Let’s Dance!

My win a date with Katy Perry campaign is still not gaining any traction, I’ve got eight days left, going to have to up my game this next week or I’m going to be watching the Super Bowl from the friendly confines of my house.  I think later on I might surf the net for some Katy Perry lounge pants, pay for the express shipping to have them here by Monday, and then start sending her pictures of them via Instagram.  It will either get me a date or arrested, but I can say I went down fighting!  In other news Southern Indiana survived its quarter-inch of snow from last night, I’m sure any body that visits this area that is from a geographical location that actually gets snow (i.e. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Canada, North Pole) has to wet their pants laughing at how the local meteorologists can make flurries sound like a blizzard and the mass panic that ensues.  I’m 38 years old and actual “measurable snow” we’ve had in this area I could count on one had.  By measurable I’m talking a foot or more,  Buffalo get’s more snow in one week then this area gets in five years.  Enough ranting about the snow idiots in my little section of the world, bigger questions that currently need to be addressed are;  What are the winning numbers going to be in the Powerball tonight?  I’ve befriended a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help me fine tune my Powerball predicting machine.  Also I need to teach Sloane how to shave points in the upcoming Biddy Ball league, some may say that is unethical, I say it’s a financial windfall.

Big week coming up for me;  Thursday I’ve got to contribute to the teacher’s luncheon at school, Sunday is skiing (assuming the Katy Perry dream falls through), but Friday is the money day.  My first ever Daddy-Daughter dance.  Another Brownie troop in the area is putting it on, so me and some fellow Brownie dads are going to be cutting a rug with our precious little daughters.  With any luck they will be playing the “Electric Slide” and “Ice, Ice, Baby” so I can feel really old, and we will be slow dancing to “Color Me Badd” and “Boyz to Men” so I can relive the box dancing days of high school.  Either way I’m really looking forward to it and it should be a blast, us dad’s might even show the girls how to “sneak” Shirley Temples into the dance.  That’s called PARENTING, all of our little princesses will be hitting the high school dance circuit in the future might as well teach them how to do it right!  Obviously I’m just kidding, but I’m not stupid either, we were all high schooler’s at one time and all of us know the silly shit we used to try to pull and for the most part got away with (at least I did).

In the ever lasting battle that is known as “co-parenting” , the former Mrs. Mathews still won’t get back to me after three emails on swapping out Wednesday’s.  Long story short, Wednesday’s are basketball practice and it’s my only weekday with Sloane.  It’s court mandated that I get Wednesday nights and I proposed to switch it to Thursday during Biddy Ball season.  I look forward to making her dinner on my night and with basketball practice taking up an hour of our already condensed schedule on a weekday, I thought this would be a no brainer for the ex.  Once again I keep learning to quit thinking rational when it comes to “co-parenting” with her.  This obvious stonewalling is what got me in trouble post divorce in the first place, I’ve learned my lesson though and will just grit me teeth and bite my tongue.  If she doesn’t want our daughter to spend quality time with me on my days then she can explain it to Sloane, and if I get the “disruptive” line of defense from her again I may just pull what little hair I have left out.  Better yet, let’s just let the lawyers handle it because we both are billionaires, common sense with the ex checked out a long time ago.

Another project I have been researching is the health benefits of cinnamon.  Since next Tuesday my daughter’s school is holding a “how much cinnamon can you have on the menu” promotion I took the time to actually look up the benefits of it.  Cinnamon it sounds like it is good for diabetics, and I’m at risk for diabetes since my “sperm donor” father was a diabetic,  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/09/cinnamon-diabetes-fasting-plasma-glucose_n_3896163.html  Also it appears Sri Lanka is the cinnamon capital of the world.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/17/cinnamon-comes-from_n_4963435.html,  continuing on my theme from yesterday when I’m doing lunch duty in February I want a 100% cinnamon menu.  It’s healthy, when used properly it can be delicious, and anything that helps Sri Lanka out is a winner in my book!

Going to wrap it up for the evening, Katy Perry lounge pants shopping is next up on my agenda!  Plus I have to devise a plan on how Sloane and I can shave points in the ultra competitive world of Biddy Basketball!



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  3. Enjoy your daughter while she is at this age! I know at times it can be frustrating but once they learn what “independence” is you are in for a whole new journey!

  4. Ha ha, best of luck to you on the Katy Perry campaign! Who knows, maybe you’ll have to cancel skiing on Sunday! 🙂

    Hope you have a great time at the daddy-daughter dance, I can’t even think that far ahead with my 1 yo daughter, but time is going so fast! And yes, cinnamon is awesome! I use it every day in every thing! Coffee, oatmeal, smoothies, and even chili.

    Best of luck on all of your endeavors, hope to hear you had things go your way.

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