Kisses for Karsyn

Since I separated and divorced last year I’ve adopted the motto of “Pay it Forward”, living by the motto something came across my Facebook feed that perked my interest and I wish I had learned of it sooner.  The Make a Wish foundation is holding a 5K walk next weekend and I’ve signed Sloane and me up to participate in it.  It will be for Karsyn Wallace who suffers from MPS III/Sanfilippo Syndrome, which is an absolute tragic disease.  I don’t know Karsyn or her family personally but she is good friends with one of my super-duper second/third grade classmates of Sloane’s and his mother helped me as much as anybody last year when school started.  Since I’m the biggest known blogger in southern Indiana (the pool is two that I know of and she does book reviews for the public library) I feel like it is my duty to raise awareness and try to raise some funds for Karsyn.  When I informed Sloane this evening of this she was uber excited, I did have to remind her this won’t be like the Glo-Run from a couple of weeks ago but she gets to see her buddy with the crazy hair so she was still amped about it.

So consider this an official launch for the Skipah’s Realm “Kisses for Karsyn” campaign.  If you have two wooden nickels or 1,000 dollars the Wallace family would very much appreciate any donations.   How they persevere day to day is absolutely beyond me, but they do all they can for little Karsyn and the Make A Wish Foundation has made much of it possible.  The fundraiser runs until June 20th and you better believe I’m going to cram it down my loyal reader’s throats!  Please click on the image to the right if you are on a desktop, or scroll on down if you are on a mobile device.  Or I’ll just make it easy for you and put it right here!

Kisses for Karsyn

Plus if I can somehow manage to raise 100 dollars my little Sloane gets a T-shirt.  I’ll send her out door to door pestering the hell out of you for loose change and she is the reigning Girl Scout Cookie champion so she knows a thing or two about shaking someone down for a donation!  In all seriousness take a look at the Kisses for Karsyn Facebook page; read up on MPS III/Sanfilippo syndrome and thank god every day that your child does not suffer from this!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  7. I wasn’t trying to guilt you or anything! Thanks much appreciated

  8. Okay, you got me, $5 it is. Sorry I’m not loaded, but hope it helps man. Just be on the lookout for my good cause to donate to. Hint: tomorrow’s post with Life of Dad and Milk Life.

  9. I can put you down for………………..(RC reaching into his secret stash that Going Mom doesn’t know about)…………… Really looking forward to the walk with her she was bummed she didn’t get to dot he Glo-Run.

  10. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear a good report of your 5k with Sloane! Way to go and good luck man! Hope you get that $100 total right away!

  11. That would be awesome I’ll even dance at your wedding!

  12. What a fantastic cause! I sure shall put some of my English pounds this way if I can donate from over the pond! (Its pay day Friday!)

  13. I wish I had heard about it sooner

Tell Skipah all about it!