie (I don’t that trip sucked monkey nuts), doing a little research today Mr. Skipah started getting quite jubilant.

For reasons that will never be explained I have always been a nautical junkie.  I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life so I’m not exactly near the ocean or any other “large” body of water unless the Ohio River floods.  Lighthouses, big ships, and ports have always fascinated me.  The little peninsula of Door County has all that and then some!  As an added bonus I’ll be taking Sloane to see her first ever Great Lake and enjoying new lighthouses with her.   From what I can gather I’m near seven lighthouses that are within in driving distance, pinch me this can’t be real!  Plus there are plenty places to fish including a pier not to far away.  I’m no Bill Dance or Roland Martin but just getting to say I’ve wet a line in Lake Michigan is pretty cool in my book!

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina I do not recommend walking to the top of it in July unless you are in super duper shape!  That dork in the white waving is me.

Throw in a maritime museum and I’ve died and gone to heaven.  Miss Madison has told me to run wild while there the only catch is I’m responsible for making dinner.  You mean I get to explore a new area of the country that sounds right up my alley and all I have to do is cook (something that I love to do), where do I sign up for this dream gig?  Mental note…next time I cook for Miss Madison must prepare ham sandwiches and store bought potato salad before she figures out I know what I’m doing in the kitchen.  Two people have told me I will absolutely love the place, one of them has known me for most of my life so her opinion counts.  The other I’ve met through the super awesome life known as blogging and she tells me it is fabulous.

The best part about the whole trip though will be spending a week with Miss Madison and Sloane.  I love doing “firsts” with Sloane and this will be the icing on the cake so far in her young life since I’ve been single.  Be it the Breyer Festival, taking her skiing, or attending a Cincinnati Reds game enjoying life with her outside of southern Indiana will never get old.

About it for tonight, I’ve got to spruce up the place a little bit before the princess returns home tomorrow and figure out how this new Periscope app works!


Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. We had a blast and there was no shortage of pictures!

  3. Sounds like you’re going to have a great time! Remember to take pictures!

  4. Your trip sounds great. Hope all is perfect for you.

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  7. Your welcome thanks for following back, I appreciate it also!

  8. “A face made for radio…” cracked me up! Love your writing style and will be sure to follow. Thank you for your recent following of my blog, Good-bye normal. I appreciate it!

  9. Hatteras about killed me! The stench of body odor and tight quarters was bad enough never mind I was overweight and out of shape. Fully aware of the regatta, if all is going well next year I’m sure I’ll be there :). I got the pleasure to visit lighthouses in lower Maine myself a decade ago, New England is neat but no way I could live there!

  10. Cool. I took a lighthouse tour in New England a long, long time ago. Last lighthouse I walked up was at Tybee Island, Georgia about two years ago. All done with lighthouses now 😉
    I like diet Dr Pepper, too. It doesn’t taste diet. It’s too bad the fake sugars and I don’t get along.
    Speaking of nautical stuffs and Madison, you are aware that there is a regatta on the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana every year, yes?
    That being said, I can imagine how excited you are for your trip!
    Also, re: that sign, GOOD GRAVY!

  11. It was Medusa reincarnated!

  12. “A face like it was made for radio?”


  13. Hell no I didn’t take offense I cracked up!

  14. Excellent post! Let me know when that patent comes through so I don’t get behind on paying royalties. 🙂

    As a frequent selfie sucker myself, it was definitely just a ball busting comment, glad you didn’t take it to heart. Things are going great for you man, hope to hear of your awesome trip with Miss Madison soon!

  15. No coffee to worry about here, I hate the crap. My life functions on 44 ounces of Diet Dr. Pepper every morning!

  16. Selfie away, bro. It’s all good. Just share with us and keep that gross looking coffee away.

  17. Plenty of wit and sarcasm to go around here, life is finally getting to be fun again. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Love the wit and sarcasm. A little anger mixed with a little comedy can result in a healthy release of emotions. Enjoyed the article. Now, go enjoy life!

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